June Part 15 – Beginning of Break


I am really happy the way my antibiotic schedule has fallen this month, as I will have the 4th of July off from treatment. Woohoo! I will actually be working, (surprise surprise), but with it being on a Friday, I am hoping to be able to do a little something for the holiday. Watch the fireworks, hang out with some friends… something fun. 🙂 The 4th of July actually scares me a little bit this year as last year I ended up in the hospital after one of my worst seizures, and the ER was absolutely terrible to me. The nurse refused to give me tests that the doctor ordered, and after she refused the tests she was smug and acted like I was a pill addict and an alcoholic (I wasn’t drinking) and would only order me a blood/alcohol test. Like I said.. it was pretty much a nightmare. I signed out with a 600$ hospital visit for taking up a bed for an hour.


Anywho.. treatment ended for me a few days ago. Work has been a lot better for me since I have completed treatment. I think part of my rages are an effect from the Coartem, whether the medication itself or the die-off of Babesia. I am guessing it is the die-off as I have this happen to me every so often.


It is been HOT out here for the past few days. I am not fairing well in the heat, but am doing the best I can to get some sunshine. After I got out of work on Saturday afternoon, I took Cooper for a walk through town but shortly after I had to turn around and go back to the car. After not really feeling well, we kept our Saturday night pretty simple. We grabbed some salads and Dave had a friend over for a little bonfire, while I laid down and watched movies. I was even in bed before Dave was! That doesn’t happen very often..


I kind of like the weekends as it relieves me of morning puppy duties. Dave is the lucky one who gets up at midnight if Cooper cries, but I am the one who feeds him, lets him out, lets him play for a bit, and let him out again everyday. Weekend relief 🙂 I love love love him but I honestly forgot how time consuming it is to watch and train a puppy. He is pretty smart and is picking things up, but on bad days it is pretty difficult. Thank goodness for dog bones and a fenced in yard for those times I am feeling under the weather.


I was pretty tired on Sunday even though I caught up on some sleep, and couldn’t remember any of the product numbers while entering the invoices. Check number in book. Close book. Forget the number I just looked at. Check again. Remember to write it on an index card. Yup… that is pretty much how my morning went. Once I finished that, I did tackle a lot of the work for Monday so I could take it easy.


When I got home, I sat outside with Dave for a little bit and decided to tackle grocery shopping. Even though it is at our little local grocery store, it is a good feeling I am able to go in there again. I am sure Dave is also happy to not have to go grocery shopping alone anymore as well. We put away groceries and Dave checked out our garden (things are popping up! Yay!) and I started on dinner. We spent the rest of the night relaxing and enjoying the AC. I am hoping for a thunderstorm to cool things down or at least a break from the heat for a day or two. Is it fall yet? LOL


Today was an easy day at work but I found myself getting cranky and frustrated and decided to go home before I decided to throw something.. I did work a 5 hour day today though so that is really good for me. Quit laughing.. I know that isn’t a long time at all but it is for me right now. I haven’t really done a lot this afternoon other than pull leftovers out for dinner and take a nap. I wish I could have slept longer but I know tonight I would pay for it and be wide awake. I have already had a hard enough time falling asleep as my Bartonella feet have seemed to be coming back at night. At least it gives me something to look forward to for the day, bedtime can’t come soon enough! ZzzZZz

Photo on 6-30-14 at 6.41 PM Our first little harvest!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “June Part 15 – Beginning of Break

  1. Oh, your bounty is beautiful!! Enjoy the little moments. I have been off line for a bit. My father had a triple bypass yesterday and is in recovery now. I actually drove myself cross country to get here. Large miracle and very slowly! Now I just have to get back home once all this is more stable. Knowing you can relate…keep pressing on with positivity.

    • Thank you! I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. Glad you made it safe, cross country seems like an impossible feat, but you did it 🙂 A huge miracle and you should be very proud 🙂

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