August Part 7 – Days After The Storm


My last night of antibiotics kicked in quite a bit. While watching Shark Week with Dave laying on the couch, I started ticking once again. *Bah!* *Hand raise* I always feel like an idiot when I do my hand raises. No, I don’t have an answer to a question that no one asked. LOL My brain is clearly full of bugs, and I am stirring them up quite a bit. It is no fun i the meantime, but I know treatment is clearly working. 

Saturday morning was amazing. I got to sleep in until 9:30. That use to be really early for me at one point in time, but I now have a much more normal sleeping schedule these days. Even though this past week of treatment was not terrible like the last, I still haven’t recovered. As soon as I got up, I had a coffee waiting for me on our bookshelf. What a good husband. The little things can be very big things. 

Once I am done my antibiotic weeks and go on my breaks, I tend to have a day or two of really bad herxing, and then it will subside. The days after the giant storm of a disgusting amount of antibiotics are hard. It takes awhile to clear once again, if you can even clear at all. I am fortunate enough that I am able to at this point of my treatment. With many it does not make a difference, or they can feel much worse when they are off of their antibiotics.

 I was a little fuzzy at work, but was able to get a lot of things done, as I was going to be having my one Sunday off for the month. 

Dave and I decided to go to a little Mexican restaurant for dinner, as we never really planned anything for a full on date night, and by around 4:00 I was done for the day. We had thoughts of trying to do skeet ball, or maybe a movie, but that just wasn’t happening. Maybe next weekend if I am up to it. I am sure it will be easier with a little detoxing. Midway through our meal, I started to pour sweat, I knew I was running a fever, and I felt really lightheaded. I knew if I stayed in there I would end up collapsing. These things are pretty predictable to me now, so I ended up sitting in the car, waiting for Dave to get a box for our food and pay. 

We ended up watching a movie, I couldn’t tell you what it was, or what it was about because I am pretty fogged right now, but I think it was good? This is one of the benefits of this disease. I forget about shows and movies, so every time I watch them, they are completely new to me. Winning? I am not really sure on that one. Although it is kind of sad, I am always entertained!

Today was another great start of the day, I got to sleep in once again. Yay! I had big house plans to tackle for the day, so I definitely needed the extra sleep. I have not finished nearly anything I wanted to, my body has officially said “when”. 

Dave and I started a huge project that desperately needed to be done: paint the house. He took me into town to pick out a color with him, and we decided on yellow. It is a pretty bright yellow! We have always told everyone that needs directions to our house, “It’s the little yellow ranch to right!”, so we figured we would keep with the same thing, only liven things up a bit. Dave and I scraped away, and I washed all the doors, windows, and the walls, as they were covered in dirt, bugs, and spider webs.  While Dave was painting away, I went back in to tackle some of the things I wanted to get done: wash the inside door, sweep, vacuum, and dust. 

I have completely overdone it for the day. This was an insane amount of work for me to do, and I am paying for it. A lot. Dave is still out there working away, and I am couch bound. I cannot feel my fingertips (thank goodness for autocorrect) or my feet, I have sealers without being on a boat, my spine and knees are in searing pain, and I am completely foggy and light headed. Super. Sorry if I am not making a whole lot of sense this entry. I guess this paragraph is my disclaimer. LOL

In retrospect, I would never have been able to do this type of physical work a few months ago. Yes, I am a hot mess right now, and pretty unfunctional, but at least I could do it. I am extremely proud of myself, even though I feel terrible. I am making huge accomplishments and it is completely worth it. I could totally use another day off of work though! 

I am going to take it easy tonight. I have a show on at 10:00 tonight, of course I can’t remember what the heck it is called, but it is SO good. I don’t know if I am going to make it until then. ZzzZZzzZ

Well, I am off to start cooking dinner. Dave has been working really hard on the house and I feel kind of bad sitting here while hearing him doing a bunch of work, even though I can’t really help it, so I need to at least make something good. Food is the way to a man’s heart after all. 

I hope you all had a good weekend and hope you have a great start to this week. Keep fighting. 🙂

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