September Part 10 – Sick as a Dog


I tilt my head back as far as I can and down my lovely, awful tasting pill, Flagyl. Anyone who has taken this beast of a pill with cyst busting power will know its vile metal-like flavor, and it is pretty darn unpleasant. I did alright. Very little residual flavor in my mouth, and I did not gag before or after taking my pill. Maybe I am just use to it by now. Nahh… I don’t think you can ever get use to that stuff.

I had a busy day ahead of me. I spent a good 10 minutes staring at my medications before I left, trying to remember if I had taken my seizure meds. I thought if I stared at them long enough, the memory would come back. I stared and stared, and then my cat meowed at me. The Lyme rage came out. “SHUT UP I AM TRYING TO THINK!!!” She of course responded with a “Meow?”, wondering what the hell she did wrong. Ugh.

I took an empty pill container and filled it with my seizure meds to bring along with me, and then sat out in my car and continued to try to retrace my steps. I was pretty sure I didn’t take them. Pretty sure. I decided to go with I forgot to take them, which is a common theme, and took the pills that I had placed in the container. I didn’t fall asleep or anything else, so going with my gut was the right choice.

My first stop of the day was getting my blood drawn. Everything went smoothly, and I was not stabbed 11 million times. Phew. I didn’t even have to wait! Perfect timing! Okay… this is going to be a GOOD day! 🙂 I needed to get all my work done that I hadn’t finished the day before because I had to go home, so I headed over there, but not before I got my much needed large cup of coffee.

My mind was pretty clear, so I finished all the end of the quarter payroll without a single issue, and everything came out perfect my very first try. Thank goodness. My legs and body, on the other hand, seemed to be a bit wobbly. All in all though, I was feeling better than I anticipated for the day. I was very happy about that.

My next stop was my gynecologist’s office. I was due to have my depo shot, and wanted to see what the next step was to try to figure out what is wrong with “down there”. I can’t go the rest of my life without any sort of intimacy, and although Dave loves me very much, I think it is a bit unrealistic for him to give that up as well. I am not worried about that at the moment, but I NEVER want to have to worry about that being any sort of issue.

She did a brief exam, and told me one of my ovaries seemed enlarged, and we went over everything that I have explained over and over to her and to my other doctors. She decided it was best to order another ultrasound, and then mentioned to me a condition called vaginismus, which basically means I have involuntary spasms of muscles in fear that sex will be painful. Yes, I am sure that is a part of things because well… it is. LOL I guess this was a Captain Obvious diagnosis. This is common knowledge between Dave and I, and also my thousands upon thousands of readers, because I will share the good, the bad, and the ugly, and things you probably just don’t want to know about. 😉

I got an order to go to the hospital and schedule my appointment, and found out I have to go get my depo filled at the pharmacy, and then bring it to the clinic as the clinic is no longer allowed to use insurance to cover it. Odd, since the pharmacy will cover it. Either way, I was not a happy camper. I drove a very long way for what my driving abilities are, and no one told me before hand this new policy. Without insurance coverage, my one shot would have cost over $250. No thanks. 

I told them I would get the script filled and would be back in a few hours, and of course, the pharmacy does not keep it in stock, so it would have to be ordered. Gah! So annoying. Next week I will get my shot done, and not going to lie that made me pretty angry as they knew that was the purpose of my appointment. A heads up would have been spectacular. Darn new policies.

The hospital was my next and final stop. On the plus side, my blood work was complete! Just as I suspected, my EOS% levels are high, but I had an appointment yesterday and spoke with Dr S, and he told me not to worry because it was not at a very high level, and anything could cause the raising of the EOS levels to that degree, things such as ragweed, which has been prevalent in our area right now.

My ultrasound appointment is next week. In a sick twisted way, I am hoping for an answer. Like I said, everything is always borderline and a mystery. A few months ago it was suggested that I had exploratory surgery, but I am not going to have someone cut into me without a pretty good idea as to what is going on with my body. I want an answer, and a super easy fix. Is that so much to ask?

It has been over two years that I have had all sorts of issues of complete sexual dysfunction, and years upon years with extreme cramping that left me wanting to skip school or work, and sometimes left me in tears and was glued to a heating pad. I would love a definitive answer. Not poking and prodding around my body without a clue.  Pshh. It is a sensitive subject for me.

After all the stress, it was the Grey’s Anatomy premiere! Yayy! Anything to get focus off all the crazy things that go on, even if it is just an hour. It is going to be a good season!

Yesterday was also a mess. My puppy, Cooper, spent the entire night throwing up this weird foam, and by the morning his face and throat were swollen, his neck looked like he swallowed a baseball. I set food down for him in the morning, and he wasn’t interested, and didn’t seem to want any water. He seemed like he just wanted to sleep so I put his food in the crate and left as I had an appointment and work to do.

It was bomb day. Five antibiotics and four herbal treatments. Oy. I had my one hour before the bomb exploded, in which I spent having a little chat time with Dr S, along with getting an adjustment.

Once I was done, I wanted to go back home and check on Cooper, but decided to get the invoices at least entered at work before I headed home. I kind of shuffled through everything, so I could leave as soon as possible.

When I got home I could tell Cooper threw up a little more foam in his crate, as his blanket was damp. He seemed lethargic, his food was untouched, and he wouldn’t drink anymore water. His neck lymph area looked like the swelling had gone down some, but not eating or drinking is a bad thing, especially when he kept throwing up. It was time to call the vet’s, and luckily there was a slot open so I could bring him right in.

After a lot of inspection, the vet believed he had an allergic reaction, possibly a bee sting. He got a nausea med shot, doggie benadryl, probiotics for him to take home, and we had to stay for awhile for him to do a lactated ringer as he was pretty dehydrated. She assured me he would be fine, which I really needed because this stress was making all my symptoms flare like crazy so I had to ask for a chair to sit down in her office, and I was freaking out because my pets are like my children. It killed me to see him feeling sick.

Poor baby.

Luckily the vet was right, after his nap on the way home from the veterinary clinic, he strutted into the house and then began to run into his crate, scarfing down his kibbles that were left there from the morning. Yup. He is back to his normal pain in the butt, little monster self. What a scare for me though.

I was so wiped out when I got home. It was couch and movie time for the rest of the night. Being bomb day, I at least got my Chinese food. Life was a little better. 🙂 I think the antibiotics (well, maybe my meal was a contributor) are doing a doozy on my stomach, as the nausea seems to be kicking in, and my stomach is in a lot of pain. It comes and goes, but all I want to do is curl into a ball when it really hits me.

Today is my recovery day, which tends to be worse than my treatment days. I am exhausted, my feet are numb, I had the night sweats and am continuing to sweat buckets, I am running a fever, and of course my body is trying to detox in the form of hanging out on the toilet for most of the day. Setting the yucky feelings aside and pushing through it, I got a ton of work done today, and I actually felt proud of myself leaving work.

My mind is gone and I can barely hold up my head, but I am glad I could get through everything that has come at me the past few days, and am so happy Cooper is alright. I have tomorrow off, so I know I will overdo it trying to conquer a lot of housework, and treatment will begin again on Monday. It will be a long week with appointments and I am not sure how the week is going to go, and I am anxious about my ultrasound, but I will get it done, and continue to push through whatever comes my way. 🙂

2 thoughts on “September Part 10 – Sick as a Dog

  1. I hear you about wondering if I took my pills or not. I sometimes think when I have the caps off…”does that mean I took it or I just opened it”. Hate when that happens.:) But for the seizure pills for sure I would defitnitely be wondering. I’m glad your puppy is okay. I have 2 rescue dogs that I love so much. Wish I could have 3. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for your ultrasound.

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