July Part 11 – A Case of the Mondays


I know it’s been a few days since I wrote anything. I am kind of in a silence. I use to write in the evenings, even if it was just notes so I could remember my day, but I haven’t even done that. I am still feeling “blah”, but I am coming out of it, which is great. I am mentally feeling a bit more like “me” again. 

Things have been back and forth lately. I have a good day, followed by a few bad ones. That is totally normal with Lyme. It makes it hard because there is aways misconceptions that when one has a good day, well a better day than I use to, or anyone with chronic illness is use to, that you are all better. Woohoo! Not the case though, unfortunately. There are more “better days”, which makes me know that I am in the right direction. 

Friday was one of those yucky days. I forced myself to take a shower and wash my hair even though I didn’t really want to, but it had been a few days, and dry shampoo or alcohol swabs just weren’t cutting it anymore. LOL Dave always reminds me that I no longer have an excuse for not showering or washing my hair because I no longer have a line in, but sometimes it just seems like way too much effort. 

I did as much as I could to relax, as I knew I was going to be going to a surprise birthday party. The surprise party that was one of my secrets from my last post. My other secret is that I knew the person whom the party was for KNEW about the party, but I could not tell my best friend. 

I always get anxious about anything social now, so I had a date with my couch and rested, and went to bed pretty early. I wanted a good day. 

It was a good day. As good as it could be for me. I was glad it was outdoors, as I could move away from everyone when the conversations around me became overwhelming and make me dizzy. 

Then comes my next secret that was eating me inside. He had a ring. Knowing about the party gave him the perfect opportunity to pop the question. Not telling her was difficult, as I am known to not be the best secret teller, but I did well! No loose lips Kimmiecakes here! He called everyone down off their deck so we could all see, said some words about their past year together, and got down on one knee and proposed. Awwwww!!! 

This is my “Make a Wish” couple that I had written about when I was very sick over a year ago and have mentioned throughout my blog, and I finally got my wish. 🙂 I always had faith in them, love them both, and knew they would be an amazing and strong couple. I am always right after all. Now there are no more secrets for me to hide, and I am ecstatic for them both. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

I was exhausted the next day, but I wanted to do something with my Sunday afternoon when I got out of work. I made the long drive, accompanied by Dave of course, to Walmart. That is HUGE for me. HUGE. I walked around Walmart and did all our shopping that we needed to. I started walking with a limp, as my legs began to go numb, my eyes were getting sensitive to they began to blur, making me a little dizzy, but I did great. 

At night I was feeling my adventures, as everything was pretty painful. Dave came to the rescue, with some moisturizer and did to massage work, as he as gotten the gist of what Gayle does, as he sees her for massage therapy as well, and did some work on my legs, thighs, lower back, and feet. He is a pretty good guy not asking for anything in return. He probably doesn’t mind though as he gets to do it when I’m in my undies. Ooohh laaa laaa! 😮 

Today was a case of the Mondays. A real bad case of the Mondays. Oy. My morning was as follows:

-I woke up way after my alarm went off, even though it was going off every 5 minutes by my face. 

– I took forever to get ready, as I am covered in bug bites from the party and needed to do some spraying of bug spray so I don’t scratch all day, and could not find any clean undergarments.

-I forgot the green beans from the garden Dave had picked for my parents even though Dave had just texted me about it, so I had to walk back from the car to the house in the pouring rain. 

-I forgot to get gas as it was below the empty line and it said I had 20 miles left.

-I got gas at another station after getting my coffee and forgetting when I was there.

– I drove all the way to the post office past my work, and remembered that I FORGOT TO TAKE ALL OF MY SEIZURE MEDS. I began to feel an awful head pressure, started to shake from withdrawal symptoms and that is pretty dangerous as seizures follow from my mistakes, and began to have extreme eye sensitivity and a loss of hearing.

-I had to drive all the way home to take my seizure meds. 

– On the way to work again, I almost got creamed when an idiot never stopped at the stop sign and started to make a hard left turn. 

– The near accident left me feeling like jello for the rest of the morning. 

– I remembered as soon as I got to work that I forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer for dinner. 

– Lastly, I definitely forgot to put on deodorant. I should note it has been all day and I never put any on. Whatever. 

Yup, so quite an eventful morning. I tried to be as productive as I could at work, but definitely feel like I got the bare minimum done. I am pooped and by taking my medications so late after getting up in the morning, I am feeling a lot of neurological pain and weakness. At least there is nothing left to do for the day. I found a already cooked ham steak in the freezer, so I will attempt to make gluten free mac n cheese to go along with it, as well as some green beans from the garden. Chicken tomorrow… if I remember. 

I hope everyone else has had a better Monday! Things happen. LOL Tomorrow is another day! I think it might be time for me to use my sticky notes for everything again. I would hate to, but if it makes life easier than so be it. At least I made a great accomplishment on Sunday, with my drive and a big shopping trip. I wasn’t able to drive home, but I will get there again. There will always be more and more steps forward, and I focus on that. I could not be prouder of myself. 

4 thoughts on “July Part 11 – A Case of the Mondays

  1. I like your blog. I have Lyme and Co infections . I may of had Lyme or a C.I. for many years but thought it was old age .I got a Tick on me in June 2013 and started Doxy that day and went to a DR. who gave me a script for 10 days of Doxy and steroids .I used augmentin after running out of Doxy and Tetracycline for 8 days because every 28 days I see the Doctor for aches and pains.So my visit in July I told him I feel worse, I was put on prednisone 7 day pac and a 10 day of amoxicillin 500mg 3x .After the steroids wore off half my body was numb, dead numb.Jumping to Spring 2014 Taking antibiotics non stop and the first day of spring the DR. tells me my heart is skipping beats and if it hurts bad go to the E.R. My heart did hurt like never before but I stayed home . The E.R. can sew you up but lyme disease ?? oh no that is a up north disease . i thought after seeing that Lyme movie that no tick is going to give me a disease because I got a bunch of antibiotics and I will kill it … I got bit by a Lonestar Tick and had B.D.U’S on treated with permethrin and I had just put deepwoods off DEET on … That Vicious lil Tick was on me for thirty minutes max and Died & I used tweezers to remove him .My wife is so loving to stay with me through this . What is funny is she does little to protect herself and is much sweeter then I am but the Ticks leave her be. My Dogs and Our pet pig the wolfdogs found are treated with everything and don’t have a flea but if I go outside in the woods where they go a tick will find me. Southern Tick Lyme they call S.T.A.R.I. . From reading about Lyme in other countries every Rodent can be a vector.

  2. Oh my goodness…with a day like that all I can say is the rest of the week has to be better!! Hope tomorrow is a good day!

  3. I know it’s been forever since I commented. I just want you to know I really enjoy your writing. And forget monday’s! we are on the downhill slope!

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