February Part 1 – Another Week of Freedom


It is another snow day here in New Hampshire. I still managed to go to work and run a few quick errands, but my body really is hating the cold, and I can never seem to warm up. Dave and I have been taking it easy lately, as I have been exhausted since I have started to change my seizure medications. I keep sleeping in later and later, am falling asleep in the early evening, and have been going to bed entirely too late.

It has been a good time to bundle up and watch movies.. or at least try to without falling asleep. My legs haven’t been cooperating with me, and my feet are either numb, or have that pricking feeling you get when your feet finally “come to” when your feet fall asleep.

Yesterday was a good day. I overdid it, but was glad to do it all. I worked all morning, then went to the grocery store with Dave. We went to the small one in our town, because after my experience at the big grocery store a town over, I know I am not ready yet. I cooked, I cleaned. We then went over to the “Make A Wish Couple”‘s house for the Super Bowl. I kind of do watch the game, but am more interested in snacking and a glass of wine or two. We had a good time, and it is always great to be able to go out even though it is just at a friend’s.

Today I am wiped out from yesterday, and my tachycardia has been going crazy. I had to sit down whole getting ready, because when it gets really bad, I get dizzy. I am suppose to get a heart rate monitor, but I have been slacking and have yet to order it. With issues like this, it would likely be a good investment. I am one to do late night ordering sessions of clothes that show up at my door that I have no recollection of ordering, yet I forget to order things I actually do need. I have a supplement list that I have been having good intentions of ordering as well.. but once again… slacking.

This is my second week off of antibiotics. I know that my body needs to be back on them, as things here and there keep creeping back up on me, and my knees are beginning to swell, but I know that the extra week of detoxing is doing very good for me. The chlorella, the burbur drops, juicing, supplements, lymph massage… my body seems to take forever to get rid of all the toxins. It makes me wonder how another week off would be. Would all my symptoms go crazy again? Or would I feel much better, free of toxins that are making me worse? Who knows.

I hope you all have a good week!

2 thoughts on “February Part 1 – Another Week of Freedom

  1. Totally get the online ordering. I can get distracted and order clothes at a great price. I know I had to do something on here, but what? I even keep a list, but forget I have one. Can you say cognitive issues? Worse yet I do get around to ordering stuff and forgot I ordered them, but pleasantly surprised when they arrive. It is Groundhog’s day almost every day!

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