May Part 12 – Overjoyed


I made yet another huge accomplishment yesterday, doing a little bit of walking in my town, going to a Hallmark to pick out my Mom a birthday card, then treated myself to a pedicure… lime green for Lyme of course, and made my way up the big hill back to my car. Huge accomplishment. I am working very hard to build up endurance like K. said I should, and I am doing just that. And it feels great.


I got an email when I got home from Dr Js office and there was an obvious miscommunication, getting the date of my line removal wrong, and between the cost of flights, hotel, and Dave not being able to get that much time off of work because I can’t go alone it just wasn’t going to work.


Out came the Lyme rage, out came the tears. I just really needed this and I needed it to go smoothly. I was heartbroken. I emailed back in a panic trying to get the date to change, and then decided to text my nurse, Helen to see if there was anything she could do.


The rest of the night my mind was going and going with frustration, and it left me sore, numb, and ticking. Stress helps no one, even when you are not sick, and it brings out the ugly with all of my symptoms.


Helen pulled her strings and came thru for me. This morning I got a text back from her that a doctor, the one so kind to sign off on my dressing changes, agreed to do it.


My appointment is next week. I was overwhelmed with joy. Normal showers, the ocean, the pool. No more scratching, no more blisters and sores… completely raw skin. 


Feeling like I am one step closer to a “normal” life. 


I could not stop smiling all day. When I went to the hospital and got my dressing changed, I knew it would be my last. My LAST. My IVs have been a huge part in my road to healing, but I am done. Physically and mentally. 


The end of this very long road will bring me to a new one, one that I know will be a huge challenge and not a lot of fun, oral antibiotics, and lots of them. I have been on oral antibiotics as well as my IVs, but this will be different and I know this from experience of treatment when I was first diagnosed. 


On the plus side orals are the ultimate weight loss program for me, and it is now swimsuit season. lol


 I am still nowhere near remission but in time I will be able to dwindle down these protocols and keep on improving. I know I will be okay though, I have made it this far. The rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns are back.


Now the feeling of complete euphoria is wearing off, little by little, and I am now EXHAUSTED. Funny huh? Not only stress can wipe me out, but a huge amount of happiness as well. 


I am going to take it easy tonight, no overdoing it as I have been kicking ass lately, and it is sure to catch up with me at some point. I do know that I will still have a smile on my face until I fall asleep… this is finally happening for me. 


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