November Part 8 – Reaching the End of Freedom


The day before Thanksgiving was a rough day. Maybe it is the detoxing, but it is always hard to tell what is really going on with this complex puzzle of an illness. I was feeling pretty fluish and spent most of the morning dry heaving, but nothing would come up. I was hoping to just throw up as it always seems to make me feel better, but it just wasn’t happening.

Wednesday morning was pretty scary for me. I had an issue that hasn’t happened to me in a very long time. I completely forgot where I was while driving. I had absolutely no clue where I was, everything looked unfamiliar, and I began to panic. Luckily I reached the end of the road, and it began to be familiar to me and I finally recognized where I was. Ugh. Even sticky notes don’t help with this situation, as they really only tell you where you are suppose to be driving, which I have used and still do on occasion. I do not have GPS so I was pretty much out of luck.

I was on my way to my naturopath’s office to pick up some supplements, knowing they would be closed for the holiday. While writing the check, my mind was numb, and I almost gave him a 150$ bonus. I was so glad the receptionist caught it! I obviously had lost my marbles that morning, and was looking forward to bedtime already.

I started spotting again, which could be part of why I was dry heaving, as it was accompanied by a lot of back pain. This is one of the things that happens with my mysterious lady problems, that seems to still be a mystery. I have an appointment a week from now with a new doctor, so maybe she can shed some light on this.

I pretty much accomplished nothing at work, as I was sitting there trying to stop dry heaving, and was a human furnace, sweating like a pig. Leaving work, I had to stop by the little super market  to pick up a few things and it was a complete struggle. I kept thinking to myself, “don’t pass out, don’t pass out“, mind-over-mattered the situation and made it out of there. Phew. I sat in my car for a few minutes to cool off for a bit, then made my way home in the snow storm that had just started.

The day seemed to get much better after laying on the couch for a few hours, even though I never got up to do anything, even make dinner. I ended up falling asleep for several hours, having Dave wake me up once again in hopes for not having another night of going to bed at 1:00 in the morning.

Thanksgiving I still wasn’t feeling well, but I didn’t let that ruin my day. We went over to my best friend’s house for the day, so we got to relax, hang out, and eat good food. She made a lot of gluten free options, so it was guilt free and better eating, with the exception of gorging myself. 🙂 By the early evening when we decided it was time to head home as we had to feed and let the dogs out, I was definitely ready to go home. You would think doing nothing but relaxing would be an easy task, but even that can wear me out. I had a great time though, and it made me forget not feeling well for most of the day. I am grateful to have a good friend that let us join them for the day.

I am not sure what is going on today. I might be getting another cold, a Mycoplasma flair.. who knows. I am achy, have pressure in my eyes, a little stuffy, coughing, my throat is sore, and my glands are really swollen. They feel like little marbles on the side of my neck. It is another day of sitting upright, or else it is hard to breathe. I have been drinking a lot of water with burbur drops, and taking ibuprofen to lower my fever. I am bummed, as I had today off from work too, and I NEVER get two days in a row off from work. I think the last time I took two days off was the beginning of the summer. It is just how the cookie crumbles I guess. I will pull the “sick card” later and try to get a massage later tonight though. Don’t judge 🙂

Tomorrow I don’t have a set time to be at work, so I will do my best to sleep in as long as possible, and get rid of this cold. I start treatment on Monday, and even though I have two doctors appointments this upcoming week, I am looking forward to it. I am hoping that maybe being on the treatment will make me feel better. We will see! I am feeling more optimistic about it as this will be my third cycle of this particular treatment. Something’s gotta give, right? Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and if you braved Black Friday, that you got everything on your list!  🙂

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