August Part 12 – Stab Ouch


Dave seemed to no longer be angry at me as the night went on. I really needed that. I was so happy that it was my last day of Coartem, as it has obviously been kicking my butt, making me slightly disabled, and making me an emotional mess. But I was afraid to see if it would work, and ward the Babesia away, at least until I get to see Dr J again next month.


I was a little loopy at work the first day off my medicine. And forgetful. I managed to remember to bring my plethora of vitamins with me, as I have been forgetting lately, and I usually take them during lunchtime. I drove off and realized I had forgotten to take my seizure meds. They are a lot more important than my vitamins. Darn. Turn around. Go home. Take pills. Drive back to work.


I wanted to make it to the grocery store to get some good foods, fruits and veggies for a cleanse I want to start. It would be considered a “reset cleanse”, and it lasts for three days. I figured I would give it a try, as the hot days and unpasteurized juices seem a little unsafe to me. That didn’t happen. Another day.


I had an appointment with “my leg doctor” I say this because I don’t really know if he is a cosmetic surgeon or what his official title would be. So let’s go with “leg doctor”.


Before I went to my appointment, I needed to stop by a Rite Aid to see if I could find some compression stockings, or at least tights if I needed them since mine cause my toes to become completely numb. This was my first adventure in Rite Aid by myself in two years. The lighting affected my vision terribly, and was a trigger for a lot of my neurological symptoms. I need to get out of here, I need to get out of here. I found what I needed, and could feel everything turning grey, and could feel my body rocking back and forth while I was standing in line.


Of course the cashier was as slow as molasses, and luckily I didn’t have a Lyme rage moment of screaming at her to hurry the hell up. That wouldn’t be good. Once I paid for my stockings, I was out the door, and began to pour sweat. Yup. I am definitely still having a lot of neurological issues. At least I know my trigger is bright fluorescent lighting. Sometimes this time of thing scares me, as I wonder if Dr J will want to put an IV back in for awhile because I am having all of these neurological issues still. He did want me t have my IV in for a little longer than before, so fingers crossed we will never get into that conversation. EVER.


When I got to my appointment, the “leg doctor” felt my leg, and could feel how hard the vein was going halfway down my calf, and noticed all the bruising. He told me what the issue was: my vein was filled with dried blood. Ick. “So what do we do about it?”


He did a procedure that he said was decompression, and I am not going to lie it pretty much sucked. What he did was take a needle and poke the vein, and squeeze it, HARD, to try to get the dried blood out. About every half inch he would do this, all the way down my vein. I would describe it as him squeezing it like a zit that just would not pop. Not to mention, every single time he stabbed me with the needle, he would say, “Ouch”. Every single time. LOL It’s not the needle that bothers me, it is the squeezing of an already really painful leg.


Once it was done, he bandaged me up, and warned me that my leg and vein might be discolored for up to a year. Joy. Oh well, if there is some relief I guess I am cool with it, and at least it will be cooling down soon enough that I will be wearing pants instead of shorts.


 I have been trying to keep a little active so I went and checked out the garden with Dave. Yup. It’s a garden. I’m going back to the couch.


I was pooped by the end of the day, and was half asleep on the couch, once again listening to the soothing music of the TV Guide Channel. LOL. Dave snuck out and bought what I really shouldn’t have, but I do not have the willpower to say no. A frozen yogurt frappe. Ohhh nooooo! But ohhhh yessss!! I enjoyed every little bit of it, until the fungus took over my entire body. Yuck. Diflucan.


I am at work right now, waiting for the trucks to come back in so I can enter the invoices. My head feels “full”, and my body is very sore. I am bummed, as my fever is over 100 again. Darnit. There really isn’t much I can do right now except see how everything goes, as I could just be herxing, and I have given a report back to the clinic as to how I responded to Coartem and the next few days.


The rest of this week is going to be all about detox, as I have another round of treatment to come. I hope it goes much better. I want even better news to bring to Dr J. As of right now I have nothing too promising to bring him. Fingers crossed things completely turn around, and FAST.



2 thoughts on “August Part 12 – Stab Ouch

  1. I have been following your blog, but haven’t left a reply until now. My wife has chronic lyme so I can relate to what both of you are going through. I am not very good with words, but when people ask me what lyme disease is like from my perspective, I say read Kimmiecakes blog because she captures the entire essence of it. The ups, the downs, the good, the bad, how it is this minute, hour or day. Thank you for having the energy and spirit to put this down in writing. I know it isn’t easy. And Dave, hang in there as you have been.

    • Sorry you are facing similar issues. No fun. Thank you for sharing and enjoying my story. I hope it helps make you feel less alone in this, and can relate to similar issues.

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