July Part 2 – Happy 4th


Hope everyone had a happy 4th! I got to sleep in a little bit, as Dave had the holiday off, so he got puppy duty for the morning. I had a rough start to the day as my stomach issues haven’t gone away, so I spent shortly after I got up doing the super fun sitting on the toilet and puking in a trash can routine and having the feeling like I am being punched in the stomach. My glutamine powder has seemed to help a little bit settle my stomach, as it helps heal your gut lining, but there is obviously still something going on. I would love to know what that is… As you fellow Lymies know, there is always so much going on so it is really difficult to pinpoint anything.


The weather was pretty terrible, as it was absolutely pouring outside, so I decided to go to work even though my body wasn’t cooperating with me. The parade in town was canceled so I knew it would be easy to get through town. I have been doing a lot of work in the office to get ahead knowing I will be going back on antibiotics on Monday and how everything went. I like to be prepared for the worst. Maybe this time it will be much easier. I am going to keep up with my positive thinking. πŸ™‚


My stomach was settled later on in the day. That is always a good thing, as it really limits my activities for the day as I need to be in a 2 minute radios from a toilet. LOL. Even though I was beginning to feel loopy and everything seemed to get blurry on me, we decided to go to dinner down the road, to the restaurant where I use to waitress for many years before I had to leave because of this mess that we are now calling MCIDS.


“I am surprised you didn’t get a vodka and soda water!”, Dave said to me. “I think that would be a terrible choice right now”. Chicken it was. It was delicious. πŸ™‚ There was nothing going on for the evening, so Dave and I spent the night flipping through channels trying to find something to watch without much luck. You would think at least “Independence Day” would have been on?! Nope. A whole lot of nothing.


We went to bed early and today I got to sleep in again. Yay! My stomach feels a little better but I am not taking any chances, and have had my bottle of water with a little bit of glutamine in it, and am keeping up on my probiotics.


Today was the rescheduled day for the parade, so I figured I would wait until it would be just about over with. What to do, what to do… I guess I will vacuum. And whiten my teeth. Everyone likes a nice smile. πŸ™‚ Then came the rest of rest of getting ready for the morning.


I really should/need to take a shower. Nah. Oh crap I am out of deodorant. I use an alcohol swab to “freshen up” a bit, and scrape the remaining tiny bit of deodorant onto my underarms, which was more of a mental thing that I actually put deodorant on. At least it is a really breezy day so I can drive with the windows down and air those suckers out. πŸ˜‰ And at least I have a nice whitened smile..


It was still early enough that I knew I couldn’t get through town, as there is no other roads to take and you cannot get through the parade, I played on my iPad for a little bit, watched “Top Gear” with Dave, while he rubbed my feet as the bottoms of them are really painful.


I always find it odd that sometimes my feet are extremely painful at my soles, but I cannot feel the tops of my feet or my toes. It was one of those mornings. At least I have an awesome husband that is willing to rub my feet. πŸ™‚


I figured at noontime the traffic had probably cleared through town, so I headed off to work. Boy, I was wrong. What a clusterfuck of people. Crazy people. It also made it apparent that I still have a ton of Lyme rage in me. The first about 10 minutes I was stuck in traffic, I was in a positive mood, with the windows rolled down and jamming out to music on the radio. After another 15 or 20 minutes of traffic, the rage started coming out of me. There were people going around other people on the sidewalk, people not using the crosswalk, people turning around in driveways and not looking backing out, etc, etc. My favorite is Mom’s who push their baby strollers out into the street to see if the road is clear. Oy.


*Beeps horn* “Learn how to drive!” “Use a fucking crosswalk!” *Beeps horn again*


I finally made it to work, which usually takes only 12 minutes after what seemed like an eternity in one piece. Without getting killed. Without hitting a car or anyone. PHEW.


The stress I think kind of made things go downhill. I kind of felt like I was high, and my raginess (is that a word?) continued as everything was annoying me. I stayed for a few hours and have just made it home, fortunately the traffic has calmed down so I didn’t have a repeat of the morning.


Since the 4th of July was a bust, I am hoping to set off some fireworks tonight. As for right now, I am relaxing and am contemplating taking a nap. I feel old. Haha. That is just how things are sometimes. Monday I am back to the grind, so wish me luck!



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