June Part 13- Almost Done!


After my busy and fun weekend I knew there would be a price to pay, but it was more than worth it. Sunday was like the perfect day, one that reminds me of Sundays that I wouldn’t have to work a few years ago. It makes me realize I MISS MY HUSBAND!


Yes, we live together, we get dinner on Saturday nights but we really haven’t had an all day “date” together in a very very long time. It is a good feeling to be getting some of my life back, and I am sure he feels the same.


I woke up feeling like crap on Monday… headache, dizzy, terrible leg pains, and general soreness, my mouth dry as hell from dehydration. Like I said though, it was totally worth it.


I started my round of Coartem when I got to work, as I needed to grab something to eat to take with it. I went to Dunkin Donuts, and luckily they didn’t recognize me as the girl who forgot her food. Work was really frustrating for me, and I did my best to not go into a complete rage. I know I was being bitchy trying to get some reports done, but no screaming or tears were involved.  Yay for everyone! 🙂


I started getting a bit foggy and my brain was just done so I headed out to run errands for work and pick up a script from the pharmacy. I couldn’t wait to get home to just lay down for a minute. Ugh.


I felt a ton better after laying down for a bit, and sat outside watching my dogs play for a bit and was able to make dinner. I took it easy for the rest of the night, as I know I had some recouping to do from the day before. I was pretty happy however that the day overall went okay. I don’t think Coartem played a huge role in not feeling good for part of the day, as I use to be extremely reactive to it. I think my Babesia is finally getting under control.


My stomach hurts. It kept me up for quite a bit last night and was making it impossible to fall asleep. I think candida is taking over my body. I will be focusing on addressing this issue when I am on my break. I have drastically cut back on sugar since I got my Alcat results, which is difficult to do because when someone has candida issues, they tend to have major sugar cravings. I am saying NO to chocolate. So very sad.. I have also noticed sugar is added in just about everything so I am trying to be conscious of that as much as possible as well.


Waking up today was much better than Monday morning. I was definitely more active, getting all sorts of things done like laundry (well, not the folding part), putting tick preventative on my dogs and giving them heartworm meds, and did a quick sweep before heading off to work. I once again found myself getting frustrated at work as I was waiting for the truck to get in so I could grab the invoices and enter them, but I managed to get everything done on time before I had my massage therapy appointment.


I was really looking forward to this appointment as I am down one tool for detox, my lactated ringers. As I suspected, my legs and feet were a mess from the active weekend I had. I am still not use to getting up and moving. Eventually even these small walks and errands will be a piece of cake and I will be working out again. Rome wasn’t built in a day I suppose.. it will take time to get there. I keep on making improvements so I know deep down things are positive and looking up, even though some days I really feel like I am getting much worse again. My hips were excruciating, but Gayle told me often when someone is dehydrated their hips and thighs will be painful during massage as that is where fluid seems to stay in the body.


I had a few more errands to run when I was done my massage, and then I was home sweet home. I am pretty tired, but am doing alright. I am still sore, so I am looking forward to a nice hot shower before bed to try to loosen things up a bit. Tomorrow is my last day of Coartem, and honestly I am not even worried about it. This round has by far been the easiest for me. I am looking forward to my break to see how my first round of antibiotics has effected me. Hoping it will be a good break. I think at the very least my stomach will thank me!

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