November Part 4 – Three Days


The last three days of my treatment are exciting for me, because I know I will be able to get a break from treatment, good or bad, but still a break from it all. That is with the exception of the dozens of supplements and seizure meds, but I feel a little more “normal”. Normal in not having to take a disgusting amount of antibiotics, herbals, and malarial treatment drugs. I am sick of it, and I am sure you are too if you are going through the same struggle of dealing with this chronic illness.

This weekend was rather boring. Dave and I had big plans for a date night. We were going to go out to dinner, and then go to the movies to watch Interstellar. Our date didn’t end up happening, as when it was time to get ready to go out, I was done for the day. There was no possible way I could sit through the movie, I just needed to lay down and do nothing. It happens.

Plans are difficult when you are dealing with Lyme. You can never fully give a definitive answer if you are able to go somewhere, as you never know how you will be doing that week, day, or even the hour. You feel like a bad friend because you are not able to do something. I feel like a lot of times I get too excited about something, making me go downhill really quickly, and that might have been the case for our date night. I always try to mind-over-matter how I feel to be able to do as much as possible, as it is worth paying a price…well… most of the time, but sometimes you just have to say, “when” and plant your butt on the couch or go back to bed.

I got to run errands and even made it to the grocery store a few days ago, which made me happy. I had to have Dave carry everything in for me, but having the feeling of accomplishing SOMETHING is good enough for me. Plus, I always get the good snacks and dinner stuff so I like to do the shopping. 🙂 🙂

The three days I am referring to is my blast of Coartem, in hopes to kill off some of the Babesia invading my body. It has been very different for me this round, so I was completely off on my expectations.

My first day is usually terrible. I have had days that I have sat like a useless vegetable, staring off into “La La Land” for hours, not having a clue as to how long I sat there, which had been several hours. I sweat like a pig, deal with air hunger, and usually run a temperature. My first day was different. I was okay to my surprise. It was just another regular Lymie day. Nothing scary, and I was able to function.

Now onto day two. I began to fade. I felt like I was high and floating, and was completely exhausted. It was massage day, and Gayle noticed that the tendons on the tops of my feet were very inflamed. Rut roh raggie… It is always a little unnerving hearing that, knowing I just completed a round that involved Cipro. At least my issues have always seemed to be superficial, and go away within a week or two.  I didn’t notice anything as my feet have been pretty numb the past few days. Something to look out for when I go back for my session next week.

I slept for the evening, and woke up after 8:30, mad at Dave that he didn’t wake me up. I set myself up to be awake into the wee hours of the morning. Around 1:00 I was finally able to go to sleep.

Today is my last day of treatment (woohoo!). It has been the worst yet. My spine hurts, my arms are light, I have little feeling in my legs and feet, and I have been stuttering and slurry for the day. I am in a daze. At least I have everything done for the day so I can just relax. I even pushed myself to do a little cleaning when I got home. I was kind of feeble-wobbling around the house to tidy and clean things up a bit, but with the willpower I got it done. I at least do not have any feelings of guilt now that I feel like I accomplished something.

I am still waiting on my test results from earlier this week. I am getting antsy. I really want to know if I am struggling with my Lyme and coinfections, really needing a new game plan as I have been stuck for quite some time and not feeling like I am making progress, yet creeping back downhill, or if something else is going on in addition to these bugs. I want to shed some light on my unanswered gynecological issues. Patience… I think tomorrow I am going to go to the hospital and see if they have gotten the results in yet. 😉

Tomorrow I am going to focus on detox, and even ordered another juice cleanse to aide in the process. The company I went through had a 15$ off coupon, so I couldn’t resist. Well, I guess that is about it in the world of Kimmiecakes. I know not too exciting, but I have been slacking on my blogging, and really need a new research topic to write about for you all. I’ll get there, I promise. Give me ideas, folks!

I hope you all have a great week! 🙂

7 thoughts on “November Part 4 – Three Days

  1. Hope you get your results soon, I hate waiting around for them…. especially any direct lyme and co ones! Also hope you recover asap from the babs blasting! I’m on mepron at the moment, the first 10 days were absolutely horrific, I was hallucinating, hysterical, soaked in sweat… total nightmare. It has got a lot more bearable though and my doc is adding in more and more stuff for babesia all at once to try to properly finish it off. I can’t really imagine life without babesia to be honest, it’s been the main infection for years and years…. !

    Louise 🙂

    • Babesia is a bastard. Mepron did that to me too when I first started, but my true Babesia attack seems to be Coartem. It hits very hard. I hope you start to get a hold of it. No fun.

  2. I know what you mean- it can be such a struggle to maintain relationships or any semblance of a social life. My friends unfortunately are not the type who understand what I am going through at all. After repeatedly cancelling our plans they end up getting pretty pissed and sort of give-up on me. It sucks. Also, with regard to feeling high and totally out of it- I thought to myself the other day while wandering in a daze “Lyme is like always being stoned” ….. except, with none of the fun aspects of it :/ Hang in there, and the juice cleanse is a great idea!!!

    • I feel like the juice helps tons. Plus getting some good nutrients never hurts. Go for ones what don’t have hidden sugars in it though, a lot add Stevia. The whole point is to get everything bad out, right?

      Sorry you can relate. This totally sucks! Hang in there. xo

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