May Part 14 – Sunday Adventures


Well, no Mexican food for us… we completely forgot it was graduation weekend for one of the high schools in our town and it was booked. It worked out perfectly though because it was way too noisy in there so I would have started to not feel well. 


We went to another restaurant down the street and luckily there was plenty of room and was quiet in their second dining room where we were seated. Our friends joined us and it was much more relaxing instead of too many conversations going on around us, which I think makes my brain go into overdrive and makes me really dizzy.


Dave and I ended up spending the rest of the evening watching Intervention… I might need an intervention from watching it by the way.. and called it a night. I had Sunday off so I wanted to feel better from my brick wall of overdoing it and be able to go for a walk to the lake or something.


I felt really good waking up this morning. I sat and had my cup of coffee with Dave and just hung out in my pajamas. I finally decided to get ready, spending most of my time trying to patch up my Tegaderm that I had been itching at all night, and then headed to the bank to deposit our checks.


About halfway down my road, I started to sweat. POUR sweat and shake. My head started pounding and I had no idea what was going on. I thought maybe I was hungry because I hadn’t had any breakfast along with my coffee, and left it at that and knew I needed to eat when I got home. Filling out the deposit slips at the bank I felt like I was going to pass out. I could see my left leg shaking like crazy and I was thinking, “oh shit. I am going down.” I got in and out of there as soon as I could and sat in my car, drinking whatever few sips I had in my dozen water bottles sitting on my passenger side floor. Then it occurred to me..


I forgot my seizure meds.. again. Seriously how the hell does someone who takes over 30 pills a day forget to take the most important ones? This is beyond me. Dave told me to take my pills and go lay down, and about an hour later I felt a whole lot better. That would have been why!


It was getting too hot out for me as we were going to try to go for a walk outside here in Tickville USA, so we ended up taking on a daunting task that I have not done in a LONG time… walk around and do some shopping at Walmart. 


I have been twice since 2012, both in a wheelchair. This time was different. I walked. No chair. WALKED. I kept my sunglasses on my head, knowing I might need to use them, and although I did, my eyes were irritated and I got an “eyeball headache”, but I really just didn’t want to wear them so I stuck it out. I was kind of afraid I would wind up on the People of Walmart website.


I ended up having to sit down toward the end of grabbing things and wait for Dave to check out, but I was still pretty happy that I ALMOST made it all the way. Not bad at all. We got a quick bite to eat on our way home and unloaded the car, surprising our dog, Chance with an early birthday present, a little kiddie pool. I have toys and a bone stashed away to give to him this week as we will be in DC on his birthday, and it makes me sad. I don’t have kids and he is as close to it as it gets.. so I am thinking maybe he won’t mind we won’t be there that day. 🙂 


I am really glad I made the trip but I am sore and I think my neuro symptoms are really getting at me. I am so itchy. My fingertips and toes are numb. On top of that, I was brave and got out of Dave’s truck by myself, and I think I hyperextended my knee, so it is elevated. Falling apart in my old age… 


Back to work tomorrow. I am hoping I will be able to fall asleep tonight, and remember to take my meds! It is movie and jammie time here! Night everyone!


P.S. Chance is as happy as a pig in shit with his new pool!  😀

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