January Part 4 – The End of Round Four


I am now on the home stretch of round four of my treatment. The home stretch only means one thing: Coartem. I seem to be handling it better than usual. I am no longer spending the entire day on the couch, with the TV Guide going round and round, in complete la la land. I have been a bit spacey and fluish, with hot flashes, dizziness and my familiar tachycardia issues, but have at least remained functional. Naps have been my friend, and I am continuously making sure I get ready for bed when Dave is still up, just in case I need help.

This is still really great for me being on my last hurrah Babesia treatment. For that, I know that it is finally becoming a little easier, so I know it is indeed working. I am very grateful for this.

Monday night was a very tough one, with little to no sleep. My hand felt like I pressed it on the stove burner. It was excruciating. I couldn’t find a comfortable place to put it, my hand couldn’t even close. No amount of pain medication, neurotropics, or mind over matter was making it go away. I have been getting pins and needles once and awhile but this was new to me. I am not sure if it was some sort of a Babesia herx, or one of my coinfections getting jealous.

My visit with Gayle was pretty darn painful. She really worked on the connective tissues on the back of my neck and head, which have been very inflamed, as well as some cranial sacral therapy to rid myself of night time headaches. My legs, feet, and thighs were really tight, but I really think that is from my grocery shopping trip. Without much exercise, anything would make my body and muscles tired and sore. I always feel a lot better when she is finished, drink a lot of water, and try to behave myself and not eat anything too toxic so cause inflammation to my lymph nodes to keep them more pain free for at least a few days.

My blood work came back today, and I am a little stumped. I always try to do my own research on everything, and am a little lost. The only thing that I have found to be off is my iron, which was slightly elevated, but the percent saturation was much higher. That is where I am stuck. Percent saturation. Hmmm… I have had issues with hemochromatosis in the past, yet my ferritin levels were within the normal range. Iron toxicity? Once again.. a little stumped. My blood work seems to generally get put on the back burner, so I am thinking I might need to make an appointment with Dr S to interpret some things for me.

I found it odd that my Lamictal levels were on the low side, although I actually take a fairly high dosage of the neurological med. My b12 and folate levels were on the high side, and of course my EOS and a few other tests were a little on the high side as well. I was secretly hoping something blatantly obvious would pop up on my tests, giving them an idea of what is going on, they could address it, and happily ever after. Things are never easy. It makes me feel crazy sometimes, and I do not know if maybe it is the Lyme and coinfections are just still really effecting me, or I am not just getting tested for the right things. *Sigh*

Tomorrow I plan on doing a juice cleanse, as it seems to be the one and only thing that keeps me from seizing the day after I am done with my treatment. Most of these salads in a bottle have actually become tasty to me. I think maybe starvation mode kicks in so just about anything would taste good. Most of the cleanses, at least the lighter ones end with a cashew or almond milk. Those are almost like ice cream in a bottle. I think the companies do this so that people will remember that one last bottle and how good it was, and forget about the other greens in a bottle. It worked for me, as I always come back. 🙂

Wish me luck on the next few days trying to get rid of these toxins, and that maybe my blood work can be deciphered to get some sort of answers. I am seeming to doubt that there will be huge revelations for my doctors, but maybe, just maybe there will be something that will help connect the dots. Have a good rest of the week everyone!

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