December Part 6 – After Treatment Herx


It has been a busy past few days. I am all done my Coartem and have begun my 2 1/2 week break. Usually the first couple days are a doozy since I am trying to get rid of all the toxins, and the Babesia herxes kick in. I have been having air hunger, sweating and hot flashes to the point it makes me lightheaded, and feel pretty fluish.

To combat this, I decided to do a juice cleanse for the past couple of days, which helps detox as well as add alkalinity to my body, and although it makes me feel bad for a few days, it does help. At least this time around thus far I haven’t had any seizures, but I make sure I keep my Ativan handy in case I feel one coming on. Sometimes I am lucky enough to feel a bit of an aura so I know they are coming, so I prepare myself. I get out of wherever I am at, lay down, take it easy. Pushing myself too hard is often a trigger.

Thursday I had an appointment with a general practitioner, since I really have no one to immediately call when I have instances pop up, which seems to be my new thing lately. Pooping blood, coughing blood, vomiting, chest pains.

She seemed very nice and I think it will be a good fit. She did an exam on me, and came to the conclusion that I have absolutely terrible sinuses right now, dry and inflamed, which is likely why I coughed up blood the other day. She told me to give a call if this keeps happening though, as she suggested I very well could also have pneumonia again, and would send me to get a chest x-ray and put me on some more antibiotics. She was hesitant to jump the gun on this as she knows I have already been on a plethora of antibiotics, so we are going to go with the sinus issue right now.

After that appointment, I was off to the gynecologist for my Depo Provera shot. This time my arm seems to not be agreeing with it, as it bled, bruised, and my shoulder and upper arm are pretty sore. Oh welllll…

Other than my appointments I am trying to take it easy. It has been much easier to do having Sarah surprise me and come and clean my house the beginning of the week, so I haven’t been in full on panic mode that my house is a dump. I was lucky enough to be able to have front row parking at the card store in town, as I have been waiting for over a week now to be able to get in there. I have my regular box of cards but like to get a few nicer cards for family, and my mother-in-law and Dad’s birthdays are right before and after Christmas.

I felt like I was going to pass out and ummm… immediately had to “go” when I was in the store. I could feel my heart racing, my hands clam right up, and my body felt like a sweaty inferno. Must leave store must leave store! Of course, there was a woman who was chatting it up, as slow as molasses in line in front of me, and I began to fan myself with the cards to try to cool down. I probably looked ridiculous, but hey, whatever.

There was a man who I presumed to be in line next to me, and standing there all fidgety, I mouthed the words in a very obvious way as I felt a Lyme rage kicking in, “HURRY THE F*CK UP!!!!”. He looked at me, but I looked away so I didn’t see his reaction because I knew that wasn’t really all that nice of me, and certainly not in the Christmas spirit. The lady at the counter finally finished, and he grabbed her bags and they headed out the door. Needless to say, he was her husband, who saw me all fidgety and mouthing my non-Christmas spirited words. LOL Whoops.

I got a lot done at work today even though I feel pretty lousy and am ready for a nap. I am hoping after some rest Dave and I will be able to go to dinner, and call it our Christmas present for one another, as we do not exchange gifts. We made that decision long ago, as A) It is money we don’t need to spend. B) It can cause stress. C) It is easier to just go pick up whatever we want or need. It works for us. I would much rather go and do something with him anyway, as it means much more to me.

Tomorrow I am already stressing about. I need to get some end of the year work projects going, and need to bake. Kimmiecakes does not bake. I always made the guys at my work cookies and have cookies and peanut brittle made for Dave’s boss. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Dave will take over much of the baking this year.

Last year, my peanut brittle turned out to be more of a caramel-like roll up, and my non-bake chocolate cookies looked like a giant pile of diarrhea. Dave said they tasted good still, but I am sure my fellow employees were a little shocked to see what I had made them for Christmas. Haha. Like I said, fingers crossed Dave will take over the baking.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! If you are baking, don’t forget that the ingredients and measurements are what you need to follow and are not “guesstimates” like my cooking!  🙂

8 thoughts on “December Part 6 – After Treatment Herx

  1. Dear kimmie,there is a while that i have been following you 🙂 I wish you all the best! I have lyme myself and i am from europe. I am thinking about jumping overseas as the doctor may be better there . I would likento know if there is a way to know your doctors name , even if it is in a private message or something , or if you have any recommendations…thanks a lot and stay well 🙂

    Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2014 18:17:11 +0000 To:

  2. I am soo glad you can laugh thru this mess – you make me laff although at times you make me cry. #Lymesucks one day i will figure out how to do my blog…if my SSD is approved…. Hope you and Dave have a Merry Christmas and that you hit remission soon!

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