July Part 3 – Just Another Manic Monday


We did finally get to set off our fireworks. It was nice to be able to do them from home so we didn’t have to try to find a parking spot in town and deal with all of the traffic. It was a pretty low key evening as we had a few friends over right when it was dark and then everyone was gone shortly after. Dave and I went to bed early as I had to work in the office in the morning. 


My stomach was really bothering me on Sunday again. It made me so uncomfortable even just sitting up. Back in the mind I keep worrying about what it could be, and at this point I have that little voice inside my head that is telling me that something isn’t right. I hate that feeling because I am usually right. I am just going to make sure I don’t eat too many bad things, take my probiotics and glutamine powder in the meantime.


Before I left to work, I did my B12 shot. Everything went per usual with the exception that putting the plastic cap on to discard my needle and syringe, I must not have put it on straight, making the needle pierce right through the plastic and into my finger. It would NOT stop bleeding! Tissue upon tissue was dripping with blood. I eventually just stuck a band aid on it and called it good, but I must have punctured my skin pretty hard. LOL Ooops. As you can tell I survived…


Everything got done at work for Monday since I would be starting everything all over again and you never know how everything is going to hit you. Ahh! My break seems like it flew right by. I was just praying to myself that it would go a lot easier than it had last month. Awhile after getting home and sitting for a minute and relaxing, I went with Dave to the grocery store to do some shopping. I am really liking being able to go to the store with him now. An added bonus to feeling a little more independent is picking out things I WANT. 🙂 


There is still a price to pay with doing something as small as shop at the local grocery. I still get TIRED. Shortly after I got home I fell asleep for a few hours and made sure it was a very low key night for the rest of the evening. I wanted to be in tip top shape to go back on treatment.


Today was the start of my treatment. I woke up fearing the day as I was already having aches and pains and some terrible Bartonella feet. Perfect timing for treatment I suppose. Good news though! I did much better than I was expecting. It took a few hours after taking my antibiotics to really feel any difference, and my main issues were being off balance, a little loopy, and having very poor concentration. Nothing like last month. Nothing.


Luckily, I had already gotten a lot done the day before for work so I buttoned up everything and headed home. I still was feeling okay, so I did a little bit of cleaning and made a big salad for dinner. My steam must have ran out as about 10 minutes after I finished dinner I slept for 3 hours. I hate doing this to myself because there is always the possibility of not being able to go to bed at night. 


The calendar is really freaking me out this week as it seems like things are filling up fast. This Thursday I have yet another gyno appointment with my regular gynecologist to get my Depo shot, and it is still a long drive for me, especially with it being a Flagyl day, so I am not looking forward to it. A week from now, I have an appointment with a dermatology place for a sclerotherapy consultation. Sclerotherapy is when they inject veins with a solution to make varicose and spider veins disappear, and make the blood flow through other veins. I have had it done a few times before several years ago. I am thinking that since this is a reoccurring problem it is most likely from having Factor 5 Leiden. THEN, Cooper has a vet appointment. On top of massage, blood draw, and work. My anxiety levels are rising and it sucks. None of those things are really time consuming but seeing things up on the calendar makes me on edge. 


Enough of worries though, I will be happy for the little things, like today being much better than the first day of last month’s treatment. If the rest of the treatment goes this well I will be one happy camper!


2 thoughts on “July Part 3 – Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Kim please please don’t hesitate to let me know dates I have a couple hours almost every any day if you want company and I’d be able to drive, serious just let me know

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