December Part 2 – A Bit of a Mystery


The past few days have sucked. I usually expect a rough weekend after my “bomb day”, but this was the worst that it has ever been. Saturday was the beginning of the toxins, making my legs like rubber, and my head completely foggy and dizzy. We were hoping to go to the movies, but ended up staying in and renting a movie.

Sunday was my day off for the month, and the last day Sunday I had off was a seizure day, this was a very weak day, with the beginnings of stomach pains. I got nauseas as the day went on, and ended up doing absolutely nothing on the couch. Maybe I should just work every Sunday and not get a day off? This is beginning to seem like an ongoing theme.

Yesterday was the first day that I have taken the day off… since I was 18. Other than doctor appointments, and the three days I took off when I had my gallbladder surgery, I have shown up to work. Mind over matter. I may have been late, I may have been pretty much useless, but I have always gone to work. It is one of the few things that I feel like I still have.

I woke up to extreme stomach pain, dry heaving, and diarrhea. It was clearly Monday. LOL I was completely dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out if I tried to stand. I called work and told them I was going to be late, and tried to get another hour or so of sleep, hoping it would go away. Wishful thinking I suppose.

After my extra bit of sleep, nothing changed. Everything had gotten worse. I checked to see what my temperature was in case I was running a fever, with my temperature reading 96. Hmmm. I managed to grab a bag off the kitchen counter to throw up in, and planted myself on the couch. At least after another hour or two the diarrhea finally stopped. One less thing.

I called back to work, and told them I wasn’t going in. I felt immensely guilty that I wasn’t going in, but there was no way I could do anything. I wouldn’t have even been able to sit up and type away at the computer, or at least get anything accomplished to set up for the following day. I then had my Father pick me up on his way home. At that point I just didn’t want to be alone. I had no idea what was going on.

All bundled up in blankets, I went back and forth between dozing off and watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns. My temperature was retaken and it was up to 97. At least it was no longer going down any further. I tried to sip water and ginger ale, and had a few bites of toast, but it all came right back up.

It was suppose to be the first day of my second week of treatment, and I knew it just wasn’t happening. Dr S once told me, “Treatment is only effective if you aren’t throwing it up”. Well okay then. So no treatment. This gave me a bunch of anxiety because I feel like I am screwing up my entire protocol, but I knew he was right. I contacted my LLMD and let them know what was going on, and although they agreed to stop treatment, I am still waiting to hear back some more information about the next step.

If I am willing to put money on anything, I think I am just entirely too toxic right now. Maybe this treatment is just too much for me. Knowing my liver function is low, perhaps ammonia has become an issue. I have not been on treatment since Friday, so I feel like this is a bit of a mystery.

Today I managed to eat an english muffin, but haven’t tempted to try to eat anything else, other than try to drink some more water. I have a gatorade, even though I know sugar is the enemy, to try to keep up on my electrolytes, as I know without a doubt I am dehydrated.

I was able to go to work today, even though I still feel unwell with my usual Lyme symptoms, along with the heavy stomach cramping. I feel the cramping, and almost a heavy pressure and it feels somewhat distended.

It was a sleepless night, as I had my chest pains again. I know I was told it was a medical emergency but I honestly just wanted to go back to sleep. Dave brought me a baby aspirin once again, helped prop me upright in the bed, and stayed up until I started dozing off to sleep again.

I hate the emergency room. Dave was wondering if he should have been taking me with the days sickness, but hearing, “drink fluids and rest” would have probably made me punch someone in the face. The chest pains I still do not think they would take seriously. I would probably get an anxiety diagnosis, after looking at my medications, which are for seizures, and absolutely nothing to do with anxiety. I think I will wait until I am bleeding from my eyeballs or told specifically at that moment to go by one of my doctors. This is the reality of Lyme. I have learned to not even mention my chronic illnesses during my ER trips, but the cat usually gets let out of the bag when listing my gazillion prescriptions.

This evening will be used to catch up some more on sleep. I am keeping my fingers crossed on hearing back from the clinic about my next steps. When I should start treatment again. Should anything be taken away from my treatment. Do I need any testing done. Those sorts of things. Until then, I feel like a medical mystery. I suppose I have felt that way with the ongoing gynecological issues and continuously going downhill, so I suppose this is another thing to add to the list. Fingers crossed that this will all clear for a few days, and I don’t get too far behind in treatment. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “December Part 2 – A Bit of a Mystery

  1. 1. Did the last gyno believe in Lyme? Maybe that doc can help as far as seeing you as a primary care kind of thing… Most gynos will be a primary care doc for women.

    2. I know what you mean about toxicity. I think that is what is going on with my kiddo – I just emailed you. You are on a super hardcore protocol and low liver function…

    3. (((hugs))) because we can all use those!

    • The gyno didn’t dismiss Lyme at all, I didn’t get too in depth with it though. I kind of believe that they shouldn’t glue to Lyme, but fix the problem even if it may be Lyme related.
      Read your email and replied πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the hug, right back at you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • I am on glutathione, but try to do a lot of detox in general. Obviously won’t be sipping cocktails this holiday season. I briefly spoke with them and still waiting for another reply back, but they didn’t seem nearly as concerned about the liver as my other doctor was. I think they kind of just focus on the “H”s and “L”s on the paper, and not the patients history of levels. Either way I will be careful.

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