August Part 9 – A Few Bumps in the Road


The past few days have seemed very long. I received a phone call first thing in the morning on Wednesday, that my coworker that helps me get my work done had to bring his 3 year old son to the ER, as he had two deer ticks on him. My Dad told him to come to work when he was done, but I ended up texting my coworker to take the day off, then gave him the spiel about getting the ticks tested, don’t leave without antibiotics, see an LLMD and gave him Dr S’s number. All the important info needed as prompt treatment is a big key in all of this.



But that left me by my lonesome on my side of the office. I was still feeling pretty terrible. My fever was still over 101, and my body gave me the big “eff you” for being up earlier than I had planned, especially having it be a completely sleepless night, tossing and turning while feeling like a furnace, and trying to find a comfortable spot on the bed so that I wasn’t in pain.


I had to stay in bed for a bit before I could get up and start my day. I could not feel the left side of my body, other than a heaviness and a slight tingly feeling in my arms. I was completely drenched in sweat, I mean COMPLETELY soaked, thru my clothes, the pillowcase, the sheets, almost like I had just put clothes on as soon as I got out of the shower, no drying anything off and went to sleep.


While I was getting my work done, I went from scorching hot to freezing the entire time I was there, and could feel myself rocking back and forth in my office chair. That is a horrible sensation being aware you are doing something but you don’t have enough control over your body to get it to stop.

My Dad made me message Dr. J’s office and tell them what has been going on: the fevers everyday, the dizziness, the night sweats. It was probably a good thing to do it in case anything got worse, as their office is so busy sometimes it takes a day or two to get a reply or phone call back.


I ended up leaving work early, as I was fading fast, and figured I could finish everything up the following day, such as payroll. It needed to be done, as I am pretty sure the guys weren’t planning on working for free this week.

I was couch bound as soon as I got home. I got a reply (much quicker than I thought!) from the clinic, and it was pretty much a wash and irrelevant to what has been going on. Sometimes I think that they have too many patients, so they don’t have full focus… just a thought but I don’t really know. I was suggested to up my seizure medications.


Umm what? Pretty sure that isn’t going to help fevers, dizziness and torrential night sweats. I politely replied back, as I do tend to get ragey, as we all know, as I know my Neurontin and Lamictal levels are in a very normal range with my medication dosages I am already on, Maybe they didn’t read my message and some one elses? Who knows..

I replied telling them to actually speak to Dr J, as I am positive Babesia is causing my issues, and I awaited another reply.


Dave’s Mother was going to be coming over and we all know what that means when a family member or friend comes over.. a quick cleaning spree. Except, I could barely move. Instead of picking up, vacuuming and wiping the kitchen and bathroom down, I opted to light a scented candle and called it good. LOL At least my house could smell a little nicer, right?


Dave’s Mother came over with dinner for us in the evening… and gluten free cookies. Add oral thrush to the mix of feeling like I am falling apart once again. They were soooo good though! It sucks when you feel yucky and one of the things that makes you feel better is comfort food, it always has for me, and I really can’t eat anything like that anymore without consequences. I have a very hard time with self control. Diflucan to the rescue! I felt bad because I wasn’t really talkative, and more or less dazed out for most of her visit. I can only do my best though. Sometimes when I am well I can easily talk someone’s ear off.


The next day I still wasn’t feeling much better, but I had a lot to do. I had to bring Cooper to the vets for an EKG and if all went well his neutering.


I was suppose to drop Cooper off by 8:00, and of course I never heard my alarm. Dave called me at about 7:40, to see if I had left yet. OMG, NOPE! In my sweaty pajamas, off I went. My tachycardia tends to go apeshit in the mornings if I get up too quickly, and this was no exception. I ended up being 4 minutes late, but all was good. Other patients still hadn’t showed up with their puppies yet, so I wasn’t the “bad” one. J I was going to be naughty and get a MacDonald’s breakfast sandwich when I was over in that neck of the woods (see what I mean? No self control), but was feeling pretty out of sorts so I just wanted to get home. No McGriddle or hashbrowns for Kimmiecakes. L


I ended up going home and sitting for a little bit, and slowly put myself together. It has been no point in taking the time for my hair, so I just threw in a little dry shampoo, brushed my teeth, and splashed some cool water on my face. My next stop of the day was to go to the hospital to pay a few bills and to get my blood drawn. I was hoping for maybe some revelations in my bloodwork as to what is going on.


This time was a single stab wound, so I was pleased, and I grabbed a coffee at the store and headed to work, considering I left early the day before, to get the important things done that I hadn’t finished.


While at work, I got a phone call back from Dr J’s. I was told I was having a Babesia relapse and to start a round of Coartem ASAP, as well as contact them with an update as to how I am doing.

Darn. I hate it when I am right sometimes. I was sure that was coming. However, I am very glad they took action, as I want to nip this co infection in the butt as I don’t feel like hanging out with my chalky yellow friend, Mepron for the next 3 months, but I am sure that is in my near future.


The leg doctor appointment desk finally called me, and they wanted to know my concerns about my leg, and wanted to get me in for an appointment. I told them about the pain, the cord vein, bruising, pain when walking etc. The woman then gave me an appointment, and then told me she wanted to speak with a doctor about all of this, and if there was any issues the doctor would call me in person.


Well, about 20 minutes later, I got a call from the doctor. “You can’t wait until after I see you on Monday, you need to get straight to the ER, as you might have DVT.” She then went on to tell me about the potential risks of a blood clot, and that she was concerned because I do have Factor 5 Leiden, a blood clotting disorder. Son of a bitch. I hate the ER. Her words also weren’t super comforting to hear as I am driving down the road, that I could protentialy have a clot that will travel to my lungs heart or brain… Super. 


So off to the ER I went! I feel like I was just here? Oh wait.. I was! This is EXACTLY how I planned on spending my day. Sigh


Fortunately, I got in pretty quickly. For those of you who have not been to the ER with Lyme and co-infections: don’t mention it. Just don’t. 9 times out of 10 you will be dismissed as a crazy person, or just looking for attention. Don’t forget hospitals go by the CDC standards, that within a month you are “cured”!


The nurse did her little workup of medications I am taking (I decided to hold off on the Coartem for the time being, so I did not include that) so I only listed my seizure meds and my main vitamins and supplements. I liked the timing as I didn’t have a boatload of antibiotics to list, then would come the Lyme speech.


She did her basic tests, and found my blood pressure to be slightly low, and my fever had now reached 102.2. Faccckkkkk. I am going to have to stay here. Please make me stay!


At that point with the fever and fear I would have to stay, I told her I have Babesia and need to be treated for it. Luckily, she wasn’t a douche, and just said she has heard of it but doesn’t know anything about it, and never changed her attitude with me. Phew. I broke the rule, I know, but I did not want them thinking the fever was In relation to my leg issues.

I was then wheeled to the ultrasound room, and had an ultrasound of my right leg. The radiologist did my entire leg instead of just the calf to be on the safe side. This went pretty quickly, and I was then sent back to my room while I waited for a doctor to come and see me.


He diagnosed it as superficial thrombophlebitis. What is that you may ask? (Google is my best friend with all these fancy terms..) “Superficial thrombophlebitis is an inflammatory condition of the veins due to a blood clot just below the surface of the skin.” Thanks google. J


It is usually a benign condition that goes away but there can be some complications, such as cellulitis or can turn into DVT. Luckily, I had no signs of DVT so this problem should go away on it’s own within a few weeks.


The doctor told me if there is any increased pain or swelling, continued fever (hmm blaming this on Babesia), chest pain or shortness of breath( also going to probably blame on Babesia), or failure to improve to go back to the ER. He told me to see a specialist within one week (I am lucky my appointment is on Monday!)



I was given tips in the meantime such as treatment with warm compresses, anti-inflammatory medications, compression stockings, as well as elevating my feet (which I have been doing religiously).


I waited forever to be checked out, so I found myself taking selfies and playing around on FB. It took about 45 minutes for a man to have me sign 2 pieces of paper, and had me take an Ibuprofen ( probably a 500$ Ibuprofen lol) before I left because of my fever.



Finally I was home! Yay! Dave brought Cooper home, and we hung out in the house and slept for most of the evening. I was drained.


Today I started taking Coartem to put the Babesia bugs to rest. I feel pretty loopy and fluish, my head feels “full”, so it is kind of making my eyes glazed and blurry, and my spine is pretty painful. My fever is down to 99.8 so that is better than it has been. I haven’t done much other than sit at a computer desk but I know from getting up to go to the bathroom a few times I am a little off titer.


There isn’t much left to do today so I can get some more rest. It has certainly been a long two days! After my little Coartem session I am hoping this time around my mini break will be great!


Remember folks, Unknown !!!

Happy happy Friday! 🙂 

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