December Part 7 – Surviving Christmas


I hope everyone had a good Christmas this year! Or a Happy Holiday, if you prefer to be politically correct. The past few days I have been trying to behave, avoiding sweets (I have been failing on this one), and doing last minute touches for Christmas day. I entirely forgot to get my brother and sister-in-law something for Christmas (Lyme brain), so it was a bit of a scramble.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am not a baker. For some reason, I subject myself to a baking spree, giving my fellow employees and Dave’s boss Christmas cookies. Here is last years baking struggles and frustrations:

This year, I had a mini meltdown. Okay, a few. The first few days off of antibiotics, I was extremely emotional. I think the Bartonella was flaring, as the bottoms of my feet hurt badly as well. Bartonella seems to bring out all the emotions in me, generally anxiousness, sadness, anger… never anything “good”. Baking is really stressful for me anyways, and feeling poorly only makes things worse.

I made my first batch of cookies with success. The smoke alarm only went off once. 🙂 I wanted to just lay down and take a nap, but I had a lot more to get done. Then came my huge meltdown. I could not find the vegetable oil anywhere, even though I had just used it for my last batch of cookies. Then came the waterworks, followed by yelling and throwing a tantrum, which is generally directed toward Dave, even though he was outside working in the carport. “DAVE CAN’T LEAVE ANYTHING ALONE! QUIT TOUCHING MY SHIT! GOD!!!!!!”. There was a lot of slamming of my cabinets, and stomping around the kitchen.

Do you want to know where my vegetable oil was? It was with the cleaning supplies underneath the sink. Underneath the sink! I felt like an idiot, I must have stuck it under there after cleaning off the counter from the first batch of cookies.

After my meltdown and my second batch of cookies, I was snippy toward Dave in frustration, and made him finish up with making rice crispy treats and peanut brittle.

I have been having a hard time moving around and standing, so getting the last minute things has been a bit of a failure. Luckily, I ended up finding a gift card at the register of a local store for my brother and sister-in-law, so that made the few days before Christmas a bit less stressful.

I gave a few pieces of peanut brittle from our cooking day to my folks, and later that day got a call from my Father. He told me it was the very best peanut brittle batch that I have ever made.. but had to tell him the truth Dave made it this year. LOL Well then… there is always next year to beat Dave making the better candy. Brat. Now it furthers the jokes about my cooking skills. Maybe I should practice until next year to have a winning recipe. 🙂

Christmas was a relaxing day. Dave and I went over to our parents for a visit and dinner. There was no other family there, so after a couple of hours I laid on the couch under the blanket, and didn’t feel as guilty about feeling like I was going to fall asleep. We ended up leaving shortly after dinner so I could lay down at home, but I at least made it about five hours there. That is pretty good for me.

After laying down for awhile, my friend Amelia came over and we exchanged our gifts and watched a movie together. Relaxing. Simple. Either way, even a visit and a visit with my parents earlier is still a lot for me, so I slept a bit longer last night in efforts to recoup from Christmas Day.

I tried to get a lot of work done today at the office, so maybe I can just swing in tomorrow to do a few things like grab the mail and head right out. Dave told me to get as much done as possible as we have plans to stay in, eat leftovers, and watch the new Hobbit movie that just came out. I think he wants to head out of town tomorrow with me to do a little shopping at an Army Baracks store, so he wants me fully rested and not overdo it tomorrow. It would be nice to do for a little day trip, so I am hoping I will be able to go with him. I use to push myself a lot harder than I use to, but I think the exhaustion and going downhill so much has made me realize I just can’t do it anymore, and is making things a lot worse for me than usual. That and my newfound complete lack of motivation.

I got my 23andme results back the other day. I had to laugh, as according to the tests, I am 98% more Neanderethal than others who have taken the test. Dave has been making monkey sounds at me, and I can’t help to laugh at that one. Maybe that explains a lot.

Based off of the tests, my maternal line is actually from a Middle Eastern decent from many many years ago. The combined genetics (maybe I am not explaining this all correctly) results showed that I am mostly British and Irish, followed by French (I know my great grandparents came here to the United States from France) and German.

You can take your data and plug it into other websites to gather more information. I used a site called genetic genie first, which gives you information on detox and methylation, but I decided since I paid for the test, I wanted even more information. There was another website I uploaded my data to, and it gave me literally 19 pages of information from my DNA. It is color coded, green being good, yellow showing one chromosome off (maybe I am still not explaining this correctly), and red was the worst, with both being off.

I printed out my paper, and there was a lot of yellows and reds. Joy. I have been doing some research on what these mean, as a lot of my mutations were related to detox and methylation, to RA, MS, heart and kidney issues, psychiatric illness, cancers, endometriosis, diabetes type one, etc etc etc. Obviously, a lot of these don’t mean anything, other than you could be predisposed to these issues, but these mutations may never “turn on”.

I made an appointment with Dr S to get a further understanding of what my results really mean, in layman’s terms, and I will be really interested to see what he has to say! I will have to wait a few weeks for my appointment, so it will eat at me a little bit in anticipation. He might even suggest new approaches to what I am already doing for my treatment, as I clearly need more help along the way to start improving again. Let’s just hope after he first reads my lots of red and yellow test results he doesn’t think my parents are related. Haha.

Well… I guess that is about all that is new with Kimmiecakes for now. I am going to eat my non-Lyme friendly food the rest of this week, then work on another heavy detox next week, and try to get rid of my sinus issues as they haven’t gotten much better, aside from no longer coughing up blood. I was lucky and got a humidifier for Christmas, so I am hoping that will help!

I survived another holiday and have until about November to no longer think about Christmas. I think a day of relaxation, even though it was still a lot for me did a lot of good. Maybe not on my body but definitely in spirits. I hope everyone also had a good Christmas, a relaxing one and felt a little healthier even for the day.

If I don’t write until next year (right around the corner! Eeek!), wishing you all a happy and HEALTHY New Year! 2015 will be my year, fingers crossed!

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