November Part 2 – Halfway There


I am midway through my second week of treatment for the month. Everything is about the same, with the exception of one antibiotic added, and I get to skip my Flagyl at the end of the week (yay!).

The best way you could describe the week so far would be really foggy and cloudy. Just blah. I did better on my first day than I did my previous week, the day I had my video blog that you could see I was really having a hard time.

I seem to be doing okay in the morning, but as the day progresses I go pretty downhill. By nighttime, my tics return as I am trying to relax on the couch.

“Quiet down over there!”

“Dancing? Have a question?”

At least Dave and I can both laugh about it. It is nothing new, and at least it isn’t part of the entire day like it use to be. These past few weeks have been a little bit depressing though, as I was reassured that after my first round of treatment I would be back on track. Well, that just isn’t the case. Boo.

After my shower pass out over the weekend, I have been having even worse temperature control in the shower. My hands and feet tell me the water is scorching hot, yet the dial on my shower shows that it should be pretty cold. Needless to say, shower time has been even more limited. I really don’t want to have to have Dave supervise me.

Today I was much later than usual to work. My mornings have been ones that my alarm goes off for nearly an hour without me even budging. Out like a light. I spend a lot of my night trying to fall asleep sitting upright to breathe better, and the nausea has been kicking in right before bed.

I have been doing the bare minimum at work (which I hate), but all I really want to do, and need to do is go home and lay down.

I had a lot of running around to do this afternoon and I am feeling it. My legs and arms are numb, and I am pretty “floaty”. I had to go to the post office, my bank, bank for my work, the pharmacy to fill a bunch of prescriptions, and then swung into my best friend’s at the salon to make a hair appointment that I can’t really afford at the moment. It’s only money, right? I always feel a bit better getting a little pampered (and I desperately need a good hair washing), so I am completely justifying it. 🙂

Dave and I found out yesterday we will not be doing Thanksgiving dinner at his parents this year, as his mother is dealing with health issues as well, and Dave has in his mind that we (meaning me) will be cooking our own Thanksgiving dinner. Uhhhh… yeah. I don’t think that is going to happen, unless it is powdered potatoes, Stovetop stuffing, and canned veggies. I just don’t have it in me. AND I have never cooked a turkey in my life. AND… I don’t know what 6 a.m. is to put a turkey in the oven. We will see.. LOL I honestly just want it to be a relaxing day of nothing. Watch movies, and a whole lot of nothing. Pajamas.

Speaking of cooking, I was in a mad dash trying to put something together for dinner and was two hours ahead of schedule. Kimmiecakes clearly cannot tell time. Everything will be cool and soggy, or the chicken will be dry and overcooked. My house is absolutely destroyed at the moment, and I can’t get the energy to do a darn thing. Cooking was the last bit I had left in me. Maybe in a few hours I will get enough “oomph” to at least change my bed that hasn’t been done in about three weeks. Yuck. I need a maid that will work for hugs or something like that.

Friday is my last day of treatment for the week. I have an appointment with Dr S to chit chat with him further about some hormone testing, possible MG testing, and I might bring up retesting to see what my Mycoplasma levels are. I think that might be a part of why I have been having such a hard time breathing, as I still can’t lay down without struggling for air so I am constantly having to be upright. I need to go through all my pictures and show him the many faces of Kimmiecakes to present to him. If anyone can figure things out for me, it is him. I have faith.

Only two days left until I get the weekend off of treatment, and then I will get a Babesia treatment in hopes to put it in control a bit.  hope you all are having a good week. I believe the full moon is coming, so try to take it easy as symptoms generally flair, and don’t let the werewolves get ya. 😉

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