January Part 2 – Round Four


I was suppose to be all done my treatments until my phone consultation next week, but after the heck of a time my last protocol, my LLMD felt it would be best if I did another round. Blah.

This week has been going better than I had anticipated, although not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, I survived. I have dealt with far worse throughout this journey. I will take it.

I have been able to run some basic errands, like go to the bank and pharmacy, and have been fairly productive at work. I have had a few longer days, and some days that I had to leave early. That is okay though, fortunately, as I have a lot of flexibility with my job as a bookkeeper.

My neurological symptoms have been flaring a bit, such as walking like I have a bum leg and really making sure there is something to lean on while standing, and a lot of bouts of dizziness, and brain fog. I have been getting shaky and my heart palpitations have been bothering me, but have found that if I lay down for a little bit, they seem to go away. I think a bit part of being what I consider “okay” is really knowing my limitations, and really trying to baby myself a bit so I don’t screw myself over for several days to come. One of those babying things was allowing myself a few naps in the afternoons, or if it was close enough to a normal bedtime I have been forcing myself to stay awake to go to bed at a reasonable time.

Going to bed earlier seems to be doing myself well. Not only am I getting on a better sleep rhythm, it has been easier for Dave to stay up with me to do his supervisor duties while I take a shower. Fortunately I have been doing okay. I think it helped that my friend Sarah gave me a good hair washing the other day, so there was one less thing to worry about. I also didn’t have to worry about Dave giving me the “spaghetti hair” peanut gallery comments. LOL

Nightime seems to be the most difficult for me, which is probably another good reason for going to bed early, and not my usual midnight-1:00 a.m. bedtime. I have been getting incredibly nauseated, and my stomach pains are back. I think the only thing that keeps me from being sick is non-stop eating, which subsides the stomach pains at least for a little while.

Not good for a girl who has suffered from a fat girl mentality from the time of a teenager being overweight, and has now found herself worrying and obsessing over calories once again. Once I reach my allotted calories of the day, I just give up and pretend those extra likely thousands will be a part my next day’s meal, which of course never actually happens.

I have also been having my tics happen at night, and sometimes laying in bed before I fall asleep, waking Dave up with my “Ahh!”‘s. Oops.

My appointment with Dr J’s office is the beginning of next week, so I have begun to prepare. The first question on their form to send to them is, “What are your three main symptoms?”…. or something along those lines. Hmmm. How does one answer that? I feel like since I have discontinued my IVs, I have fallen further and further backwards, a big relapse (at least Babesia that we know of), and in my mind have regressed to probably my third month of IV treatment with Dr J, when I was finally becoming mobile again, but was still pretty dysfunctional.

I decided to lay it all on the table. I poured my little heart out on paper with EVERYTHING that has been happening over the past few months, and even included a picture of my severe neurological “droopiness” of my face. It probably looked like a mini-novel, but hey… I feel like listing three things, like “tired”, “sore”, “numb”, really does absolutely nothing to truly illustrate what is going on. Kimmiecakes means business. Even if they now think I am a little crazy.

I also had an appointment with Dr S this week in regards to my 23andme testing. We basically just went over all the detox information. I will try to explain this the best I can, as it may get confusing. One issue was that I cannot make sugars in my gut that feed the “good critters”. When your body cannot make these sugars, you are more susceptible to infections. So, to address this, I was given a supplement called FOS, that feeds the “good critters” in order to make me more gastrically stable.

The test results showed that I am susceptible to fungus and mold. We are going to try to use cholestyramine to see if there is any improvements, and then maybe try king chlorella. My issue is that the toxins and fungus just keep circulating through my body, and Dr S thinks that might be one of my big issues as to why I might be getting sicker. My IVs allowed the antibiotics to go through my blood, and penetrate the brain barrier, and kept them from sitting in my likely now fungus-y gut. He also told me one of my supplements, Sac B, is actually a fungus, but the effects of funguses is less than the worries of c-diff, even though the effects of fungal overloads can cause a plethora of my neurological symptoms. I hear c-diff is not a whole lot of fun, so I will have to agree with him on this.

Of course, I got the “no sugar and watch out for gluten” spiel with the fungal issues, and I am not going to lie, I snuck myself a few peanut M&M’s at work today. I feel guilty having just had this conversation, but maybe there should be no good snacks for me to raid while I am at work, because I clearly am lacking in self control. 🙂

I have to work on adrenal and stress response, as I do not break these down very well at all either. Some supplements were changed, such as the type of B12 I take, as well as some other supplements were recommended to me to try to ease some of my symptoms. A few of the supplements I currently take, such as glutamine, when my tummy is really hurting, can actually cause more neurological issues for me. Dr S gave me other suggestions to try if I find myself feeling worse after taking some of my “questionable” supplements.

Today is the last day of my first week’s treatment. Bomb day. Boo. I seem to be doing alright, I am more in pain than anything. I am happy either way, because bomb day is Chinese food day, and with bare cupboards right now, Chinese will really hit the spot. It is one of those days that I am looking at the clock waiting for Dave to get home, because I feel like I am starving to death. I know it is in my head, but who doesn’t get antsy for egg rolls?

Have a good weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “January Part 2 – Round Four

  1. Hey Kim, I have tested for mold, Lyme, etc predisposition and was given chlorestymine as a binder, it side effect for me was constipation so I went back to promote clay which is natural with no side effects. My llmd was good with that.Kiki

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