November Part 3 – And Now We Wait..


I am sure you have all been there. You go and get your blood work done that could change everything, and you have to sit and twiddle your thumbs and wait. I like answers NOW so this is always hard for me, but what can you do..

Thursday was a much better day than the past several have been. I was 3 antibiotics less, and I think it helped a lot. I went to work, got my hair done (it was much needed and a pick me up) even though I found myself feeling really guilty about spending extra money, even though my friend always gives me a good deal to try help me out. I even went and used some of our gift certificate to Jo’s for winning the Halloween costume party and split a not so Lyme friendly plate of chicken nachos with Dave.

It’s the last day of treatment for the week and I get the weekend off. I have been ticking and loopy all day. I had a busy day, so that was no help. I had to get as much as possible done at work then go to my appointment with Dr S. He is no longer my primary Lyme doctor, but I value his opinions very much, and he is usually right about whatever issues that arise and knows how to fix them.

I sent him the awkward email yesterday with a few fabulous pictures of my face with what has been going on for months and progressively getting worse. I almost felt embarrassed for how awful I look, but it had to be done. Here is a little photo montage:
10687083_10152489495967404_3601548709799216699_nPhoto on 12-29-13 at 1.07 AMunnamedunnamed-20photo-3

Yeah. Not normal. And also doesn’t conform with Bell’s, as it isn’t the drooping of one side of the face, rather the muscles acting up on both sides.

I felt good about my appointment with Dr S. I wanted to discuss my hormones in preparation of my new gynecologist next month, and his thoughts on everything even deeper than our quick chats during my chiropractic adjustment, and he agreed that I should definitely be tested for myasthenia gravis, making me feel a little less like a hypochondriac.

I told him I was frustrated and beginning to get angry. I believe something big is missing, and that is why I am “stuck”. He agreed. He thinks that PCOS might be the culprit for my lady problems that have been plaguing me. Once we get the blood work back we will possibly go the route of taking a medication that basically puts you into menopause, at least that is what I think I understood, see how that goes, and perhaps stop the Depo as he says this does not help those with PCOS.

I feel like things might be answered soon. Fingers crossed. I guess the moral to today’s story is that you always need to be your own advocate, and do your own research. Although it is nice to have faith in our doctors, they are after all, human. Things can be missed, and I really think that might be a big issue with me right now. A huge chunk of the puzzle might be missing.

I have no doubt that Lyme and confections are still a big issue, but there is something inside of me that is telling me something else is not right, and to get to the bottom of it. And I won’t stop, and will continue to be a pain in the ass until I get some answers. Real answers.

I’m pretty pooped but have no plans for tonight other than an SVU marathon and perhaps an earlier bedtime, as the full moon kicked my butt and kept me up all night long tossing and turning last night. Wishing you all a happy weekend!

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