June Part 4 – Cooper


I was bad. Real bad. But I am a promise keeper. I made a promise to Dave that once I got my IV line out, we would be in the market to get Chance a friend. We have been wanting to for well over a year, but I have been too sick and after getting my line out it was going to be a present for all of us. Dave surprised me with a text in the morning to let me know there was money saved up in his bureau and to go pick out a puppy! Well okay.. if you must force me to..


Driving to the local humane society was the longest amount of driving I have done since I was diagnosed, and I had to make the trip… twice. Once to look, and once I was approved. I was beyond tired. As soon as I got home with puppy in hand (we decided to name him Cooper), I took an Ativan and Gabapentin and told Dave to come straight home and skip going out with the boys for wing night, because I honestly didn’t know if I was going to have a seizure episode or just plain pass out for the evening.


I forgot how much work they are, but boy is he adorable. Honestly I am really scared, especially knowing that going onto orals as it is no cakewalk whatsoever, but Dave just fenced in the backyard and I know somehow we will make it work. We always do. Dave steps in quite a bit when needed and it seems that no matter how bad I get, I can dissociate myself from how I feel inside, and am able to get things done. Throughout all of this I have been working, which baffled Dr J, so what is one more thing, one that will love me unconditionally?


Seriously.. who could resist this little face?!


Well.. even though our house was full of “first night puppy cries” when we put him in his crate, I slept like a rock. I took the puppy and Chance out, and got ready for the morning. I felt pretty good, at least for the first few hours of the day. By the afternoon I was running a fever of 99.99, which isn’t terrible but I always seem to feel it. Sore, loopy, shaky.


Then I noticed something on my arm. My bloodwork for the Alcat test was the day before, and my bruise was pretty good and I had developed what appeared to be a hematoma. The thing that really had me worried was the line down my arm and my arm being slightly swollen. Hmmm. I emailed Dr S pictures, and he thinks that it is blood spreading out. He said not to worry unless the area is red hot and painful. Either way, I will keep an eye on it, I would rather just be safe than sorry!


Right now Dave’s working on his truck and the doggies are outdoors. That is the beauty of a fenced in yard! It gave me a chance to do a quick vacuum and pick up the house a little bit… still working on getting rid of my IV stuff in my living room and my third clean hamper is now the kitchen table. LOL A little at a time! Ready for a nap.


This weekend I am going to enjoy it as much as possible, spending time outdoors, and maybe grab dinner and a drink and prepare myself for war again on Monday. I am hoping the weekend will last forever! Just kidding. Treatment sucks but I need it to get another step ahead as I am starting to function a lot more now. Maybe after this round I can take the new family member for a walk in town by myself! Fingers crossed. 🙂


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