June Part 7 – Back to Orals


Yesterday I started my new oral antibiotic routine after a several week break. I have been doing IVs, alongside with orals for nearly a year with Dr J, so this will be new to me with him, but I know from past experience not to underestimate the power of these antibiotics as they can be very rugged, and do a doozy on your stomach.


Ready set go! It was finally time to take my pills in the morning and I headed off to work. After a couple hours after starting my new routine, I was shaky, bobbleheaded and completely loopy. Then something happened that I wasn’t expecting at all…I began to feel a lot better so I felt completely optimistic. Hey, I can deal with this!


I spent the afternoon outside playing with the dogs, cooked dinner, then played with the dogs some more, trying to train my new little guy. Before going to bed, I took my nighttime pills in case if I would feel sick again, and fell right asleep. I felt like I took my first day like a rock star. I was feeling really optimistic.


Today was a different story. I woke up drenched in sweat, with a splitting headache, and was so lightheaded. I decided it wasn’t even worth it to take a shower as I was just going to sweat some more. Sorry everyone who had to be around me. 😦 LOL It was one of those mornings that I just didn’t care. Don’t judge.


It was a long ride to work. I was shaking and had to have the windows down and the AC blaring. I couldn’t even seem to walk a straight line when I had to stop at the post office. Ugh.


I somehow was able to focus enough at work but forgot the checks to deposit at the bank, and had to make a trip back to work. Back in my old Omnicef days, I use to have to live off of sticky notes, with notes like “home” or “work”, “brush teeth” etc. , as I couldn’t remember anything anymore. I hope this isn’t a preview of what treatment is going to look like.


I had also forgotten one of the fun parts of taking Omnicef. When I first took Omnicef back in 2012, I remember Dr S e-mailing me warning me that Omnicef could cause.. ahem.. diarrhea. Needless to say that I will be in tip top shape for swimsuit season. I can already tell I will be quickly losing the weight I had gained during my IV treatments. Probiotics probiotics probiotics. Glutamine powder.


It was my massage day with Gayle. My regular issues with legs, back, and neck were still there, and my circulation was in pretty poor shape. I was definitely detoxing. I felt a lot better when she was finished though! I feel like this may be a herx or a detox issue going on today, but I have also been reminded the full moon is on Friday, which can exacerbate a Lymie’s symptoms.


Detox is going to be key now. I no longer have the option to use my lactated ringers, and I feel like I didn’t appreciate how beneficial they truly were when I was doing my IVs. Put the line back in! Just kidding. My skin is STILL healing from all the raw spots, and I still have one small sore that doesn’t seem to want to go away.


I guess the good thing about the new puppy is that he will keep me going. I wanted a nap when I got home, but he was widdeee awake. At least Chance steps in and keeps him occupied to give me a break. 🙂


Another symptom that has resurfaced in the past two days is the extreme Lyme rage. I had an episode this evening, trying to get my living room cleaned up. My Dad built a really nice small bureau that he had given to me, so I can get rid of the TV tray I have used as a table, as well as an old end table that was stacked sky high with papers. My mother-in-law will be stopping by tomorrow, so that means one thing. Clean. Or try to anyways. With all the furniture in my little 8×8 living room, I needed to downsize it.


Putting things in the bureau, I noticed that half of our Wii games were missing. Then came the Lyme rage. Have I played it in the past two years? Nope, it has just been collecting dust.. But Dave has a tendency to let people borrow things and we never get them back, and he doesn’t ask for them back. An example being our LAST game system. So of course I flip my lid on him, he walks away, I throw things, yell.. a typical Kimmiecakes Lyme rage. I continued cleaning up and realized he had started putting the games away last week, so VOILA! They were already in the drawer! Do you think I should tell Dave? I always feel so foolish afterward when I calm down, especially most of the time the thing that triggers rage for me is losing something, and he always rubs it in my face. So maybe this will be our little secret? 😉


8 thoughts on “June Part 7 – Back to Orals

  1. Awesome!
    One note, be careful w the glutamine powder, while great for healing the stomach, it converts immediately to glutamate, which is an excitatory neurotoxin, this is the chief contributor to Lyme rage. It’s the number they really check every week in my blood tests to see how toxic I am. Your GABA to glutamate ratio is how they determine how toxic your brain is.. If glutamate can’t convert to GABA then you feel the rage.. It does get better, if you lay off the powder the rage will subside. This is after 15 mons of IV every day and 100 supplements and Meds a day. I am almost in remission.

    • Good to know, thanks! I haven’t started the glutamine yet, but def something to be aware of. So glad to hear you are near remission! I too have had 15 months of IVs, slowly but surely getting there! At this point I think it’s the co infections. It’s amazing the progress I have made though, even though some days it sure doesn’t feel like it. I’m happy to hear of another getting there!

  2. Hey, I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your posts. I have never commented before, and I’m sorry about that. I am on oral antibiotic treatment. It is my second pulse treatment. I have felt like warmed over death A LOT and have pretty much been a hopeless hunk of humanity. gone 10 years before treatment. I have I really appreciate your posts. I know it’s hard to keep up with, but thank you. This is such a very lonely disease. No one can understand unless they have had it. Thanks again for making me feel so not alone.

    • I am so glad you enjoy my blog! One of my main missions is to tell my story to educate and make those feel like they are not alone that are going thru the same thing. I do like the pulse treatments much better than other treatments, personally. Hang in there is all I have to say. It will get better. I think it was my 3rd or 4th month of the treatments I would start to get tiny glimpses of blue skies. Now I get much more and life is improving everyday. I still have a ways to go but there is hope. ❤

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