May Part 17 – Bye Bye Powerline


I realized upon writing this that I overlapped my “May Part” and a number of the month, haha. I guess I was having a little bit of Lyme brain. Oh well. Yesterday was a fairly good day for me. I was able to sleep in, which I desperately needed, so I think that helped me recoup from the past few days of completely hitting a brick wall.


I went to work to get ahead of some things as I will be gone for a few days with my upcoming trip to DC. I felt pretty weird not having to go for a dressing change. On my 11th month of having the same schedule my mind was a little offset from this. I don’t like change. LOL But this will hopefully be a really positive change for me.


Driving home from work in the afternoon, I noticed there were no cars parked where my best friend works, so I figured I would pop in. She was having a little break between clients and wanted to go into town and grab an ice cream. And so I made that long walk (okay it really isn’t a long walk but it is for me) into town with her. Yes! More exercise!


When I got home from my trek into town and visiting with my friend, I decided to do what I have not done in just about 8 months. Go to “wing night” with Dave as the wings are only 10 cents until 5:00. I shot Dave a text and he picked me up and off we went!


My friend asked me if my “enemy” was there, the one that I have mentioned has said terrible things about me, and he was, but that didn’t bother me. I at least can be civil around people, and he obviously has several issues of his own if he has to focus on saying cruel things about me and my chronic illness. I had to giggle though, as he was stuffing his face with wings, he cut his lip and it literally wouldn’t stop bleeding. I guess karma was looking out for me, and karma is clearly a bitch. But then again, so am I if I had a good laugh about it in my head.


I did really good… until about the end of our meal. It started getting really busy in there, and I can’t handle conversations around me. I told Dave I was going to tic, and explained to him it feels like an explosion in my brain if I try to hold it in, and it usually backfires and I end up going apeshit. Kind of like a fart. You hold it in and it makes it all that much worse. LOL Maybe that is my karma for taking pleasure for another’s pain. “AHHHH” *clap* “Boy, that was loud… and right in my ear..” Thanks Dave. You are too kind. :p


I was done for the day. I was beyond tired, but then again I did A LOT. I was happy for it. And I was happy for what I did once I got home… my very last infusion as my line is coming out TODAY.


I am writing this right before I head into my appointment so bear with me. Haha. Today hasn’t been the greatest of days, but I think anxiety is getting to me. My IBS has kicked in. Nice right? I have been shaky, and found myself stuttering while picking up my coffee at the gas station. I got what I needed to get done at work and printed out my paperwork that I need to bring to Dr Js so I am not in a complete panic to get it done right before I leave. I am pretty foggy right now, but I am just about ready to head in…..






AND IT’S OUT!!!!!!!


Oh my lanta! I almost flipped a lid at the hospital. The receptionist had a clear misunderstanding as she had told me my appointment was for my line to be removed. I got there, my Doctor looked at it and felt around then asked, “When would you like this to be schedule your line removal?” “Umm.. NOW?! That is why I was told to come in after all… a SCHEDULED line removal..” I think he could probably sense the complete rage in my eyes and he called the O.R. and got me fit right in. Phew. Seriously…. an appointment just to look at the thing? Cheese and rice, cheese and rice.


This Doctor is amazing by the way. I was so glad he made it happen today.. even though technically it was suppose to happen today. I would have been beyond upset. Then there was the issue of wanting to put me under to do the procedure. “No, I drove here. Lidocaine is fine. Look at all my tattoos, I can take it.” And so that was that. Lidocaine and  my Powerline removal TODAY!


It took him a little bit, as he had to slice my skin open, yank out a little, clamp it, and so on and so on. I think the worst part of it all was knowing he was tugging at it. Before I knew it, I was all stitched up and ready to go home! I asked him let me keep my Powerline, so I could hang it from the mirror of my car but that ended up being a big fat negative. 😦 Oh well… My little graduation tassels will have to stay..


While being discharged I gave him a big thank you, especially since he has helped me so much since all my hospital visits. I got the orders of having the bandage on for a few days, I was given a few more just in case, and also to wait for the sterile strips to fall off on their own and the stitches should disintegrate on their own. He then told me it really did need to come out as my skin was not doing well at all. A good decision, and I am glad that he snuck me in for the day.


And guess what? I am allowed to shower TONIGHT!!!!! I honestly think I am going to wait until tomorrow just to have a day for it to heal a little bit, but that shower will be glorious. A shower of all showers. It has been something that is so simple, yet something that I have missed terribly over the past 11 months.


I am wiped out for the day. It is time for dinner so off I go! Tonight’s plans: stuff my face with Chinese food and watch a tacky Lifetime movie, while feeling absolutely overwhelmed with happiness. 🙂


I am soaking up all this happiness because the next step on my journey is coming very soon: lots and lots of oral antibiotics. As for now I will hold onto the happiness before I return to complete fight mode.


4 thoughts on “May Part 17 – Bye Bye Powerline

  1. So happy for you!!! It is one of the best feelings ever. A hard fought battle has been achieved! Well done!! My 30 day cleanse went great it was very gentle and I feel less mucked up if that makes sense.

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