April Part 7 – Press That Button


I usually somewhat know what to expect during treatments, since I have noticed patterns over the 2 1/2 years of treatment, but I will say I was wrong about this round of Coartem. Since I have started this part of my protocol, it is always the first day that kicks my butt, and it seems to get a little bit easier the following days. This time, it got tougher and tougher.

Could this possibly be a little payback from my heart monitor procedure? It could. Unfortunately, with so many things going on, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint what the cause of issues that come up may be.

On a positive note, I have not had any of the usual crying episodes during this part of my treatment (except when Derek died on Grey’s… but I think you all did too). On a negative note, I have been unpleasant. Swearing at the computer during work, yelling at people that have no idea how to drive, beeping my horn, giving “the look” and waving my middle finger, being snippy at Dave. It seems like I literally just blurt mean things out to him in an instant, without control or thought. Being the good husband he is, somehow he at least tolerates me and can forgive me for being an asshole. Within a few days I will be back to my normal pleasant as pie self… or at least a little but nicer, once some of the toxins go away.

The day after my protocol is buttoned up, I always do a round of juicing, and well, having Lyme brain, I completely forgot about ordering my juices, since I don’t really have the energy to do this myself, and realized how much of a difference the juicing does to help me with detox. Every little bit of my body hurts, and I am exhausted. Yesterday, I slept the entire afternoon and into the early evening. Dave wanted to take me out to dinner, but I literally could not get up off of the couch. It became a movie night, and that was 100% fine by me.

Today was the first day that I was able to take of my Tegaderm from my procedure, which was something I was beyond happy for. My skin has almost what looks like little red blisters where it sat, even though I tried to move around the bandaging every day to give it a little room to breathe. I have my ugly steri-strips on, which have a bit of blood on them where the incision site is, and I will have to wait until they come off on their own. Hopefully it won’t be too long because it is gross. I was a genius and wore a v-neck sweater today to display it though. Tonight I will have to set out something to cover it up for tomorrows clothes. I don’t want to see it, I am sure no one else wants to either 😉 .
Photo on 4-26-15 at 1.06 PM #2

Dave went grocery shopping this morning so I wouldn’t have to go with him once I got out of work and could relax at home, and told me he forgot cat litter and we are all out. I offered to pick some up on the way home, and had my first “press of the button” with my monitor.

It is frustrating still struggling to even pick up one item at a tiny grocery store. I began to feel really dizzy and lightheaded, and my legs turned into jello. Luckily there was no line at the register, so I could get in and out of there, and I sat in my car for a bit before heading home.

While sitting in my car, I had remembered that I needed to call the cardiology department, even though they would see I pressed the monitor, they just would like a reminder… or something like that. No one was in the office, just an on call doctor, so we shall see if anything pops up. The difficult thing with the monitor is that they set it with what they consider to be high or low pulse rates (they can adjust them), but unless you tell them there is an episode, the results that do not show up will be wiped out within a day. So that means it is really important to call and use the remote. Is it my blood pressure or my heart causing an issue? Not sure yet. All I know is that I am planning on starting Midodrine tomorrow and seeing if there is any improvements. I am hoping the herxing will be gone, or at least lighter by then.

I guess it is time for me to try to pick at some household chores. I just want to curl into a ball, but I can hear Dave doing yard work, so I feel bad not doing anything to help inside. Then, I am looking forward to nap time. Happy Sunday everyone!

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