August Part 1 – 11th Anniversary


I now realize that my last post was the beginning of August, so this would be my “Part 2”, but I think a little bit of Lyme brain and time flying by made me forget what month it is. Today is the start of my treatment once again. At least I know how the past two rounds have gone, so I have an idea what I am in for. Although symptoms may change a little bit, I am more afraid of my second week of treatment than this week. So with that being said.. bring it on!

Yesterday was a pretty low key and lazy day. I did have to work, but I was still pretty exhausted and sore from my long beach walk. That was to be expected though. No cleaning, no nice dinner. Just sitting on the couch until bedtime. Oh well, everyone has those days once in awhile. 

I had a really hard time falling asleep last night. I feel like the likely culprit is Bartonella, as an extreme depression, thoughts of the worst and memories I wish to forget flooded my head. I tossed and turned, tried to think of positive things, and tried to rationalize things in my head, yet nothing seemed to work. These brain games are hard on me. Emotional symptoms can be even worse than physical ones, as it can really effect your sense of well being. 

This morning I felt a lot better and more optimistic. I have been forgetful, from forgetting to do some of the things I wanted to get done in the office, to leaving my cell phone at work and having to drive back to get it, to depositing Dave’s check, to picking up some of the things at the store as we have pretty empty cupboards, and we are scraping on the very bottom of the dog and cat food containers for the last of their food. I’ll put Dave in change of that once I guess.

The first day of treatment usually leaves me with a complete lack of concentration and a wee bit out of it, and today was right on the mark. 

Looking at the calendar, I realized that it is the 11th anniversary from my car accident. I think it changed my life forever, and I wrote about it last year, as it was my 10th anniversary.

It reminds me how lucky I am, and how there are tons of bumps in the road, but I can overcome anything. Things happen. It is how you deal with them that really matters.


Yeah. Lucky. 

I am pretty tired but I will get some things done this afternoon. I will pick some green beans in the garden to go with dinner, and hope that I have some gluten free pasta to make a casserole. Clean my bathroom. That is a must. We’ll see. 

Of course with what was to be expected, Omnicef is doing what it does best, of course fighting the bugs well as it reaches the blood brain barrier, but also cleaning me out. The one positive note on this is not having to use any anti nausea meds, as I can eat whatever the hell I want to help with the nausea, and not gain a pound. Pasta. Chinese food. Chips and dip. All delicious things, but maybe not the best for a Lyme friendly diet. 

Also to mention, my plethora of antibiotics have left me with a completely dry mouth. No amount of water can satiate my thirst or get rid of this disgusting feeling in my mouth. At least it is keeping me hydrated for the side effects of Omnicef. 

So far I am okay. Things have been much worse. It is a good feeling that my reactivity is far less than it use to be. The day after is what I seem to have to be facing difficulties. Fingers crossed treatment will have even less reactivity than my last round. 

I am looking for every single good thing to report back to Dr J. I already have quite a few! Anything positive helps, and I hope to be able to list off many to him after these 3 months of treatment are up and I am on my way back for my next appointment. Fingers crossed I can keep this list going! Rainbows, butterflies and unicorns. 

4 thoughts on “August Part 1 – 11th Anniversary

  1. I too have a very dry mouth from treatment. I have found swishing or oil pulling with organic virgin coconut oil helps a bunch. I do it than brush lightly just to ensure the bacteria is totally eracitaded. My mouth feels moister for a bit longer during the day. Prehaps this would help you. Do not dispose of the oil down a drain it will clog it up.

    • I have not tried coconut oil. Our grocery store doesn’t carry it so I need to put it on a list to try when someone goes shopping for me out of town. Thanks for the tip though! I hear it is really beneficial either way so worth a try!

      • Amazon also sells it. If you live around the Amish they make a really inexpensive organic coconut oil and it goes alot further. I was in Branson, MO., recently and picked up 5 quart bottles for $6.00 a piece. Amazing find. I hope it helps you out. If you end up having trouble finding I will gladly ship you a bottle just say the word, always happy to help out. Reading your blog inspires me to keep going every day through this process.

      • Oh great info thank you! Amazon has everything 🙂 That is why it is so dangerous it can save your credit card info LOL I am so glad my writing helps you. All you can do is go day by day, one step at a time. 🙂

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