January Part 5 – Snowed In


It is a snowstorm day here in New Hampshire! I really don’t mind it though. It is pretty out with lots of fresh snow, my car is all wheel drive (it just doesn’t like to stop or turn LOL) so I can get around fairly well, and my dogs have a blast running around in the snow. I will probably be singing a different tune if we lose power later, but in the meantime I am enjoying it.

I know I haven’t really been writing in awhile, I just seem to get exhausted in the early afternoon and evening and end up somewhat in a trance until bedtime, or I fall asleep until Dave wakes me up around 7:00 or 8:00.

Dr S got back to me, confirming my concerns about my blood work results. My iron is high, and I have way too much iron on its carrier protein. My ferritin was still within the normal range, but was on the high end. So it seems I am possibly dealing with my hemochromatosis issues once again. He said that my new supplement, King Chlorella should help get these levels down. I hope he is right, as this might be one of the issues that is keeping me from making any progress with my treatments.

So far, I have noticed a few differences with taking my new supplement. I have been losing a tiny bit of weight, and I have been having about an hour or so more of energy in the afternoon (when I take it) before I crash. My stomach seems to be a lot less bloaty with less abdomen pain, so that is pretty awesome. 😉

I of course did some research on this new supplement, and here is some information if you would like to learn about it. Once again as I have said a million times before, I am not a doctor. Please please ALWAYS consult with your doctor! http://draxe.com/7-proven-chlorella-benefits-side-effects/

I had another mini milestone accomplishment over the weekend. Hooray! Not only did I go pick up a few things at the local grocery after work, since I now know the big grocery store out of town is still way too much for me, I folded laundry. This may seem like a simple task for many, but this is one of my really hard tasks. It didn’t make it any easier as I haven’t even attempted to take on this daunting task for months, so I had two overflowing baskets of clean clothes, and a big batch of clean clothes in the dryer. I folded it all!

I also went through my drawers and weeded out some clothes that needed to be tossed out and clothes that I never wear that I decided to donate. This is another daunting task for me, as I seem to get an attachment to my clothes and is an obsessive trait of mine. Dave has tried to help me sort clothes before, and it even has turned to tears in the past. Items with holes, faded, things that don’t fit. I can’t help it. Bartonella gives me these mental issues, so I am using positive thinking that maybe my treatment has caused some improvements in this department.

Yesterday I had a lot of issues neurologically. Mid morning I was stuttering a lot, I was kind of loopy, and my legs and feet weren’t cooperating with me. My thighs and knees were really painful and sore, yet my calves and feet were numb.

With my leg and feet troubles, without a doubt I was walking like I crapped my pants. Waddling like a penguin. I could not remember the last time I washed my hair, and I didn’t take the time to put on any makeup in the morning. Aside from all those issues, I stopped by my favorite little convenience store on the way home to get a tea, and actually got asked out on a date!

“Hey.. can I just tell you that you are super hot? Would you like to go out on a date with me?” I was beyond perplexed, and replied, “Oh thank you, but I am all set.” Somewhere he definitely had his white cane hidden to tap the floor to be able to get around. Hahaha. Not going to lie though, it really made my day, even though he was a bit of a weirdo.

There has been a bit of a rough patch with a few people we know, that I will not get into because it is not my story to tell, but it has given me a huge reality check. Being so sick for so long, my perception tends to get warped. Anyone who has been through anything similar to I have knows exactly what I am talking about. I do not own all the problems in the world.

It reminds me to continue to be a good listener (I love to offer support and give advice if asked of me to those I love, so I haven’t forgot this), and that many have their own struggles and battles they are facing every single day. Dave and I have been having a complete appreciation for one another, and we have had a lot of hugs and held on tight to one another. I am so grateful to have him in my life, because in reality I would not be able to do this all without him. I am thankful after these few years he wants to help me, and there isn’t any resentment. Is everything always perfect? No. There is no perfect relationship, and if you say you are, you are a dirty filthy liar haha… But I snagged a great one, and I wish for everyone to be able to have exactly what I have.

I am waiting for yet another juice cleanse to come in, but I think it might even come a day late because of the storm. It is a good day for a Grey’s marathon and a hot bowl of soup, and I am hoping to get a little boost of energy to get a little bit of cleaning done.

I hope those of you getting clobbered by the snow are safe and warm! Wishing you all a good rest of the week. xo

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