June Part 8 – Friday the 13th



The Flagyl is hitting me hard today. Okay alongside my other half dozen antibiotics for the day. The first Friday of every protocol I get a “bomb” day, in order to attack Lyme in all its forms, then go at them hard the next part of treatment. I woke up feeling completely dehydrated, and just plain feeling like I hadn’t even gone to bed in the first place. I actually ended up sleeping a lot longer than usual, as I never set my alarm, and the pup never woke me up.


I decided to get my blood work done at the hospital on my way to work, and the bomb began to hit me. I could feel my eyes and arms getting heavy, and I was slowly rocking back and forth in the waiting room. I already got my test results back, and although I was on the high end and low end of a few things, the only test that was high was my Albumin levels, which could imply that I am dehydrated. Well… I already knew that one, from waking up in the morning with a hangover, and the fact that I have been going #2 at least a half a dozen times a day since I started Omnicef.


The weight loss has started. About a pound a day… also to be expected I guess. I am beginning to get a little worried, as my stomach has been twisted and cramped. I keep trying to lay down or sit up in a comfortable position to try to get some relief. Hoping it will go away over the weekend while I am antibiotic free. I completely forgot to take my anti nausea meds, but so far so good, so hopefully it stays that way. Puking in a trash can and sitting on the toilet hasn’t been an unusual occurrence throughout treatment, which is not a super fun time.


I didn’t accomplish much at work, as I was completely spaced and “heavy”. My coworker offered to give me a ride home (I am assuming I looked like complete shit), but I decided against it, as I really just wanted to get as much as I could done.


I made it home alright, skipping my bank and the store as I wanted to pick up a couple of things, and let the dogs out in the pouring rain. I decided it would be best to make some comfort food, so I ended up making a tuna noodle casserole…. gluten free of course. And probably one of my favorites. 🙂


Dave called and said he is going to be late coming home, which is almost giving me a bit of anxiety because I am EXHAUSTED and that means I have 100% puppy duties. It has been two successful days with no accidents in the house, and I would like to make it three. But if you can barely keep your eyes open after cooking and eating dinner, it is hard to keep your eyes peeled.


I am really glad that I have the next two days free of antibiotics. I only have this evening left of week one’s treatment, and I know I will be just fine. With a little bit of convincing I REALLY want to go to the movies tomorrow, so we will see what happens. 🙂


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