December Part 3- Wrapping Up Week Two


Over the past few days things have been slowly improving. I have been trying to be easy on my stomach, which has been fairly easy considering I don’t have a huge appetite, and the thought of a giant heavy meal makes me queasy. The food has all stayed down since Monday at least, and the stomach pain although still there, has gotten a lot better.

I guess a benefit to this week’s battle is that I have lost six pounds! Woohooo! I am sure I will have an appetite by Christmas, but I now no longer have to worry about packing on the extra holiday pounds! There are always silver linings.

I had talked to a nurse at the clinic on Wednesday, as I took a break from my treatment on Monday and Tuesday, and because I did a whopper of a biofilm busting protocol the previous week, she wanted me to start up my treatment again. I was a little hesitant and scared, and bummed I would have to stay up late to take my nighttime dose (which ended up being a midnight dose), but I do my best to follow instructions. Okie dokie. Take pills. Take my yellow chalk sauce. My tincture drops.

She then told me that she wanted me to get my stomach felt by my primary (I kind of have my naturopath as my primary) and see if any testing needed to be done, or she said a gynecologist could do this as well. I know they are booked up, so in the evening Dave and I made our way to a walk-in clinic about 45 minutes away. I highly doubted them feeling anything, swelling of my liver or spleen, and of course they didn’t.

Both my doctor and the walk-in clinic told me that I really actually need to go to the ER when there is a potential emergency. Kind of like what Dr S told me. *sigh* Like I have said before unless I am bleeding out of my eyeballs I really don’t have any intentions of going to the ER. Once again… I need to follow orders.

She nurse from the walk-in clinic told me that they were going to culture my urine sample, as it contained red and white blood cells, which could indicate a UTI (how the hell can I get a UTI taking all the antibiotics under the sun?!). I really highly doubt that has anything to do with the nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, and exhaustion but I goes it is a “good to know” sort of thing, and I can address it or give the information to my LLMD.

Although it was kind of a useless trip to the walk-in clinic, I really liked it there. I went with the approach that I really didn’t care if I talked about Lyme or coinfections, as I was there so they could rub my belly and send me on my way. The doctor didn’t dismiss me whatsoever, and kind of slammed the CDC for their ineffective flu shots this year, as he was wearing a mask, and told us every year he gets a shot he gets sick, and by just wearing a mask he hasn’t gotten sick in a few years. How ’bout them apples? Yeah.. I liked this guy.

The nurse was really interesting. She said her hobby was infectious diseases (kind of an odd hobby, but I am not one to judge), and she actually keeps ticks to learn about them. She feeds them, and tries to learn about their feeding/life cycle/how they breed. I won’t list the Dr’s name here, but she has had patients that see the LLMD that wrote the guidelines of treatment of Lyme disease. Neat, huh?

So, I am on my last day of treatment for the week. Last night was really hard, and was a night that Dave stayed up to make sure I was able to take a shower okay. I was in zombie mode, and felt a wave over me, like I was out of my own body, and could barely move or speak. It is a pretty overwhelming and not fun feeling. It is almost like a really really bad high that you want to go away as soon as possible, or that feeling you first sit in bed after drinking way way too much, sort of in a spinning heavy daze, not that I would ever know what those things are like.. Yeah. Not fun. Dave said my eyes were bug eyed and black. Luckily, I was able to fall right asleep, nearly 3 hours before my usual bed time.

Today I am really tired, and keep on going in and out of nausea. I had an easy day at work, and most of it consisted on signing Christmas cards for work, since we can’t for the life of us figure out how to use the printer to sign our cards. The printer has a mind of its own though, and am convinced it is out to get me. It is just easier and probably less time consuming to do it myself the old fashion way.

I got most of them done, as I tried to use my best handwriting (you can tell if I am having a really bad day by my handwriting LOL), but called it quits when I noticed “Mark, Dave, Mike, and Kim” was starting to slant downward at Mike and Kim. Tomorrow’s another day! At least my Dad was awesome and did not pick up glitter cards for me to send out this year, as they drive me absolutely nuts to do. Glitter gets EVERYWHERE by the time you are done. On your hands, your pants, your shirt, face, hair.. it spreads like wildfire. I am not really sure how.. but that is an officer manager rule I will pretend I set. No glitter cards. 🙂

Tomorrow is Dave and I’s 6th wedding anniversary. We really don’t have a ton of money right now, as we are trying to pay some things off, and Dave was also a good boy and signed up for healthcare next year, so we won’t exchange gifts, but plan on going out with a couple of friends we haven’t seen in a very long time to Hibachi, a Japanese restaurant that cooks the food in front of you. It will be a nice treat, especially after this week, and that will be our gift to one another. I might beg him for a massage and foot rub tomorrow though. 🙂

I am hoping everything will be okay when it comes time to go, as we gave a tentative “Yes” with good intentions. As all of you going through the same thing that I am, it is really difficult to make plans sometimes, as things can change in an instant. You can be okay one minute, and very not okay the next. I am resting on the couch, and fingers crossed I still feel the same in a few hours as it would be tolerable enough to sit through dinner. Fingers crossed 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone!

P.S. guess which arm I got my blood drawn from? I think my other arm got a little jealous! Low iron maybe? Definitely a bit of a mystery. Who the hell knows….

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