June Part – The Food Test


I recently got my Alcat results, so I figured I would share. The Alcat test is used for showing what you may be intolerant to. I opted for the 250 foods test, as I think it it is just safe and a lot cheaper to assume that molds, dyes, and household chemicals would just be wise to avoid. The categories that are given based on your results are “severe”, “moderate”, “mild”, and of course your safe foods.


My severe intolerances were cottonseed, which is a common oil used in items such as potato chips (noooooooo!) as well as papaya. 


The moderate list got a little bit lengthier: Cane sugar, HFCS, honey, maple sugar, apricot, artichoke, basil, bay leaf, bell pepper, black-eyed peas, cayenne, cod, cumin, haddock, hazelnut, malt, mango, nutmeg, pinto beans, saffron and swordfish.


The mild tolerances was the lengthiest: Barley, oat, wheat, rye, spelt, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, almond, amaranth, avocado, beed, bison, black beans, brewer’s yeast, brussel sprouts, caraway, carrot, cashew, chick peas, clams, cucumber, dill, endive, flaxseed, melon, onion, oysters, parsnip, pomegranate, pork, portobello mushroom, rashish, sole, tilapia, and turkey.


I am a little sad. What the fudge am I suppose to eat?! Certainly not fudge! Dr S told me to eliminate the severe and moderate foods for a few to several months, and just ignore the mild ones for now, and I can knock some of them down further if I notice a reaction. Then I will start what is called a rotation diet, in which I begin to slowly add some of these food items back in. If that makes sense?


I think I am going to have a really hard time with this. A REALLY hard time with this. I was honestly really surprised that gluten items weren’t on the top of the list, but I do know that they are inflammatory for me, so I steer away from them. Those are some mild intolerances I know I still need to have cut out. I don’t know if I will be able to adhere 100% to this (all the sugars and the fish… I DO work for a SEAFOOD COMPANY after all), but it is at least making me much more aware of what I am putting into my body. I hope that I can at least stick to it the best I can. I know know some of these foods can be an explanation for fatigue, fibro-pain and other types of things so it is definitely good to know information as to what I should be avoiding. 


As for the past couple of days, I have been doing alright but I know I can do better. Little habits like putting french vanilla creamer, which I am assuming has a lot of crap in it, will probably be my downfall. I even went out with Dave for dinner and the movies with Dave last night and did pretty well! No candy, tea, water.. all sorts of boring stuff.


Symptom wise I have been sluggish this weekend, even though I am not on any antibiotics, other than my naturals to break up some biofilm in order to start treatment back up again tomorrow. Yesterday was rough, and we almost didn’t end up doing anything, but I seemed to do a little bit better in the evening. I had to sit on the floor in my laundry room as I felt lightheaded even bending down to grab clothes from the dryer, and I had no balance while I was walking. My stomach was still all screwed up and I know I was and still am dehydrated, as I have a splitting headache and my mouth feels dry no matter how much I drink. Ugh. Where are those lactated ringers at?!


It was a better day today, even though I feel like I want another day or two off but that isn’t the way things work out all the time. One of my antibiotics will be Cipro, which can be a bastard to me, and I had zero tolerance for it orally in the past, so it will be interesting! I worked, which was a two for one since I work for my Dad’s company and it is Father’s Day, and then we went to a high school graduation party for our friend’s daughter. Even though it was over 80 degrees today, my sweatshirt was off on off on, as I was either freezing or a ball of fire. It was nice to get out though, and I drove there.. which is the furthest I have driven since I have begun treatment. I figured I would give it a go knowing Dave was in the car with me, and if I didn’t feel good, I could just pull over and let him take over. Baby steps, but it feels good to feel like I am little by little getting more of my freedom back. 


On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things, and I did have to go and wait out in the car. I think today was a lot for me. Okay, I know it was a lot for me. There still are limitations. It is alright though. Making accomplishments like the drive today, I would say it is about 25 minutes-ish, are worth feeling like ass for the next day or two. We are home sweet home, and it will be a night of relaxation and an early bedtime, ready to start phase two of this month’s treatment in the A.M.!


Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there!!! 🙂 🙂


One thought on “June Part – The Food Test

  1. A Lyme patient about to undergo some similar (hopefully temporary!) dietary changes , have recently noticed that recipes exist for fudge that use coconut oil vice any dairy. Since iI’ll have to cut out chocolate, a major food group, for a bit, is up to you to try this version of fudge; bon appetit!

    wishing you health,

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