August Part 4- Bad Moon Rising


Lymies know that symptoms can be exacerbated during the full moon. It is like our bugs are little werewolves, coming out during this time to torture us. Without a doubt, they are the monsters inside me. 

I woke up after bomb day feeling like I got hit by a train. Everything was sore. My head ached. By the time I got to work, I was falling apart. My Dad brought me a thermometer after he felt my head and low and behold, exactly 100 degrees. That is actually pretty high for me, as my normal temp has always been 97.6. Dave always says it is because I am cold blooded, and cold hearted. LOL. Dink. 

As soon as I got home, I laid on the couch, covered myself in blankets, and watched movies. The Kill Bill series, one of my favorites. 🙂

I was determined to go out to dinner, as we were invited to go out to a new restaurant with the “Make a Wish” couple. As you already know, I have been in depressive state, so I figured that would help me forget for a little while, and I really miss my friends. 

After l had my couch time, I checked my temp again. 98.9. Yes! An improvement! I felt at little less like a train wreck, and away we went. Once I got in the car I felt like I was getting a little motion sickness, followed by exhaustion. Maybe it was because the boys were talking about cars and trucks the entire way so us girls were beginning to die of boredom. My best friend texts me when they are talking about their things and complain to one another, and we usually get caught, but at least it is entertaining and a good laugh. There were a lot of “blah blah blah’s” back and forth between us, and as a result, the guys suggested we talk about lady things, like our periods and tampons. *Rolls eyes*

I felt like my eyes were glazed at the restaurant, and everything took forever. Our server absolutely sucked. I will admit however, after being a for nearly 8 years, I am a bit judgmental. Our food was awesome though! It was definitely not Kimmiecake’s portions, as I like a pile of food, but I was happy with it. I would soon regret my dinner, Ahi tuna, as their sides had teriyaki and honey on them. Two big “no no’s” for me, as they contain a lot of sugar I knew I shouldn’t be having.

I felt like on my way home I was less than talkative which disappointed me, because I was really looking forward to this dinner date. I was just kind of floating, and feeling depersonalized. I hope my friend had fun regardless, as I was glad just to be with her. It was time for me to go home and couch it, and that is exactly what I did. 

I stayed up until about 11:00, as a new SVU was on. Dave went to bed shortly after we got home, as he had to be up super early for a off-road event nearly two hours away. 

As I got ready for bed I looked in the mirror to brush my teeth, and noticed how swollen my lymph nodes were. I could see little marbles on the side of my neck. I touched them and could feel they were full of toxins, and hurt like hell. My tongue and throat hurt.

Yup, little red spots, a yellow tongue. My oral thrush was back. That dinner was delicious, but like I said I knew I would have to pay the price. 

With perfect timing, Dave got up to go to the bathroom as I finished getting ready for bed, when I was done brushing my teeth and using Dr S’s anti fungal tincture he made for me. 

As I was taking my seizure medications, I started to black out, and someway somehow I made it to the couch. My body just dropped. I could not move, I could not talk, although I could hear Dave asking me if I was alright. I finally was able to get out a “yeah”. 

He then replied to me, “You don’t sound too convincing, I will help get you to bed.” I had to set the alarm for the morning on my phone still, and I was shaking uncontrollably, barely able to hit the buttons. I also had to take my contacts out, which was a little dangerous as my arms wanted to do the thriller dance and I really didn’t want to poke my eyes out.  

I laid in bed, and began to convulse. I was aware if this, and I had no control over my body. As soon as I stopped, Dave wrapped his arms around me, until I finally fell asleep. He knew that this was a little cluster of seizures and wanted to give me comfort. And it did. Having his warmth and his arms around me made me feel safe, like everything was okay.

Today has been no better. It is the actual full moon. Out comes the werewolves. I felt no better than the day before, although my tongue and throat were much better after using my tincture. 

I did my morning routine and headed out to work. Halfway down my road I realized I forgot the following: deodorant, my wallet, and most importantly to take my seizure meds. Son of a bitch. 

Do I turn around? Ugh, if I turn around all I am going to want to do is go back to bed. I have to work. Big girl responsibilities. I counted change in my car to get a beyond needed cup of coffee, and told my Dad I forgot my seizure meds. He offered for me to go home to take them and come back, but I honestly just wanted to get everything done. I figured I would not instantly explode, but knew it was kind of playing Russian Roulette and could potentially be a ticking time bomb if I was there too long without having them in my system. 

Luckily, I finished just about everything the day before so I just had to enter invoices for the day. I was sweating bullets, and it felt like someone was sitting in my chest. I began to have an awkward head pressure, that made everything seem like I was looking through cloudy glass. Ohhhh noooooo….

When he was reading the invoices off to me so we could check them and make sure there were no errors, I took the palm of my hand and wiped it on him. He looked pretty grossed out, and told me when I was done to not worry about catching up on tomorrow’s work like I always do and just go home. 

I have been couching it, loaded with blankets and wearing my fuzzy winter socks. I have been listening to the a TV guide channel. Soothing music or just spacing out… I don’t really know. I am running a low grade fever again, 99.9, and I am getting a bit of Bell’s Palsy. As you can tell I am exhausted, and I clearly need to wash and brush my hair. LOL



I have been on biofilm treatments lately, and I must have broken a lot of them open. When there is so many things going on, it is so hard to tell what is what. 

My cupboards are empty and I need to go grocery shopping, but I don’t think that is happening today. My floors are dirty, covered in Dave’s work boot marks of sand are all across the carpet. I will probably just stare at it for the rest of the afternoon, while listening to the a TV guide. 

Yup. Full Moon. 

My treatment starts back up tomorrow. I am not going to lie, I am a little bit afraid. Week one has been easier on me thus far on the oral medications, and it was not a lot of fun this time around. I hope this will be a little bit easier. I can do this. 🙂 I don’t really have much of a choice. 

3 thoughts on “August Part 4- Bad Moon Rising

  1. I think you are entirely right… full moon…killed alot. Especially with the Flagyl. My heart goes out to you!! Hope this week things calm down for you.

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