June Part 6 – Bad Decisions


Friday was my one week anniversary of having my Powerline removed. It still feels weird no longer having it be a part of me, but boy is it nice to be able to take showers again. NORMAL showers.


I forgot how much work a puppy is, but Dave does the early morning and morning duties of feeding him and letting him out. Accidents are getting fewer and fewer, no poop accidents yet (phew, that’s my biggest fear! I would probably leave it and pretend it happened on Dave’s watch so he would have to clean it 😉 ), and he is getting the hang of some basic commands.


Saturday I was tuckered out from work and taking care of the puppy but still got up pretty early and took a shower. I ended up feeling really lightheaded and hot while getting dressed and putting some makeup on and had to go lay down, but was able to snap out of it and away to work I went!


Dave and I went out for a quick dinner and then stopped by the “Make a Wish Couple”‘s house. The boys were outside and chatting, and us girls had a glass of wine. One glass turned into two… and then we headed to a little restaurant with outdoor seating with them as they didn’t have dinner yet, and I continued to have another two drinks.


Woah. For the night I had converted myself back to my old ways. I am one who can’t stop drinking once I start, and I really haven’t had more than a dinner drink when I am off of my antibiotics in years. I am “that” girl when I drink, and with Lyme, and not being a drinker anymore made it all that much worse as I now have no tolerance for booze anymore. Hey, I guess that’s not a bad thing!


I woke up around 5:00 wearing the same clothes I wore out the night before, and feeling the heavy withdrawals of forgetting to take my seizure meds. Ugh. What the hell happened last night?! I took my medications and headed straight back to bed.


I of course asked Dave to fill me in as I had little recollection of the evening, and he told me while we were leaving I tried getting into someone else’s car, a Beamer (maybe I wished it was my car?), fell out of my car in the driveway while bursting out laughing, bumped into about everything in the house, threw up, fell asleep on the couch, then got up and went to bed. All before 11:00 p.m. Busy night!


My stomach wasn’t really pleased with me for the day, so I doubled up on my probiotics, but the BIG priority I missed was to take my seizure medications. On my way home from work today, I had to stop driving as I knew a seizure was coming on. Luckily my best friend’s house is right down the road so I was able to pull into her driveway. No one was home, so I called Dave, shaking and ticking while I was trying to tell him what was going on and where I was, and told him to come and bring my meds. As soon as I finished my call, still aware of what was going on, my body was clenched, my hands were distorted and I started full out shaking. It didn’t last more than 10 seconds I’m sure, but the exhaustion afterward was overwhelming.


I believe this is what Dr J would call a seizure from my brain stem and would be considered a partial seizure. By far not my worst, as I remember it all and didn’t lose control of my bladder which does happen with seizures, but having a close call driving is really scary to me. My pill schedule was all messed up and my body definitely let me know it.


Lesson learned. I am no longer a 21 year old party girl. It’s not cool anymore when you have zero tolerance and 30 is creeping up on you. Dinner cocktail only. Staple notes to my forehead about my seizure meds as this isn’t the first time I have forgotten them, and each time has not been a good time.


I am resting now, the pups are passed out in here with me, and I am feeling much better. It will definitely be an easy night and I will be into bed early, tomorrow is the start of my new oral regimen. To tell you the truth I am beginning to get terrified. Wish me lots of luck. Hoping I won’t need it.

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