August Part 10 – Relapse


Babesia. A little background for my readers that are learning thru my experience, or for those who are new to co-infections. Babesia is an infection caused by a malaria-like parasite that infects red blood cells. Ticks are responsible for a Babesia infection, although it can also be spread by blood transfusion. Symptoms of Babesia include: Fevers, chills, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, air hunger, imbalance, encephalopathy, headaches, drenching sweats, nausea, vomiting, anemia, low blood pressure, liver, kidney, and heart problems. A yup. 

Well, Babesia has not been my friend these days. I seemed to tackle the first day of my required ASAP treatment better than expected, but still had a lot of issues with pain, and felt rather loopy and fluish as well as a fever, although it did seem to go down some. 

I can’t believe how things have changed in a single day. I have been in a haze and my head is completely in the clouds. My arms seem like they are not attached to my body, I cannot even walk a straight line. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest, making it difficult to take a deep breath. I am fluish, my fever is over 100 once again. While having a simple conversation, I find myself confused and I know my responses are mumbled and make absolutely no sense, but my brain is not letting me put the words together the way they should. That sounds like a long laundry list of pity, but this is just reality. I match the symptoms above pretty well at the moment. 

I do not share my story for pity. I share to give those an understanding and to bring awareness. This is my life and it is the life of so many others. I am not going to lie I am a little sad, as I felt like I doing much better, making accomplishments everyday, but have now had a complete relapse. I will just have to step back up on the horse and keep kicking ass. I am just fortunate that the clinic recognized it and hopefully it is not to late to calm everything down. Babesia is a big jerk. 

I struggled to get through work, but I somehow got most of the things I wanted to do finished. I forgot my sunglasses when I was about to leave, and I think after talking to my Dad for a bit he knew I was a hot mess, so he ran inside and grabbed them for me so I didn’t have to walk anymore.

I dropped off a gift to my best friend’s on the way home. Her son is turning 11 so I got him a little something. There is a birthday party for him tomorrow but I know I am not going to be able to make it. I have so much office work to do as I keep having to call it quits before everything is done, and my Dad said there is no way I will be out of work when the party starts.

 If anything is like today I cannot see a late appearance happening either. I feel bad because I miss out on these opportunities. I am grateful for being invited (VERY), as invites have dwindled down for doing things, but even though it is probably not a huge event to miss out on, I feel left out, and this is all on my own with no one else to blame. Boo. 

It took a lot of focus making the rest of the way back to my house, but I made it in one piece. It is much easier to drive through my town when the tourists go home. Only a few more weeks!

Dave saw me wobbling around to get to the house, and he came in and sat with me for a bit. He knows there is nothing he can possibly do but be there for me. He has a lot to do outside, as he is working on a friend’s vehicle for him, painting the house, AND doing yard work, so off he went outside. I am just hanging here and watching the Flintstones. LOL When I see an old movie like that, I just have to watch it. 🙂 

I hope that things get a little easier as the rest of the day goes on. If not, there is nothing wrong with take-out, and nothing wrong with another couch day. You can only do what you can do. I am suppose to keep my legs elevated with a heating pad anyway, so I am following directions, even though I would love nothing more than to go out to dinner with Dave, and go see a movie. Unless I make a complete 180, the take-out and couch seem just fine with me. Tomorrow is another day, maybe my reactivity won’t be as strong as it is today. As much as it stinks, I know that this treatment is hitting Babesia, and hitting it HARD! Wish me luck for the rest of this treatment! 

P.S. Here is an entry I have written that has a lot of information about the different co-infections, as well as several sources I used to get my information. Everything you need to know in one place ! Check it out at:

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all get to have a fun, yet relaxing weekend. Oh yeah, and kill some bugs. 🙂


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