September Part 5 – Appointment Day


What a long past few days. Sunday I was still not feeling great, especially after finishing my few hours of work, and Dave ended up conning me into going to Walmart. Yes, conned me. He lured me into his little plan with food, so I thought we were just going to grab a bite to eat and head right on home. He took a left on our road, so I knew he was up to something. As soon as he told me he had to go to Walmart, I felt like barrel-rolling out of the car and making a run for it, but it is quite a ways for me to walk back to my house. So away we went.

I decided to go to the makeup and nail section of the store, which is right in the front of the store. The lights really bothered me. I became really dizzy and waited for Dave to finish grabbing the items he needed. It was a long 10 minutes. LOL Walking back to the car I was exhausted, even from just doing that. I am so sick of the neurological issues taking over me. On the plus side, we did get to grab a bite to eat on the way home, so I forgave my conniving husband. 🙂

That short Walmart trip set me off for the following day when we were headed to Boston for the night. As I was telling you I had planned on getting everything ready for the trip early so I wouldn’t be in panic mode, but of course that was a lie. I scrambled around getting my paperwork in order, doing laundry so we had clothes to bring for overnight, and packed all of our toiletries for the night. I dropped the dogs off at my parents before Dave got home from work, and was about toast for the rest of the day. I actually ended up falling asleep at a reasonable time, and I set my thoughts aside for my trip to DC in the morning.

The big day had come. Dave and I flew out in the morning from Boston to DC, and had plenty of time to explore a museum. We got dropped off and went into a museum and asked where the Smithsonion was, as we missed the dinosaur exhibit the last time we wandered around the city a bit as they were doing restorations. We will have to wait quite a bit, as the woman told us the exhibit will not be ready for five years. FIVE YEARS! Holy moly. I hope in five years I will never have to go back to this city, even though it is beautiful, as I will be in remission and be spending my vacation time on a warm sandy beach. Not at Dr’s appointments.

We ended up talking to a woman that said she had just visited the Holocaust Museum and the words came out of my loopy mouth, “Was it fun?” Oh my god. Obviously the holocaust was not fun whatsoever. I felt like an idiot. Face palm. I felt like telling her bugs were eating my brain so I could not think of the right word, but she would have probably thought I was even more crazy. Informative. Moving. Those were the terminologies I was looking for. Kimmiecakes, you are an ass.

And the museum was quite INFORMATIVE and MOVING. Dave and I have always had an interest in this time, as we even have the History Channel’s “The World at War” series and I have read a few books on the topic. I was amazed at how many photos and videos were done showing exactly how horrible the Nazi’s were to not only the Jews, but anyone who was different really. Informative. And moving. Certainly not a fun, warm and fuzzy place. Once again, Kimmiecakes, you are an ass.

I did not do as well as I would have liked at the museum. Dave said to me, “you are swaying like crazy, we need to find you a place to sit.” I felt like I could possibly be moving, but I wasn’t quite sure. Apparantly I was. By the end of walking around, I was having trouble reading the little bits of information on the walls, as the words were just gibberish to me. We made it through the entire museum though, with a few stops along the way, but I made it. It has been the most I have walked since my Wells Beach walk before I started going completely downhill again.

We grabbed a bite to eat, okay, I ate a disgusting amount of food: A turkey burger with all the fixations with Chipotle mayo, and a big plate of fries that I dipped in mayo, which is my fat lady food of choice. Not the best food items knowing you will be having a weigh in at the doctors. Haha. Moo. I will recommend just about any restaurant in the DC area though, they are quite amazing.

My appointment time had finally come. (Enter dramatic music here) Dr J came in and we went over my notes. He really believes the depression issues are a result not of toxicity but my Borelliosis being hit, and hit hard. He thinks this will subside over time and things are more under control. I am very glad that he did not suggest to put me on any sort of antidepressant, as I don’t seem to handle them very well, and they make my mood issues much worse.

He felt around my liver and spleen areas, and although a tiny bit tender, he did not see any real issues. He did a “close your eyes” arm test, in which you raise your arms and hold them there, that I don’t think I did very well at, as I got a deep, “Okay”, and he moved along with a few other tests. My reflexes in my knees were much better, although they did seem a bit delayed upon observation. At least I had reflexes! 🙂  My temperature was just below 100, and my heart rate was 115. I believe from my previous tests from my cardiologist that is a little high, but nothing too alarming.

He told me that my IVs had ended too early, even though we both knew that there wasn’t a choice because of my skin issues. He fully agreed that I have had a complete Babesia relapse, and told me that it was extremely unusual, especially to the degree of symptoms I am having. He then apologized to me. “Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault!” And I know I am right. I was completely less reactive to Coartem, and those symptoms had mostly subsided. No one knew those bastards were going to come back with a vengeance.

“We can fix this.” That was a wonderful thing to hear, especially after being discouraged. He was confident we could do this on orals alone, and that I will not have to go back onto the IVs in the future. I was correct that that yellow, chalky stuff called Mepron was going to be in my near future. Alongside another million other things to fight this, and show those suckers who is boss.

Without a doubt, this will be my most aggressive oral protocol I have ever had. EVER. This is new territory for me, and new means scary. He told me that after a few weeks things should start to calm down, and by spring I should have a lot more improvements. YAY!

Dave and I are under scrutiny over this, but I fully believe he said with one more year of treatment I should be in remission. He believes that he said by next year (springtime) I will have had improvements, but never gave me a time frame toward remission. Either way, I say potato, you say potato. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, at least with more improvements. Going forward is a very good thing.

Luckily, we were able to catch an earlier flight home, so we weren’t home after midnight, and we were able to pick our dogs up so they didn’t have to spend another night over at my parents house. I got a tail wag, this is what Dave gets. Psshh… MY dog is a traitor, I clearly need to get another dog that loves me and despises Dave. Only kidding. 🙂

Today I am so tired, and feel like I have a massive hangover. Everything is killing me. The flight and 2 hour car ride home did me no favors. I was really dyslexic at work, so I had to check my work over and over again to make sure there weren’t any errors.

I am finally home from work, and I am so happy that I can get some rest and relaxation in. I will not be doing ANYTHING. Our dirty clothes are on the bathroom floor, the house needs to be vacuumed again as well as a good sweeping. Know what? It can wait until tomorrow. It isn’t going anywhere. I am planning on doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day, and I am completely content with that.

And of course, the classic thumbs up Kimmiecakes pose!

5 thoughts on “September Part 5 – Appointment Day

  1. Thank you for posting. I am so very ill right now. So would love to see Dr. J, but cannot afford another penny out of pocket. Ohhhh, how I pray that you will do well. So glad you are seeing him. My LLMD’s were not ones that turned out to be as knowledgeable as I counted on them being. I look forward to your updates. Thanks again. Bonnie

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