August Part 5 – Week Two… Again


The weekend was over, which could only mean one thing. Back to treatment. I really could have used another day or two off to detox some more as I know I am overflowing with Candida, and let’s be honest, this weekend really wasn’t much of a break. It was pretty darn miserable. 

I took my antibiotics and headed off to work. I did a lot better than my usual first day of week two. I was a little loopy and dizzy, but I was still okay. I could concentrate at work, which was great since I had to leave early on Sunday. I even had enough “oomph” when I got home to make a big salad and cook some burgers for dinner. 

Nighttime got a little more difficult for me. My oral thrush had completely flared even more than it already has, the worst it has ever been. There were big red sores in my mouth and throat, and if I played with it they would start to bleed. My tongue was completely swollen, and it began to make it very hard to swallow. Diflucan and my anti fungal tincture to the rescue! Boy that stuff tastes rancid, but it really seems to work. Thank you Dr. S. 🙂

My neck and head were a disaster. While Dave and I were watching Shark Week together, I had him massage my skull, trying to relieve some of the pressure, as well as my neck to get rid of the pain, and try to get some of the lymph flowing again. 

I slept so much better since the full moon had passed. The little werewolves have gone back into hiding. Maybe that is why I didn’t have as bad of a startup. It was a much better day than my weekend, that’s for sure. Phew. I can only hope that the rest of this week goes okay too, and does not get any worse. 

My tongue has gotten better from last night. I now know I absolutely need to be cautious with things I can control, like paying close attention to ingredients in my foods, as there tend to be a lot of hidden sugars.

Today was a really easy day at work. I got up at a decent hour, so I had done all the things I needed to get done while waiting for the trucks to get back to finish entering the invoices, so I did a little of tomorrow’s work. Things got kind of jumbled by the time I had to leave work for massage, as we were kind of in a rush to get things printed out and checked so the papers would be ready for tomorrow morning. And guess what? I did everything right! No mistakes always makes me happy. It would make me even happier if I could be trusted to not have to sit and have my work checked, but I know in time and with better health I will get there again. 

Gayle did a lot of lymph and circulation work today on me. My nose was POURING. Detox detox detox! I decided to make a big pot of turkey chile loaded with veggies, with some ghost pepper sauce to make it really hot for dinner tonight. Maybe a little additional runny nose means more detox. If not, my burbur drops in water will help as well. 

In the small amount of time to get dinner situated for the night and having the dogs outside to play, I went outside to a big hole in my house, and half the lattice gone from my porch. I can’t have anything nice. My little squishy face puppy can be the spawn of Satan. *Sigh*. After I had caught him in the act of taking a chunk of lattice off the porch and let them inside, I sat on the couch for awhile. With the sun being out, the light was reflecting off of my iPad. Cooper saw it and had to get it, and before I knew it, he put a big gouge in my wall trying to attack the light. *Sigh* I can’t have anything nice. At least he is tuckered out right now so I could get some writing in!

I’m sure Dave and I will watch Shark Week tonight. I am feeling rather optimistic about tomorrow’s treatment. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but as you know, positivity is an amazing medicine. 

Lastly, yesterday we lost a legend. Rest in peace Robin Williams. I hope you are right about Heaven. 🙂 

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