April Part 4 – Three Days


I am now back from my trip to see my LLMD, and am back at treatment again. This weekend we had plans to do dinner and a movie the day after we got back, but I completely ran out of spoons. (Read the spoon theory, you can find it on google 😉 ) Dinner was it. It was nice to see the “Make a Wish” couple, as we haven’t had a double date in quite some time, and at least it let my mind not focus on the complete exhaustion and pain the trip had caused me.

Day 1

Now, I advice you to NEVER, NEVER, EVER deviate from your LLMD’s protocol given to you, but having the knowledge and past experiences with deviations given by my doctor (what I am doing this week is actually what has been done in the past for my treatment to a T by my doctor because of severe herxing, constant vomiting and stomach pain), I have made this week a little shorter, specifically the last three days of my protocol each round, since next week I will be having my heart implant procedure done, and I would like to be on the antibiotic of the cardiologist’s choice. Hey, maybe it will be something I have never tried, kill all the Lyme bugs, and I will be “me” again. Wishful thinking!

This is just to prevent infection, and I would prefer not to be herxing on a plethora of antibiotics, herbals, and antimalarials for my Lyme and coinfection treatment when I have my monitor put in. I also don’t want to go 4 weeks without my usual treatment plan, as I know by two weeks I start to fade fast, and I want to start treatment again. A damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I started up my treatment yesterday. I actually had a fairly good morning. I didn’t notice any sort of a difference. I then made the unwise decision to go to the grocery shopping at my little local grocery store, since our cupboards were pretty much bare.

When I left for the store after I had finished work, I texted Dave if he needed anything in particular, and I got a “Nope, I’m good”. I decided to make a big pot of turkey and veggie chile so it would last a few days, so I got all my produce and started venturing down the isles. And that’s when it hit me. That bomb I was waiting for. The first day “hit me like a ton of rocks” moment. I will admit I was still pretty happy it had taken several hours for my body to crap out. Not so happy I was at the grocery store mid shopping when it happened.

At that point I was pouring sweat, dizzy, lightheaded, and my legs began to feel like jello. I held onto my cart for balance and just started grabbing things. I missed a few isles, but the clock was ticking. The only thing I am really bummed about is I have no coconut or almond milk. Boo.

I made my way to the register, and was toast. Everything I started pulling out of the cart felt like they were a metric ton. Then, I got a strong nudge, and a “Did I scare you?!” DAVE! He told me to go home, and he would take over. My savior! He told me that he happened to see my car in the parking lot on his way home from trying to find parts for his truck, and wanted to see how I was doing. Pretty shitty. Haha. What perfect timing!

When I got home I rested for a few minutes, then started to make dinner, since it could sit on the stove for several hours. Dave insisted that I go back and lay down, but I just wanted to finish everything up and lay down. I spent the rest of the day doing just that. Keeping my legs elevated, and keeping myself bundled in all my blankets.

Over time, I have learned that when my legs become numb, it tends to turn into terrible pain once I have feeling in them again. I haven’t decided yet which is worse. Numbness or pain. I would have to say it depends on what you are doing at the time.

Several times when Dave was talking to me throughout the evening, I responded with a “Bah bah bah *stutter*”, which means I had definitely overdid it for the day. Done.

Day 2

Flagyl. Probably the grossest thing ever. Many would probably disagree with me on this one, as Mepron can be compared to yellow paint, but I just can’t get past the metallic taste, and it makes everything taste gross for the rest of the day. I have learned a trick of brushing my teeth right before, however, and that seems to help a lot to save myself from the grossness of this pill.

On a positive note, Flagyl for me is the ultimate weight loss plan. Haha. Omnicef is good for that too. Maybe you don’t need to know that, but this is a Lyme blog, and I share the good, the bad, the ugly, and the ahem.. other issues that go along with treatment and this disease. I will be bikini ready in no time.

The cardiologist wanted me to get some blood work done before I go in on Tuesday, so off to the hospital I went. Luckily I was the only person there, so I was right in and out of there, and it was like a baby portion of vials compared to what I am use to.

Then my antibiotics kicked in. BOOM. I was downright loopy, and pretty much useless at work. Sorry bossman. My mind wandered off somewhere, and it took about an hour and a half for me to manage to lick and put stamps on about 20 envelopes. Yup. Pretty useless. At least I have big goals at the end of the work week to get some projects done, so that should make up for my less than productive day.

I really didn’t want to go and wanted nothing more than to go home, but I was completely out of one of my antibiotics that I needed to take the following day. I also needed to get a blood pressure cuff as my LLMD requested, as well as my naturopath a month or so ago. I am definitely slacking. I had to tell the pharmacist that I could only pick up that one medication, and leave the rest for another day, which is sort of embarrassing, but everything is so darn expensive, and I have to wait until I replenish my bank account after some bills that I just sent out.

I was ticking pretty good at the counter talking to the head pharmacist and the other pharmacist there, and it sounded like I was speaking some loud foreign language. Have you ever seen “Mars Attacks”?
Yup. That would be me at the counter. I have been going to that particular pharmacy for so long they don’t give me a strange look, or even a flinch, and pretend my little outburst are completely normal.

I am now in couch potato mode. Everything I needed to get done for the day I at least accomplished, and I am going to just relax. I have intentions of maybe sitting on my porch for a little bit, since it is the first really nice and beautiful spring day here in NH. We shall see.

** Added note: I did indeed sit on my porch, and across the street was my neighbor, shirtless and in shorts doing yard work. I sat outside, and was freezing, sitting there in my winter coat at 70 degrees. Fresh air is always good though!

Once Dave get’s home, I am going to have him figure out how to set up my blood pressure cuff thingy-ma-bob, since as soon as I opened the box, my mind turned into blank mush. I am pretty sure it is self explanatory and any idiot could set it up (it probably just needs batteries put in it), but I really don’t have a clue at the moment. I think it gives men a boost having their lady needing their help though. I guess that is a win win. 🙂

Day 3

Today is my first bomb day of the week. That means all my pulsed treatments I take at once. A big whammy. I can feel my body becoming more toxic. At least I got to see my massage therapist today, and she got some of those toxins out. My nose begins to pour, which is kind of bizarre, but at least I know it is working. My walking around the airport from my appointment left my thighs and feet in pretty bad shape, as they were completely knotted up. She did a bit of cranial sacral therapy as I have a lot of pressure in my head (I guess the best way to describe it is that it feels “full”), and she worked on my neck and lymph quite a bit.

Fuzzy. I suppose that is how today is going. I did pretty well in the morning, then started to fade. It is probably my own fault, between going to work for a few hours and trying to clean up my house a tiny bit, as mud season is here, and I have dogs who love to play in the mud. It really isn’t worth bothering with, since as soon as they come in the mess will reappear, but it is an OCD thing.

Since I will be having not one but two bomb days this week, I have opted for pizza tonight, and Chinese for my second bomb day. You have no idea how much I hold onto this happy part of my treatment, the days I get to be piggy and stuff my face. It is the only way I can get through the night without getting really nauseated. The lesson here is to look for the silver linings. Delicious, terrible for you foods is mine for the day.

For some reason I have been depressed lately, and feeling lonely. I can’t wait for Dave to get home, even though we will just have dinner together and I will end up falling asleep. At least I know he is there. I think it is possibly the Facebook curse, seeing posts with friends having lunches or dinners and doing fun things. Yet here I am, sitting on the couch and spacing out, watching hours of the TV Guide channel. I don’t even have the good channel that has a show playing. It is just crappy music and showing the channels and times at the speed of molasses. Don’t be jealous of my afternoon festivities. 😉

Dave set up my blood pressure and pulse monitor, and I have been playing around with it. I think Dr J might be right with the possible diagnosis of POTS. I still have a lot more to learn, but my blood pressure will be entirely normal, then drop considerably within about 10 minutes (I feel a bit dizzy when this happens. I have yet to try to stand doing this so far, but will be really interested in what the readings are). I am going to push for the tilt table test when I see my cardiologist, to test Dr J’s theory on what might be going on. Hopefully the cardiologist will be open to it.

I still have several hours of the day left, and my plan is to do everything in my power to stay awake. Last night, I was up past 2:00 in the morning, and fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again. I am starting to get that little pit in my stomach and up my throat that nausea is coming, so it might be time to pop my pizza in the oven.

The next two days I will be juicing, trying to detox all the toxins from the antibiotics and die-off out of me. Then off to the next phase of my treatment! Have a good day everyone!

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