March Part 6 – Final Countdown


I have just finished up my first two weeks of heavy duty treatment. I would like to say it continued on as strong as I had started, but everything kind of went downhill. Maybe it was from overdoing it on my first day of treatment, trying to tackle some spring cleaning, or maybe I am hitting the bugs pretty hard.

As you know if you have been following me, I do a pulsed treatment, meaning I don’t necessarily do treatment every single day. For the past several months, I have been doing certain antibiotics Monday thru Friday, and adding additional things on alternating days. This week I definitely had a pattern. I seemed to do alright on my heavier protocol days, and the following days were pretty darn rough.

On my off days, I have had to leave work early, and have been rather grouchy. There have been so many things I have wanted to get done, errands and housework, yet I feel like I have accomplished nothing.

Part of my bad days I think have been related to stress. As you read from my last entry, I had been “uninvited” and no longer included in weekend plans, and that hurt pretty bad. It ate at me. Unfortunately, the ring leader of exxing me out of a night of fun continued on, stirring things up with “he said, she said’s” trying to get a friend to be upset with me, which I find hysterical because if you really know me, that is not who I am, and I also spend most of the time on my couch and really just keep to myself. It was just petty high school drama. I don’t even like talking about this sort of thing because it is annoying that some people will never grow out of this sort of thing.

Dave was pretty angry that this person went out of her way to just plain be mean, and stuck up for me entirely. (Good hubby!) I really just can’t handle this immaturity or drama, as I really don’t have the energy, and it makes my body much worse. Everything smoothed over, and I have learned I will just have to distance myself, and be very cautious. I hate this type of situation, as I am one of those people who gets along with everyone, and I always look for the good in others. I guess that is life, and you will just bump into these kinds of people at one point or another. After the whole dancing incident though, I really could have skipped the additional “lashing”.

My final day of treatment I started out pretty strong. Hooray! Nightime was a different story though. My heart was racing, I kept going in and out of feeling like I was going to black out, and the nausea kicked in. This is unusual, as I have tolerated my treatments pretty well, and haven’t even felt the need to take any medications to treat any nausea. This was the terrible kind that I kept on burping, and my mouth would not stop watering.

The room kept spinning when I laid in bed trying to fall asleep. It was a type of feeling like you have had too many margaritas and have to put your foot on the floor laying down to try to keep the room from moving. You know that feeling, don’t lie. I am willing to bet most of you have had a few too many margaritas at least once or twice. Haha. 😉

It was a sleepless night to say the least. The first day off my treatment I woke up with the slamming headache, maybe a non-margarita hangover. My limbs were completely numb.

I heard from my cardiologist, and they wanted to see me “sooner rather than later”.. ugh. I will be going in this upcoming week. I know one of the plans is a holter monitor, and I am not sure what else the game plan is going to be. Maybe there will be some more pieces of the puzzle that need to be put together, and I will be one step closer to getting well again. Wish me luck!

I was going to get one of those pulse monitors that you put on your finger to give little bits of info to the cardiologist but looking at the price at the pharmacy, it was over 50$. I decided I will wait. I don’t know how heavy the cardiologist would take this into consideration anyway.

Now I will get to the dirty stuff.. dear Mom and Mother-in-law, this is where you click out of the box and no longer read my blog entry of the day. I had the Lupron injection for heavily suspected endometriosis about a month ago, and now all the crazy side effects seem to have subsided. One of Dr S’s instructions to see if it has helped with the excruciating pains during intercourse was to get busy.

We have tried, and to my surprise, although I have a next to nothing libido, the pain is just about gone. GONE! Well.. how about that! I think I might finally have my answer to this ongoing issue. I also have no longer had the continued pain like I am having my period, that sometimes gets to the point of pain that I dry heave, vomit, or pass out. This has been a huge relief. I am hoping there will be continued positivity with this injection, and I might suck it up and go with the surgery instead of having another $3,000 injection not covered by insurance, and perhaps I will be pain free. That would be amazing.

Tonight Dave and I have plans to go to an Italian restaurant. I am hoping there is gluten free pasta, but I am sure I will find something safe to eat. I am really looking forward to it, a relaxing night, and one that we won’t be out late. I am just about done my protocol, as tomorrow I will be starting my three day course of Coartem, and then I am FINISHED (!!!!) until I go back to DC. It has been a long journey, but I feel like I am getting a lot of ducks in a row, and am slowly pulling myself out of the slump that I have been stuck in for months. Three more days, three more days…  😀

Have a good weekend everyone! xo ❤

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