June Part 12 – Life is Good Today



Treatment was a little bit easier for me on Friday. This week has been anything but fun, so a little break from hell was very welcomed. I was more loopy than anything else, but I was able to function at work and get some things done. I feel like I have been pretty useless the past few weeks, so it was kind of a morale booster for me. 


Dave took me along for a drive to Epping to pick up a part for his mud truck. It was definitely not exciting but it got me out of the house again. The lights from the cars at night bothered me, so I was armed with my sunglasses to avoid the glare. My damn neurological symptoms seem to be the strongest and are still kicking around. In time I know they will get better, but light and sound sensitivity really limit me to where I can go. Later on at night, a stronger pain seems to set in, making it hard to get comfortable, but I suppose that does not bother me nearly as much as the neurological impairments. I can deal with the pain. 


Saturday the neurological symptoms flared on me in the morning. Lyme rage. Work triggered it for me, as half of my customers either skipped invoices, paid invoices that weren’t ours (maybe the Pepsi guy), overpaid or shorted us. UGH! I am the one who is sick and can get these things right, these people are just plain stupid!!


I got out of there as soon as I could, as I needed to prepare to take Sunday off, which is a once a month treat for me, and get my ducks in a row for Monday. Monday I will be starting a round of Coartem, so I never really know how it is going to go. I lucked out last time, as I was not nearly as reactive to it, but in the past I have been a complete vegetable for days. No fun. I am hoping my Babesia is under control at this point and it will be an easy few days of treatment. 


Once I got home, I kind of “goosefrabaaa-ed” it for the afternoon, and cleared my head. Little triggers can really set me off. Neuro symptoms. 😛 


Dave was gone for the day, as it was the busiest day of Bike Week, so he took his bike and met up with some friends for a ride and check out the sites. He brought me in the car on Thursday and I didn’t make it very far walking, so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it for the day, and taking the motorcycle is just out of the question. He needs a little side cart for me, or a whole lot of bungee cords and duck tape to keep me from flying off the back. I sure do miss going on trips with him, but I am praying that by this time next year I will either be in remission or pretty friggin close to it. 


One of my best friend’s had a little birthday party in the mid afternoon, so I decided to go to that since I was just going to be hanging out at the house by my lonesome. Well not by my lonesome, because I had my three fur kids to keep me company, but they aren’t much up for conversation so off I went! 


My friend’s parent’s house is about half the distance to the vet’s office that I drove to on Thursday, which was a trek and a half for me, but I did pretty well on my ride there, especially considering it was 4:00 in the afternoon, and that is LATE for me to be driving. Yeah yeah, call me a little old lady. I know. 


It was really nice to see my friend, her sister, and the rest of the family. Over the years they have became my family too. They have always been really good to me and it was great to catch up and have a few good laughs. 


I ended up leaving just before it got dark out, as I can’t see anything in the dark, the lights kill me and my depth perception is terrible at night (to the point I have taken the wrong turn or almost drive my car off the road thinking that is a turn..), and it seemed like a much longer drive home, but I made it safe and sound, and I sent my messages to Dave and my friend that I made it home in one piece as they always want to make sure I am okay. 


Today was a good day. I got up the same time as Dave, which doesn’t happen very often, and helped him clean out my closet full of IV supplies,needles, syringes etc, clothes to donate, as well as clean out the fridge so he could take everything to the dump. He headed out with the dogs as I got ready. Not going to lie, it was kind of nice taking my time getting ready. With a puppy, I am forced to wash my face, check on the puppy. Brush my teeth, check on the puppy. Eh.. who needs makeup.. Today I could put my face on. LOL 


We went out for breakfast (the first time in two years! I love going out to breakfast 🙂 ), and finally had a conversation that needed to be done. Diagnostic laparoscopy or no laparoscopy. We have made the decision together that I am going to wait. To be honest I am scared. I heal terribly. A procedure that you can go home the same day just doesn’t happen with me. That is not being a debbie downer, that is being realistic. 


Nothing is going to change drastically in 6 months. I am going to go along with Dr J’s thoughts, that if my Gabapentin intake can be increased it might help, and he also thinks things might improve for me over time. If my symptoms dissipate during this time, then this will be my next step. I will be calling the gynecologists office to make a follow up appointment and if I am at the same point as I am now I will be getting this procedure done. 


Dave and I got home from our breakfast together and with it being a gorgeous day out, we went for a walk down to the lake that is about 1/4 mile trip there and back to take the dogs for a swim. Chance, our oldest LOVES the water. He is a runner so we have to keep him on a 100 foot rope, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Cooper however, has never been in the water. He was shaking and just plain was not having it. We would throw a little stick to get him into the water just a little bit more, but he was not very happy. Maybe next time.


After that, we headed to the grocery store. As you now know, I am the queen of overdoing things. I did alright at the store, but I could tell I was beginning to fade. So tired. Everything is now put away, and I am planning on spending the rest of the day planted on the couch under my blankets and recouping. 


I did a lot today. It feels good after two rough weeks to know that although I felt like I had taken more then two steps back, I really didn’t. Treatment has just taken a toll on me. It makes me know though, that the tough is going to be worth it, as I am slowly being able to do a little bit more. Things are finally starting to happen that seemed completely out of reach, but they really aren’t. Good things are coming, I just need to have patience, and trust this process. This will all be worth it in the end. 🙂

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