June Part 11 – Decisions Decisions


Wednesday was anything but a fun day for me. As I had mentioned in my previous post, everything seems to be piling onto me. It was my second treatment day of this week, and about an hour into treatment I feel like I am completely useless. I needed to keep as focused and “normal” as possible however, as I had my appointment with my second gynecologist. 


I did not even know if I could make it to the hospital during my drive in the afternoon to the hospital. I was so lightheaded and foggy, and I know I was beyond dehydrated with my “clean outs” multiple times a day. I secretly was hoping as soon as I got done my appointment with Dr P, my specialist I would be seeing, he would send me over to the other side of the hospital so I could lay down and get an IV to get hydrated. That didn’t end up happening though lol. Wishful thinking.


When I was speaking to Dr P, I felt like I was looking through cloudy glass. He seemed really nice, but he really didn’t have any knowledge about chronic Lyme. That is my own fault though, as I have learned in the past to never mention it, unless they ask about my medications. He had told me Lyme does not cause any issues with the reproductive system, which kind of made me want to yell, “BULLSHIT!!!”, but it doesn’t really make a difference in terms of his beliefs. If there is something wrong, there is something wrong. Lymie or not.


He told me that my ultrasound results, with the size of my endometrial striping really weren’t out of the norm, which was different than what my first gynecologist had said. I do not have any cysts, as they seem to have shrunk since I have started taking Depo Provera. He did want me to take a c-diff test, as he told me long term antibiotics can cause it, which can cause pain during intercourse, and also having diarrhea all day long. That was one of my fears for the past few weeks, so I really did not mind getting an order to get the testing done. 


Now this is where it really gets wishy washy. He told me that 50% of his patients that are symptomatic that do not have a completely unusual ultrasound will have something show up during a diagnostic laparoscopy. He then told me it was up to me if I wanted to get this done. If there is anything found that the ultrasound did not see, he would fix it while he was in there during surgery. 


Different opinions of now four doctors has my head spinning. Dr J believes that if I take another Gabapentin it would help and things will get better over time. Dr S had mentioned a D&C and biopsy. Dr W believed that these could be bigger issues, so she recommended me to see Dr P. Now it is up to me…


The few that I have spoken with about this situation, including Dave, believe that I should go for surgery, as the worst that could happen is they don’t find anything (yay!), and if there is an issue it will be fixed so things will get better for me. No cramping, no bleeding, no pain during intercourse. 


I don’t heal well with surgery. When I got my gallbladder out, which is generally an outpatient procedure, I was in the hospital for a day and a half, and it would have been longer if Dave didn’t yell at the surgeon and nurses and make them discharge me. This is also that type of procedure, and I have the feeling I might be in the hospital for a day or two again. I also fear that I will have to go through an unnecessary procedure.


Decisions decisions. I am still trying to decide, as I don’t really take this lightly. 


I got home and my body just wanted to be a vegetable. Having a puppy now kind of makes it hard to be molded onto the couch. I have discovered that dog bones are the best babysitter when I am having a hard time. I absolutely could not wait until Dave got home to take over puppy duties for the evening. I am a terrible mother..


Thursday I really could feel the dehydration, was out of it and felt like I got hit by a bus followed by a train, but I had things to do. I hate being a grown up sometimes. How my morning went:


– Take puppy out, collect poopy sample for the vet

– Take my own poopy while trying not to get poopy on me to bring to the hospital for testing

– Drop poopy off at the hospital, try not to mix up my poopy with the dog’s poopy

– That is a lot of poopy for one morning.

– Get coffee and get a sandwich at Dunkin Donuts as I have no food in my house

-Pay for my stuff at Dunkin Donuts

-Drive off after paying and forget to take my items

-Drive back home to pick up puppy, remember I never grabbed my stuff at Dunkin Donuts

-Drive back to Dunkin Donuts to get my items.. feel like a moron

-Try to remember to never go to Dunkin Donuts ever again. LOL

-Take a long drive for me to take Cooper to the vets, feel like death and can barely stand

-Bring Cooper home

-Wish I could nap


Oy. I relaxed for a bit and then had a chiropractor appointment with Dr S. I always love my appointments with him, as he is also my naturopath, and I value his advice. He told me it was a simple procedure with the laparoscopy, and I got the impression from him that it might be worth doing. I also feel a little better after I get my back cracked so that is another bonus of seeing him every few weeks. 


I figured on my way home I would swing by the hospital for my c-diff test results as they are pretty fast with getting results. NEGATIVE. Well I guess that just means my antibiotics aren’t agreeing with me, so that is good to know, and there isn’t any major issues with that. But that also leaves me with knowing that is not the cause of some of my lady issues. Hmm… 


Even though I wasn’t feeling well, I decided to go to Laconia Bike Week with Dave. Last year when I went there, I had to use a wheelchair. This time I could walk, which is an amazing feeling. I didn’t make it very far, as it wasn’t a good day (no accomplishments like my adventures in DC), so we spent our time sitting and looking at the bikes that went by. There was a benefit ride going on while we were there, with roughly 800 motorcycles, as we overheard the police talking, so that was quite the site to see. I was glad to at least make it over there as we go every year, and I always pick up my Dad a tee shirt. Little traditions.


Friday would be my last treatment day for the week, and I feel like I need to feel better, clear my mind, and decide what I want to do. Everyone’s opinions are very important to me, but this is ultimately my decision. As for now, my focus is to get through the rest of this week. Almost there! Completely looking forward to the weekend. 🙂



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