June Part 3 – Home from DC


The morning after we got home from DC, I almost collapsed getting out of bed in the morning. The only thing that saved me was the bureau that is right next to the bed. I was hurting. BAD. I suppose it would have been foolish of me to think I could walk more than I have in nearly two years without pain and suffering afterward. Pain and suffering that was very much worth it.


I was up bright and early, decided to do a little bit of writing then get ready for work. I dropped off my scripts from Dr J’s at the pharmacy and off to work I went.  I had plenty of time since I got to work very early compared to what I am use to, so I began working on some projects that I know will need to be done at the end of the quarter. 


Tuesdays are my massage day. Gayle had to do some rough work on me to try to loosen things up a little bit. Instead of light touches she really needed to beat me up to get my  body to no longer be as stiff as a board. I felt a little bit of relief but I would have been much happier if I had more time. Boo. 


After massage I swung back by the pharmacy to pick up everything I needed as I start my oral regimen next week. They know me by name, as it is one of my hang outs (lol) so if anything seems off, they will tell me before processing it. I had mentioned my skin cream prescription that is suppose to help heal where my Powerline was, and found out it was not covered by insurance. The price? A whopping 250$. Yeah.. fuck that. Over the counter will work. Ributin.. not covered. Nearly 800$. Luckily I have some kicking around so I think I will get through until my next visit to Dr J’s in September. WOW.


I pretended to get some things done at the house when I got home, by starting to get rid of my IV stuff. It only got as far as wheeling my trash barrel from my living room to my laundry room, and moving my IV pole into our second bedroom out of site. LOL There’s always another day! The rest of the day I took very easily, and found myself staying up later than I wished, but slept like a rock… just past when my alarm clock went off.


Ahhh! The scattering. This hasn’t happened for awhile! It was nice to catch up on sleep for a little bit, but I hate the feeling of rushing around in the morning. I finished getting ready, got my coffee, went to the post office and headed to work. 


I was all excited showing my coworker, Mike that my Powerline was out. I think every single time I show someone I am smiling ear to ear. I ended up staying at work later than I usually do on Wednesdays, so I didn’t get my errand running in to try to tackle the grocery store. I was getting tired and it was a zoo there. I scrounged around the house and made a really weird concoction for dinner as the cupboards were empty and Dave would have to run to the store before he got home, and I like to have dinner ready early. 


Dinner was Veg-all, kidney beans, ground turkey, tomato sauce, and a giant variety of spices from chili powder, to Italian seasoning, even ghost pepper sauce. It came out really good, but I guess it made perfect sense for a food choice that evening. 


I stayed up late and watched some Lifetime movies, and I am not sure but I think I had another seizure. I kind of went into space, although I was still aware of what was going on, and felt like my body had hundred pound weights all over, making me unable to even hold my head up. That is when I decided it was best to go to bed. 


Oh yeah.. back to why my dinner was a good food choice..well maybe not so good food choice after last night’s “episode” as that might have been a contributing factor. Today I got my Alcat test done to test for food sensitivities. There are many different sensitivities that people might not know they have, and can cause a variety of symptoms such as inflammation in the body, tiredness, swollen glands, dizziness, etc. that do not come on quickly like an allergic reaction would and is non-life threatening. 


I was told to eat before the test, and it is good to eat some of those potential food items.. so I took it to the extreme. I figured the odd dinner combo would cover a lot of things, but I found myself eating jelly beans and a sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich at Dunks. 


I can tell the answer will be yes on a lot of things.. but PLEASE OH PLEASE DON’T BE CHEESE!!! If I could eat cheese and cheese only for the rest of my life, I would be completely cool with it. But needless to say, my glands are a little bit swollen so my body isn’t really happy with my food choices the past couple of days. 


It was a simple blood draw, that Dr S had no problem getting on his first try (I usually get stabbed multiple times, one of the benefits of having in IV line), and I should hear probably next week with what my results are. Looking forward to seeing if there is anything else going on such as food sensitivities that are keeping me sore and sluggish. Any way to figure out my missing puzzle pieces is fine by me 🙂

3 thoughts on “June Part 3 – Home from DC

  1. Hi Kim! I have 54 food allergies/intolerances, probably due to leaky gut which could be from lyme. I’ve heard of a lot of lymies with tons of food allergies. Some of mine are obvious offenders like gluten and dairy and some are more unusual like quinoa and red yeast rice. I’m insensitive to potatoes, corn, carrots, cinnamon, spinach, you name it…and I can’t seem to get myself to stay away which I’m sure is impeding on my healing 😦 Just another reason lyme sucks!!!

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