April Part 5- Another Three Days


The few days after my three days of treatment were basically a herx from hell. As you know, I like to juice the following days after my treatments, to help detox all the buggers and toxins out of me. Unfortunately,the antibiotics hit me really hard with nausea…the kind you feel in the pit of your stomach, you keep burping, and your mouth waters (the fun kind), so I ended up breaking the cardinal rule of juicing and had some soup along with my juices.

I had high hopes it would help with some of the nausea. It did later on in the evening, which is great, since going to bed nauseas is a terrible feeling. The past few days were ones that I wanted nothing more then to just throw up and get it out of my system. I usually feel a whole lot better once that is said and done. I didn’t get that lucky though.

Friday was my first day that I started treatment back up. Since I hadn’t remotely recovered from the first three days, I was dreading it. I started off strong at least. My coworker came into the office to talk to me and said I looked much better. Whoop whoop! I guess it is nice to still receive compliments, even though I feel rotten on the inside. As I have written in the past however, it is kind of a double edged sword having an invisible illness versus a visible illness.

The atomic bomb that I had been waiting for hit me several hours after I had expected. On my way to run a few errands, for work and for myself, I had a brief lapse of time (my mind wandered off somewhere), and I completely forgot where I was driving. I completely forgot where I was. I go on this road every single day, but it sent me into a moment of panic because nothing seemed familiar. I could have been halfway across the country for all I knew. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but nonetheless, it is a frightening experience. After a few minutes, I finally recognized one of the town buildings and my wandering mind came back to me. Phew.

I opted for the drive thru at the bank for work, and then headed into town to go to the pharmacy, pick up a few things at the store for dinner, and cash my paycheck. I could feel myself getting sweaty, my heart racing, and the dizziness kicking in while I was running my errands. I sat in my car for a few minutes to “compose myself” to make the short drive home, and began to back out of my spot to leave.

The parking lot was full. Not a single spot was open. A white car swung behind me, and I was assuming he was going to take my spot (the parking lot is pretty tight at this tiny shopping area) so he would have a spot. I proceeded to back out, And he went over the curb at the bank, trying to get by me, nearly hitting my car. With my windows down, I started yelling at him, that he would have “effing waited for two seconds then he would have had a spot”. Only I used the f-word. 😮 Then, I continued to back out and go, and he was blocking the entire area to pass, parking in the middle of the lot, where there was a giant sign that said “Fedex Parking Only”.

“Learn how to effing read you fat f word!” I continued on with my rantings until he moved. No one even got out of the car, he was just chilling, waiting to get a spot, a spot he could have had if he had not waited the two seconds and drive around me, going over the curb at the bank, and just being a moron. Roar.

Once I got home, I looked at the passenger seat to grab the rest of my medications, and there was no pharmacy bag. Damnit. I forgot to go to the pharmacy. Right next to the bank and the store. What is wrong with me?

I think I can wait until next week. I have enough medications to get by, and here is just round TWO of what I had picked up for the week. Nom nom nom.

This seems to be a common occurrence when Cipro is part of my protocol. (I don’t need to hear the dangers of Cipro and will not argue, I am aware of them. Everyone should know the dangers and information about ANY antibiotic they take and use their own judgements.) I think Bartonella causes a lot of emotions to come out, rage being the strongest one.

It has also brought out past memories that I hid deep down inside of me for years that has made me relive them all, as well as leave me with paranoia and depression. Is that terrible? Yes. But I will tell you, overall, I function much better and see the most improvements in myself with this particular part of my protocol. Once the emotional stuff dissipates, I feel like it is so worth it.

The second day of treatment went pretty well. I accomplished a lot, from work, to cleaning, to going to the store by myself to rent a movie, going for a ride with Dave to Tractor Supply to pick up tick preventatives for the dogs, and we even went out for dinner! For a treatment day, well, any day, this is an amazing feat.

I was kind of bummed that once we put in the movie when we got home, I crashed and fell right asleep. Dave kept trying to wake me up since we had been trying to rent this movie for several weeks but it had always been rented by someone else and knew I wanted to see it, but there is no waking Kimmiecakes once she is out. Bummer.

Today is my last day of treatment, then I will have to plan accordingly to see how my mini surgical procedure goes on Tuesday to start my next three day part of my treatment. To be honest, I am starting to get nervous.

Not because of the procedure itself, but the drive there and finding the hospital, (I’m aware I’m weird”) to how I will do after the procedure (My last procedure because of the havoc my body isn’t used to resulted in two seizures), to if it will be a complete waste of time, and they will find nothing. No answers or missing pieces of the puzzle. Goosefraba.

I have done extremely well today. One of my antibiotics (You already know I will never share my full protocols, I am secretive like that 😉 ) like I said, seems to help me a lot. I did sleep in a little longer this morning, but not only did Dave treat me to breakfast, I also helped him grocery shop! I didn’t even need to hold onto anything until we were about to reach the register!

When I got home, I did a batch of laundry, and tackled folding all of my “clean clothes hampers”…. because I never fold my laundry and take care of it, they just sit in hampers for me to pick out of, or I will pick clean clothes out of the dryer, scrubbed my kitchen. It is springtime, and that means those little asshole ants like to hang out on the kitchen counter. Everything is sparkly in there now, so fingers crossed this did the trick. I picked up a bit around the house, and took care of my empty pill bottles lying around the house. High five to me. Lots of medications, and I am kicking ass.

I am in a lot of pain, but I really don’t feel any fogginess. That is a great feeling. As I have explained to Dr J, I would rather go everyday of my life in pain, if I could have a clear mind again. Obviously, I would like everything to be better, but having my mind back is a big priority, and being able to do everyday tasks and go on living an at least close to normal life is my goal. Having a little bit of blue sky moments gives me a lot of hope that I will get there, and my moment will come.

I’ll try to write after my procedure to update you all on how it went. Wish me luck!

******And on another note, they’re back folks. See how tiny that deer tick is?! That tiny tick can change your life forever. It certainly changed mine.
Dave was doing a little yard work and this little blood sucker was crawling around on his side. Now we are checking our doggies, got frontline, and Dave has been doing continuous yard work weed whacking and leaf blowing to try to keep the yard more clear.

Share share share!!!!!!!!!  Knowledge is power people! If you can at least educate one person, that is one person that might share with another person and so on and so on. Let us bring as much awareness to others about this awful disease.

-Tick prevention :      https://kimmiecakeskickslyme.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/tick-prevention/

-Facts about lyme disease      https://kimmiecakeskickslyme.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/facts-you-may-not-know-about-lyme-disease/

-Information about coinfections (great info because so many people have no knowledge that ticks come with many other diseases!!)     https://kimmiecakeskickslyme.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/lets-talk-about-co-infections/

4 thoughts on “April Part 5- Another Three Days

  1. Wow! I thought I was the only one bringing memories from the past and having such a hard time…thanks for sharing. One feels less lonely when see other people with same symptoms. Good luck with your procedure!!

    • Ugh it can be awful. It usually comes/came to me at night trying to sleep. Things I blocked from my childhood I thought were just my imagination or something but my brother verified that those things actually did happen. Other things in my younger years as well The mind likes to protect you by blocking these things out. I guess they were stashed in my near 25 years of Lyme bugs haha.

      Sorry you have dealt with the same. At least for me, once these things came out in the open I felt a lot less overwhelmed, but the paranoia and depression still comes and goes. It only lasts a week or two though then I am fine.

      And thank you!

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