July Part 4 – Waiting for the Weekend


I spoke a little too soon about my first day being much better. It technically was, but by nighttime I had completely lost my balance. I almost took a dive in the shower, saving myself only by grabbing onto the shower curtain and the wall the best I could. At least the curtain didn’t fall down. 😮 The last thing I do before bed is feed my cat, as she will make sure you know she is hungry all night, and slammed my leg onto our hot water tank. Ouch… Needless to say it was a good thing to go to bed and no longer move and be apt to break something.

On Tuesday the feelings that I had dreaded came back to me. I was so lightheaded and felt like I was a thousand degrees.

I was glad it was massage day, as we focused nearly entirely on lymph work. Afterward I felt a lot better, so I was definitely heavily herxing. I know I am still killing bugs at least! Each time I feel like this I know that my breaks off antibiotics will get better and better so it worth it in the long haul, it is just completely miserable at the moment.

Instead of relaxing like I knew I should, I kept a little momentum going as I decided to clean out my bedroom, which probably had an inch of dust on my bureau and enough dog fur under the bed to make a new dog.

I had purchased some new bedding, so I changed the bed which was long past due as well. Unfortunately, my silky smooth sheets were about as soft as a brillo pad. I guess that keeps up with the detox as they turned out to be an excellent exfoliant to scrub off any excess skin on me. LOL

Wednesday was an interesting day of work. It was another antibiotic day. I was still nauseated and had to sit for quite awhile before I started getting ready for the day. My wrists and fingers were killing me so I ended up dropping just about everything at work, and being neurologically clumsy I would try to pick items up but kick them across the room. Staplers, tape, folders, and pens were flying across the room. I called it quits pretty early for the day after my case of butterfingers.

Shortly after I got home I got a call from one of Dr J’s nurses regarding my Lamictal and Gabapentin levels. I told her personally I didn’t want to increase my levels of anymore neurotropics as I would rather be taking less than more. She said my levels were within range so she was okay with that. Well okie dokie then!

I took it easy for the rest of the day. I sat out and watched the dogs play, ate leftovers for dinner, and dozed off on the couch. I kept my fingers crossed as I laid in bed for the night that I would be okay for my fun Flagyl day on Thursday morning.

I also can’t forget the fun stuff.. the Omicef poops. In between dropping things, pain and nausea, I could not get to the bathroom fast enough. I have no idea how there is anything still left in me. LOL So unpleasant. 😦 The weight keeps coming off so I will have to keep an eye on it. Thin is okay, skeletor is not. I think I still have a ways to go before I truly have to worry though. 😉 

And now it’s Thursday. Wow, I have been slacking on my writing. I guess it gives you all a break on reading my story. Just kidding, I know you all love me. ☺

This morning was rough. So nauseated. Word of the wise: do NOT clean up cat puke while you are holding back puke yourself. It will cause massive dry heaving and puking yourself. Gag

Now everything sort of smells like garbage to me. I don’t know if it is from puking in the trash can, or the feeling of nausea is making me sensitive to everything. Wah. ☹

That was BEFORE taking my Flagyl for the day. You know what that called for??! A “hangover sandwich”! I did feel a lot better after I got my sausage, egg and cheese on a multigrain bagel. I guess the upset to Flagyl days is it gives me the excuse to break the rules, but Dr J seemed okay with it as long as it helps alleviate some of the nausea.

I had to make a long drive (well, long for me I should clarify), to get my Depo shot at the clinic I regularly go to. Another gynecologist was there instead of my usual doctor, and she wanted to do another gynecological exam next week after doing a little history and check up with me. It is planned for next week. Yay! Add that to my calendar that is already causing me to be anxiety ridden. On a positive note she seemed very knowledgable about Chronic Lyme. An awesome bonus to speaking with her.

I figured being poked once I might as well get my blood work done for the week and be poked some more, as tomorrow is the “bomb” day.. the day that I take everything under the sun. I hate the first Friday of my protocols.

I think I got a newbie, as she could not find a vein, as I watched her wiggle the needle over and over in my arm. She finally called in someone else and I had much better luck.

Maybe my bloodwork results will reveal SOMETHING to explain everything that has been going on with me stomach wise.

So now I am dubbing at work, hoping if I swing by the hospital I will get my results, as I am one of those very impatient people that needs everything right on the spot, and so if there is anything “off” on my results I can play Dr. and self diagnose so I can be one step ahead with full suggestions. LOL A lot of the times I am right on mark though, so I will diagnose away… Wish me luck on “bomb” day tomorrow! A big positive of bomb day = Chinese food. ☺ ☺

Have a good day everyone!!!

4 thoughts on “July Part 4 – Waiting for the Weekend

  1. Kim will mention again, don’t hesitate to call if. U need anything from a ride to a grocery shop, I’ll make time!

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