February Part 3 – A Short Lived Vacation


Dave and I went for a little get away up in North Conway. To be honest, even though I like the thought of having time away from home, it brings me so much anxiety, and not knowing what to expect since it was a place we had never been freaked me out even more. Since we don’t really have the money, or the vacation time to go on a real vacation (in addition to having so many limitations as to what I can do), we did one of those time share stays, so we could get away for a few free days. Although we had to sit through a tour and act like prospective buyers, we decided it was worth it.

On our way to our trip, I was already ready for bed. We stopped at a restaurant we had heard a lot of good things about, and it was great because we beat the busy rush having an early dinner. Once we reached the hotel we were staying at, which looked like a wonderful resort, they sent us to their “sister hotel” down the road for our stay. Hmm… We found the place, a quaint very old building, probably from the 1800’s. That was fine, I do not mind bed and breakfast-y types of places. We opened the door and there was a visible M&M on the floor, a used snot rag, and our jacuzzi tub had a dead bug in it. Strike one. I cleaned everything up, and we relaxed and layed in our 1800’s bed. A rock solid mattress, that was really squeaky. Needless to say, we were NOT impressed.

In the early morning with little sleep, even with all of my sleeping meds, we decided to go to a breakfast place that we had both gone to as kids. It was definitely a blast from the past. We then went to the ski resort close by, to watch the skiers and snowboarders come down the mountain.

It made me really sad. It was one of my favorite things to do in the winter. Dave many years ago taught me how to snowboard, and although I never really fully caught on, I could at least make it down the mountain without wiping out. On our trips to bigger mountains, I would ski, so I could keep up with him. Our friends use to go night skiing to save a bit of money several times over the winter. Maybe next year. Okay… Optimism here.. next year I WILL be skiing once again.

Then came the tour. The man asked our honest opinion, and we told him that they definitely did absolutely nothing to impress us. Our room was too outdated, and visibly dirty. Dave brought up my chronic illness and telling him we haven’t taken a vacation as we continuously travel to DC, and the man actually said he HAD Lyme disease. He then proceeded to say he felt like he had the flu, and how terrible it was having IV rocephin for one day. One day. He was definitely trying to be understanding, but it amazes me even those that have had any issues or suffering from this disease are still incredibly uneducated. He said he feels arthritis in his body often, but instead of telling him that I highly doubt it is arthritis, I kept my mouth shut. No questions. No comments about the tour. Let’s get out of here. ASAP.

He showed us another room at the nice resort, and it was really nice. The issues started kicking in. Between walking in town to grab breakfast, and stopping at a few little shops (I at least picked up an awesome Alex and Ani bracelet with the perfect words.. “It is not a sprint, it is a marathon”, I was wiped out. I learned very quickly I still cannot walk much like I could several months ago, to the point Dave was basically holding me up and telling me to sit in the hotel room the man showed us, or even sit and listen to his spiel.

I started turning ghost white, and sweating like a pig. Dave knew it was time to go, but he is one of those people that is extremely impressionable about buying anything. I kept squeezing Dave’s leg to give the man a “thank you, but it isn’t for us”, yet he was giving the man 21 questions. The Lyme rage started setting in. Once my body says when, I need to lay down and rest my eyes. I need to be left alone.

The salesman clearly became frustrated with us, to the point of anger. He was showing us figures of how much different packages would cost, and would not take no for an answer. He said to us, “What is there not to understand, why don’t you just buy, there is nothing to think about.” He started vigorously circling the amounts with his pen to the point of nearly pressing thru his paper in an angry manner. Okay… we are 5 years old throwing a tamper tantrum. Super professional, dude.

“Let’s go Dave. I am done, let’s go.” Dave finally “got it” and stopped asking questions, telling the man we would think about it (the man had an extremely angry tone telling us it was now or never to get a deal and that’s how this process works) that we needed to go, or he would be carrying me out to the car. This saleman, who became the gestapo was so rude, another man from the office came over and said to leave us alone, we clearly weren’t interested, and even told him to look at me, that I needed to go home. Needless to say, we did not stay our second free night. It was time to go home. Roar.

Dave gave me crap and harassed ME on the way home about being a meanie. Not me. Well.. maybe a little me. We went to pick up our dogs, and I told them my angry story, and they began laughing, knowing the rage that I had even explaining the story. Once again.. roar. I told Dave I was over it all, but for some reason he didn’t believe me. I wonder why?

I was so excited to be home. I took my evening meds, and fell right asleep. It was glorious. 🙂

It was a late night after taking such a long nap, but I did not have to work today. I slept in until nearly 10:00, and felt pretty good. I do however have bartonella streaks all over my stomach. Yup. Treatment is much needed tomorrow. This will be round 5, so I am not afraid. I am keeping optimistic about this round. Let’s hope it doesn’t change.

I made the mistake of taking my seizure medication twice, so I have been feeling kind of high all morning and this afternoon. Oops. I feel pretty accomplished however, as Dave took me grocery shopping and to the bank. As he began to do some snow blowing around the yard as it is snowing once again (damn you global warming), I vacuumed including under my gross couch cushions, cleaned the bathroom, and did a batch of laundry. I am a friggin superhero.

Tonight I am going to go at it at making spaghetti squash. Say a prayer for me. Haha. I am not a cook. Some of the recipes sound really good (I am going to attempt a lasagna type dish), and it will be gluten free, and much healthier than gluten free pasta. I am hoping it won’t be terrible, but without chef Dave to assist it is a very good probability we will be having canned soup for dinner. Here goes nothing! 😉

2 thoughts on “February Part 3 – A Short Lived Vacation

  1. Glad You got to get away. Even though you had to clean it – i too carry my own cleaners LOL. PLEASE do a review on their website about the filthy room – and the asshat salesperson.

    Sorry it was cut short by an idiot salesperson. “Had Lyme” . I HAD to laugh WITH you at his comments. Ya think maybe his attitude was a mild “rage” 🙂 #IdiotsEverywhere

    Cardio appt this week. its not gonna be good news, already put two and two together.

    Still nothing on disability so still “in hiding”.

    you keep plugging for all of us. 🙂

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