March Part 4 – Beginning The Final Round


After a lot of thought, I decided to start my antibiotic treatment early this time around. I have a 2 1/2 week break once I am done my protocol, and towards the end my body was telling me I needed to be on treatment again. It is a bit discouraging, as my LLMD really looks at how you are doing off of treatment, and I clearly couldn’t make it the full break. It is one of those “you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations.

I know that I am killing bugs this time around. I have been pretty reactive to treatment this week. Brain fog, pain, dizziness, being downright loopy. I haven’t been able to take a good shower this entire week, as I know I will have another pass out episode. Dave has been going to bed much earlier than me, and after he goes to bed I have the thought that I should have probably had him babysit me while I shower before he went to bed.

Gayle, my massage therapist had to do a lot of circulation and detox work. My right foot was a bit swollen, but I honestly wasn’t worried about it. At least it wasn’t full blown edema like I have faced when I had my Lupron injection.

I had an appointment with my general practitioner yesterday, and of course it had to be my first day of Flagyl. I had to wait there forever, and after about an hour a woman came out and told me it would be a good 45 minutes before he could see me. Darnit. I had spent that hour in the waiting room ticking, doing my thriller dance, and my body kept rocking back and forth.

It worked out fine, as I had a nutrition shake that I had left in my car, and living 5 minutes down the road, my Flagyl side effect (nature called… quickly), I headed home and well, you know. I know I am gross, don’t judge.

The last time I had an appointment at the hospital, I saw the GP’s PA, but this time I actually got to see this doctor. I really liked him, he was very thorough, and did not question any of my Lyme and coinfection treatments. I really didn’t want to discuss this, as generally they assume and think of you differently, making the doctor treat you differently during the appointment. I was stuttering in a tic like way when I was trying to talk to him, and continued to body rock, but he didn’t look at me like I was a crazy person. He listened, and seemed very caring. That is a win for sure.

I told him everything about my Lupron injection issues, and he was on board with Dr S’s thoughts that my hormones and everything else are sorting out, and told me that I need to really keep an eye on blood clots in my urine, and edema issues. At least I had two doctors on the same page. It is really difficult having so many doctors, and every single one of them has conflicting opinions.

He was very concerned about the circulation issues in my feet as well as my hands. Even while keeping them bundled in wool or fuzzy socks and uggs, they are bright bluish purple, and pressing on them it takes a very long time for the color to come back. He examined them and is going to give me a prescription that helps open up the blood vessels in my hands and feet.

The next order of business was telling him about my pass out episodes in the shower, and he believes it is an autonomic issue going on. He also thought it would be a good idea to see my cardiologist again. With my dizzy and light headed spells, and the passing out he thinks my heart rate is going from way too high (I was diagnosed with supra ventricular tachycardia when I last visited my cardiologist) to way too low. The doc is going to call and set up an appointment for me, and I will start out with a holter monitor and go from there. I honestly am not too worried about all of this, and I am interested to see what my results are. It has been two years since my last cardiologist appointment, so I am due for a check up.

Today is the last day of my treatment for the week. Bomb day! I am doing better than yesterday, but I definitely lost all my spoons by the early afternoon. I went and got blood work done, ran some errands, and went to work for a little bit. My depth perception is definitely off, as it took me awhile to “find” a door handle, and I am shaky and loopy. I am pushing through this though, and I am looking forward to a little extra detoxing for the next two days that I am not on treatment. Oh yeah… and my bomb day Chinese food. 🙂

Hope you all are doing well, and kick some butt. 😉

2 thoughts on “March Part 4 – Beginning The Final Round

  1. Keep going, Kimmie!! You’ve got this. I’m just finishing up a 2 month span on abx for lyme. I’ve been treating for 2 years now and I’m getting better, slowly. Enjoy your two day break!

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