August Part 3 – Bomb Day


After I wrote my last entry holy mother of god, I was so nauseated! It was the type of nausea that you only dry heave, and nothing will come back up. So unpleasant. My stomach felt like it was in knots and I began to run a fever. This is sort of odd for day one with Flagyl for me. At least for quite some time now it hasn’t effected me like it has this round. Maybe I am really attacking some things. 

Bedtime scared me a little bit, okay, a lotta bit, almost to the point when I heard Dave get up for the bathroom I wanted to say something to him, but I never did. I just wanted to go to bed. I was so tired and didn’t feel like dealing with the nightmare of an ER. My chest HURT. It felt like someone was sitting on it, and I was definitely having air hunger. Fuckin Babs. I obviously was fine and lived to tell the tale though. It doesn’t make it any less scary though when things like that happen. 

I have been trying to clear my head as much as possible. Trying to convince myself that everything is okay. I have been writing a friend for about a year now, and she gave me some wonderful words of wisdom as she knows exactly what I am going thru.

 I think the most meaningful thing that she said to me was to remember that people do not wake up in the morning thinking, “How can I hurt Kimmiecakes (well.. she used her name but hey, it applies here) feelings today?”. Then she told me that when you realize the answer is “no”, that I may be taking things too personally, and it will help to move forward. 

See? She is a smart cookie. I think her words really helped me boost my spirits, and put some things into perspective. I think that being in the state that I have been in just makes me jump to big conclusions when there really isn’t as much to it than I think or feel. 

I need to redo my list of goals as well as things to be thankful for. I think it might help. Just thinking of those positive things can make a world of a difference when you are feeling down. I will be telling Dr J about what is going on when I see him and get his thoughts. I really think it is the Omnicef. I know going through what I have would cause anyone to feel like this at some point, but it only has happened this long with this particular drug. It does penetrate the blood brain barrier, so I would say it is safe to assume the buggies are having a field day in my head. 

And it’s bomb day. Lots of goodies. Ba Bam! 

I did find something that worked for the gagging and disgusting taste of Flagyl… brush your teeth right before you take your pill. It will kill some of the grossness of it. I only wish I had known this for oh I don’t know… the past year and a half, when I first started taking this particular antibiotic. 

Checking my email and Facebook before I headed out to work today, I saw a few articles about the CDC now estimating a much higher rate of Lyme diagnoses each year, amounting to possibly a million. This is obviously a big jump from 300,000, and an even bigger jump from 30,000 new cases that they claimed a year or so ago. I then read that they are changing their way of diagnosing Lyme, and a Western Blot will be ordered AFTER a positive Elisa test. 

That means a longer wait on treatment for many, as well as it being their way to get those numbers down and make this disease even harder to diagnose than it already is. I bet their near 1 million will go down to about 20,000 pretty quickly, and the price of the first line of antibiotics, Amoxocillin and Doxycycline are going to go right thru the roof with their higher numbers at the moment. It is infuriating. All about money and politics.  I keep writing Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity about this whole Lyme dilemma, and still no responses. I guess I will have to harass them some more with this new information. 😉 Dinks. Hahaha. At least I try. 

By the time I had gotten to work this morning, I had no concentration, and began to feel pretty loopy. I was a bit off titer I guess you would say, as I did the drunken walk into the doorway and hall a few times. That’s okay though. At least there was no other little bathroom “incidents’. Gold star to me. 

For the rest of the afternoon I was sweating bullets. I am really glad I didn’t worry about getting gussied up for the day, or had taken the time to wash my hair.. for the last 4 days. It is completely not worth it though when you are a mop. Once again. Fuckin Babs. 

The most positive thing about bomb day is that Dave always gets Chinese food for dinner. I have eaten entirely too much food tonight, but I will say any feeling of queasiness has completely gone away. At least for now.. so I will enjoy it. Feeling a little better after dinner gave me the motivation to sweep and vacuum, and wash my kitchen floor with my Swiffer Wetjet. I never thought about twice the mess when I brought Cooper home. LOL. I haven’t felt well enough and had no drive for anything this week so I am really happy to at least be able to tackle that.

I am so glad that it is the weekend. I do have to work, but I hope to do dinner or something fun, and I hope that it is nice out so I can at least enjoy the sunshine for awhile. Hope everyone has a good weekend! 

3 thoughts on “August Part 3 – Bomb Day

  1. ugh, flagyl! I will try the toothpaste…I had been taking it with potato chips, one before and 3 after the pill, the salt somehow cuts the taste….and….it has taken care of my potato chip cravings. The sight of chips makes me gag now!

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