September Part 11 – Getting Back on Track


Symptoms come and go with Lyme disease and its coinfections. This weekend I was feeling rather “blah”, due to herxing and being completely toxic. I was afraid to start the second week of my treatment for this round, as I knew my body could have used another day or two to recoup. I just have to look at it like the sooner the treatment days come, the sooner I will have a bit of a break to detox, and to see how I am doing off of all of my antibiotics.

I started my treatment, feeling like I was wandering all over my house as I have turned the kitchen, our living room shelf, and our bedroom into my little pharmacies. Organization hasn’t been my thing for the past two years. I finished up everything and knew I was going to have a busy day, and I kept my fingers crossed that I would be able to get through all of it in one piece. Generally the first day is always a doozy for me. I get in a fog, sometimes so bad I sit in front of the TV for hours, without moving and I could not tell you what I watched, or anything that went on that day before I crashed. I had already decided : This isn’t going to happen today. Not today.

I headed off to work after having Sunday off. I couldn’t quite remember what I had sitting on my desk or how much I accomplished on Saturday before my day off, and was pretty happy that I finished nearly everything. It would be a very easy day. Phew.

Anxiety kicked in a little bit, as I got a phone call from Gayle asking to bump up my appointment time for my lymphatic massage tomorrow. I don’t like change. Eeek! It kind of set off my symptoms a little bit, kicking in the sweats (I was running a fever just over 100 so I am assuming that is why), and I got a bit foggy and numb. A bit. I wasn’t a vegetable and still had a brain, so I was still doing pretty well. Stress seems to exacerbate anything. I will have to figure out my work situation as my appointment is at an earlier time, and tried to rationalize in my head it really isn’t that big of a deal to have a change in routine once in awhile. Calm down, Kimmiecakes.

In the meantime, I was downing bottles of water like no tomorrow, as a particular antibiotic I am on I feel like turns me into a raisin. My throat gets really dry, my tongue like sandpaper, and I feel like there is no moisture left in my eyes. I guess it keeps me hydrated!

I had to head to the pharmacy to pick up my Depo shot, as the gyno clinic made a boo-boo and never informed me of their policy changes, and never called in a prescription for me before I drove all the way over there for my appointment. I didn’t want to overdo it, but realized I needed to go to the bank and the post office so I did some walking and ran my errands. It had me feeling worried about the drive to and from the clinic, but you gotta do what you gotta do. 😉

Okay, time for a bathroom stop! Omnicef doesn’t get along with my belly, at all. I figured it would be nice to let the puppies run around for a minute, so once we all did our business, lol, I put them in their room and crate, I was back on the road.

Driving to the clinic is usually pretty hard for me. I seemed to do much better than I usually do, and had a little more focus. I kind of turn into autopilot or playing a video game mode sometimes (at least I kick ass at Mario Kart) on long drives, so I usually limit my drives to less than 15 minutes. This trip is about 20 minutes, so it is a bit longer than I am use to. I need to keep myself and others safe, so I made the decision a long time ago to not take risks. Knowing I have a history of seizures also led me to this choice.

I talked to my gynecologist that I regularly see, as she finally returned from back surgery today, catching up on what was going on with me, and I told her to keep on the lookout for my ultrasound results after my test on Wednesday. Stab. All done. I got back in my car and began my trek home.

I was starting to go downhill, but I was still kicking. The exhaustion began to set in, my muscles and joints began to ache, and I felt a little loopy. Anyone that has had a Depo shot would also know that it gives you a weakness and pain in your arm, and mine was spreading to my wrists and fingertips. Maybe the Lyme was helping, I am not really sure, but that is the “norm” when I get my shot.

The grocery store was in my view driving home, and before I knew it without thinking, I pulled into the parking lot. I remembered why I pulled in, we never went shopping on Sunday for the week. I did all of my shopping and headed home.

This is my first day of treatment. Wow. This is a HUGE accomplishment. Dr. J had told me he anticipated after my relapse in the past month or two, with a few weeks of treatment I should be able to get back on track, perhaps because this is pretty aggressive stuff to get me moving forward and no longer backward again, and it seems that he is right. I unloaded all of my groceries, and started to cook dinner. A nice big salad, and baked chicken. Wow. This is honestly the most I have ever done on my first day of treatment.

To be honest I am really starting to fade, but I am ecstatic that I might be back to where I should be at in this point of treatment. The past month or two has been completely miserable and to have a day that I have been able to run errands, grocery shop, drive to and have an appointment, go to work, AND cook dinner is a nice change of pace. Not only was this a great day of treatment, it was a big improvement in general. I hope that the rest of the week goes just as well, and that I might be back to where I should be, and taking a step forward, a step towards more better days.

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