July Part 5 – Hangover Herx


Okay I think I am on “Part 5” of my blog. I really have no idea why I set it up that way but after a year of writing I think I kind of have to stick with it. My mind is pretty mushy today.


Yesterday was my “bomb day”. I call it the bomb day because I have to take pretty much everything under the sun. Five antibiotics and two natural treatments to break up biofilm. Yeah. Hence “bomb day”.


I actually did surprisingly well for the majority of the day. My coworker said I kind of looked like I was high, but I was pretty functional considering this day usually leaves me pretty incapacitated. 


There were a ton of errands I had to run once I was done work, and I accomplished them all without any issues, other than having to lean on the counter at the bank while I was depositing my paycheck. Bank for work, my bank, post office, pharmacy. Success!


When I got home, I looked at my cupboards and found nothing I wanted for dinner, but then remembered “bomb day” always calls for Chinese food. That is probably my biggest positive having my heavy treatment days.


It was the full moon yesterday. The “Super Moon”? I am not really sure what they were calling it yesterday, but all I can tell you it was bright. The full moon seemed to exacerbate symptoms among Lyme patients. Maybe we are part werewolf, changing with the full moon. Who knows what is inside of us after being bit. Closer to sunset I could feel my legs and joints intensify with pain. My right leg was excruciating. I could not get it comfortable, and almost was tempted to go out to Dave’s shed and get out the chainsaw. Well.. not really, but it made me pretty miserable. 


After awhile of covering myself with my comforter, I was finally able to fall asleep. I made it much better than I did my last round, so I was pretty pleased, even though I was in a lot of pain. I will take pain over neurological symptoms any day..


Now I am coining the term “Hangover Herx”. I call it this because I made it out alive yesterday, but today I am a hot mess. The day after treatment seems to be getting to me much worse, much like a hangover. Only I didn’t drink any cocktails the night before. That’s pretty lame.


I hope that kind of makes sense? I am writing in my hot mess state, so this is pretty real time, so I guess this is about as good as Kimmiecakes gets today. Sorry. LOL. 


I woke up in a pile of sweat. My hair was soaked. I felt pretty rubbery and lightheaded so I decided to skip a shower. I find this pretty acceptable however, because I put a little makeup on and a cute outfit came in the mail. It kind of offsets everything else, right? Right. Just agree with me here..


I had SO much to do at work today. I have tomorrow off, which is always a treat as I get one Sunday off a month. My Dad was there, so I spent some time talking with him about just about everything. He then said to me, “Is there something in your eye? You keep playing with it, I just wanted to see if you were aware of it.”, and kind of chuckled. I did kind of feel like there was something in there, but now upon looking in the mirror it was eyelashes, as I was starting to kind of Bell’s Palsy it. More of my right eye ptosis that has been pretty common to me in the past.


Hey there good looking. 😉


It was a long drive home. I think the stimulation from all the traffic was getting to me. My left arm began to feel like it was 100 pounds, and my hands and legs were a little bit rubbery. Nausea began to set in, making me burp and dry heave. I could feel all the muscles in my face contract and kind of do whatever it felt like. I made it home safe and sound, and am now plopped on the couch. I am really hoping that I will snap out of this so I can do a little something with Dave tonight. We’ll see. Hoping with my day off the “hangover herx” will go away. Oy. 


Hope everyone has a good weekend! 


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