March Part 2 – Trying New Things


I am about a week and a half into my break from treatment. I had been feeling the prior few days of going out to dinner and doing a big clean up of my drawers and closet. I was pretty happy I did really well doing these things, even though they seem rather basic, so I feel like it was worth it. I have been exhausted, but for several days after my recouping I was doing better for the most part.

I have been dealing with some effects from my Lupron shot. Although my edema in my thigh and calf have improved, my legs are still really uncomfortable at night, and I am definitely having a lot of circulation problems. My hands and feet feel like they are burning in the shower, I guess best described as if you hop into the shower after a long day out in the cold and snow.

During this week, I have been pretty worried. Not only had I started peeing blood clots, I ended up a few days later starting my period, which is still kicking around. That is NOT suppose to happen when you are on Lupron. One of the points of the shot is you kind of go into a menopausal state.

I decided enough was enough, between the rapid weight gain, the edema, the blood clots, and starting my period and it was time to call the gynecologist. She was not in for the day, so I left a detailed message. I was also curious if I was suppose to take my testosterone cream or not, so I added it to my laundry list of questions and concerns.

I received a call the next day, and my only answer was to stop taking the testosterone. I haven’t been taking it, so that was a completely useless answer as to what is going on. It is discouraging, but I know one of the major issues with individual doctors is that I know I am a complex case, and it really leaves them absolutely clueless.

I made a visit to Dr S’s office to make a chiropractic adjustment appointment with him, order a supplement, and make an appointment with him to get his thoughts as to what is going on. Even though Dr S is my first doctor and I have now made the voyage to my LLMD in DC, I still highly value his opinion on everything, and he is nearly always right. I feel like there is a lot less mysteries when I have a visit with him, and he also has great knowledge about hormones, and I have a feeling the shot has made everything completely out of whack.

This has been a napping week. All I have wanted to do is sleep. I hate my evening naps, as it keeps me up a lot later at night. The other night was a nightmare, as I had already taken my sleeping pills, and was ready to pass out. Cooper, our little guy, got out of bed and during that moment you are about to drift off to sleep, I heard the terrible noise of him peeing in the house. Dave rushed to let him out and cleaned up the mess, and then let Cooper in. It got worse. Cooper must have been relieving some pressure of having to “go” in the house, and his feet were COVERED in doggie diarrhea. Running around the house, jumping up on the bed. Ohhhhhh nooooooo!!! Out of it, I had to find a new set of sheets, a clean comforter, and help change the bed. Dave had to clean the floors in nearly every room of our house, and give Cooper a wash. At 2:00 in the morning. Needless to say, this added to the exhaustion. That was a fun night.

Work has been stressing me out. I have been wanting to accomplish some extra things to get ahead, but I keep on having to go home early. Mental exhaustion can bring on the symptoms and flares with Lyme and coinfections.

Yesterday I had an appointment to get my hair done, and it ended up being a fail. I have been coloring my hair since my late years of elementary school without any issues, and this time my foils got extremely hot. My friend had to do a foil, wash it out in a few minutes, do a foil, wash it out another few minutes later… over and over again. She thinks that maybe the toxins were pulling out through my hair, and that is why I had the reaction that I did. At least she is a miracle worker, and having to improvise I not only have all my hair still, it came out great as usual.

Symptom wise, I went from doing okay to very not okay. My hands felt asleep, but painful to the touch, and I couldn’t feel my feet. I became really out of it and depersonalized. Being the good friend that she is, she gave Dave a call to let him know I wasn’t doing well, and to make sure I got home okay. I had several errands I wanted to run, but headed straight home and to the couch, fell asleep, and stayed there for the rest of the night.

I think I have the answer to why I had the reaction that I did this very first time. I have decided that since it is my antibiotic break, I would do a parasite cleanse. This specific cleanse has a lot of different herbs, and I have begun to see some umm.. things. I am on this cleanse for 10 days, and I am hoping it will be really beneficial to me. After doing a lot of research, you can herx from the die-off of these bugs, and I think that was what was going on. That and perhaps the full moon. Damn you full moon.

I have been talking to my Dad a lot about different treatments and what else I can be doing, other than the parasite cleanse, and he actually ordered me a rife machine to try again. I have used one in the past, but for a very limited time as it was not my machine and had to give it back. I will be interested to see if anything happens.

My next step that I have decided to take into my own hands is starting to drink a mushroom tea. Chagga maybe? I will be starting to have it today, so I will have to give an update if I notice any changes in how I feel or if there is any sort of herx. I figure why not? These are natural treatments, and I want to get better. Like yesterday. Or two and a half years ago. What is there to lose?

Here goes nothing on those. I just want to get back to my old self. I don’t think those things could hurt any, so why not give it a try?

It was a rather interesting morning. Not only did I have a mini temper tantrum trying to change one of my ear piercing jewelry, then yelling at the sink because it ate the ball that screws on the jewelry, I also caught a man trying to break into my car. Stupid me, I left my wallet on the front seat, and my window was rolled down a tiny bit because of my hot flashes.

He was wearing a hoodie, and had it so tight and pulled over that it was covering most of his face. He was trying to open the passenger side of my car, then the driver side, and sticking his fingers in the gap where my window was open and trying to push. Luckily, I always lock my car. Lucky me, I can scare the bejesus out of anyone with my Lyme rages.

I got right behind him in full on tough gangster Kimmiecakes mode and yelled, “Hey! How about you get the f*ck away from my car! My f*cking car!” He sort of mumbled that he thought it was his car, while I was standing there contemplating punching him in the face and there was probably steam coming from my ears. He then scrambled off to what was his car… a rusted old POS that wasn’t even the same color as mine. When he was getting to his car, I continued to yell my choice words, that I will not say, but will tell you that for some reason, I become some sort of biggot hate monger when I have my rages. Trust me, I am really not, but for some reason these are my angry Tourettsy bursts that come out when I am in a full on rage.

Well, at least he didn’t shank me or anything, and at least he didn’t get into my car. He would have been sorely disappointed however, since I have absolutely no cash and he wouldn’t have gotten very far at all with my cards. The joys of Lyme… spending all your money on lame things like antibiotics, supplements, and traveling to your doctor.

I didn’t do anything about it. I just wanted to get to work. It left me rattled and shaky. I learned a lesson though. Make sure my window is all the way up, not even cracked open, and do not leave my wallet in plain sight. I also learned that I really can scare the crap out of people.

I got all my work done, and rented a movie, and am doing a simple dinner staying in tonight. This works for me just fine tonight. Wish me luck on the rest of my cleanse, and that my new tea helps too! Have a great weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “March Part 2 – Trying New Things

  1. Wish I had been there when you were yelling at him – bet you scared the crap out of him! Too bad you didn’t grab the broom & chase him. 🙂 Sorry things aren’t going well at the moment, but this story made me smile. 🙂

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