September 7, 2012 – 3 Years


Well, the whole “blue skies” feeling from the day before ran out. I was running on negative spoons. One of my biggest downfalls is that when I have better moments, instead of just enjoying the moment, I feel like I need to do anything and everything possible. Can you really blame me though? Having a better day is exciting. It brings out so much positivity and hope. It makes me so optimistic that there are going to be more and more days like this to come.

I was kind of bummed the beginning of this week. I have been using my bike a lot so my legs have hurt, and have been trying to detox as much as I can. I even popped a Diflucan the other day to try to get read of as much Candida lurking in me.

After taking a Diflucan, I feel pretty yucky the next day. You can indeed herx from yeast die-off, and I think that was going on. I was blaming it on my new use of essential oils, but that really doesn’t make any sense. It had to be the die-off. I had to “mind over matter” and push through the day, as it was extremely busy in the office, and I really needed to do some cleaning. A clean house is a happy house. My house was not so happy.

It was a long nap day, and Dave has been letting me sleep. He says I am completely out, and he doesn’t want to ruin it. That leaves me with a later bedtime, and I didn’t sleep very well that night. It was a full moon recently, and although I never really knew if the full moon and Lyme link was really true or not, but I seem to notice a difference.

My phone had officially shit the bed, and I needed to try to get a new one. It has been nothing but a pain in the ass, my Dad making phone calls, since the phone is under both of our names (according to the idiot our first trip mine wasn’t, even if you log into the account it says right on the screen, “WELCOME, KIM!”. Roar. Even trying to handle something as simple as getting a phone is enough to stress you out, flair your symptoms. That day I was tired, having hot flashes, and felt like a fat man was sitting on my chest.

Okay funny story… Dave had a Lyme rage moment at the store. As we were going inside, he was telling me to behave myself in the store. He would kill me if he knew I told the story.. but I am going to anyway.

As soon as we got into the store, he told the man off that was really rude to me, telling him that we would wait for someone else to help us, we didn’t care if he wasn’t busy. That he didn’t want to help us the week before and was a jerk… Yeah.

But the thing was, he yelled at the wrong guy. Dave whispered to me while we were sitting at the counter cashing out and getting my number transferred, “I don’t think that was the right guy I yelled at, I think it was the one over there.” LOL After really thinking about it, he was right. It was hard to not crack up laughing. Oh well…… it happens. I just think it was funny because he gave me warning to behave myself. And for once, he was the mean one.

I almost thought about hitting my heart monitor button today. It was one of those days that I seemed to run into people and they wanted to chit chat. I kept looking for anything possible to lean against, and began to be a sweaty hot mess. At least it was a dub day at work. A very dub day. I sat out in the sun and relaxed a bit with the dogs, and now I am taking it easy until it is time to cook dinner.

September 7th will be my 3rd anniversary of beginning this journey. Three very long years.

This is all what I have remembered to keep, and just imagine if I kept over 15 months of IV bags! Not only would I not have any room, my house would be rather stinky.

I won’t bore you sharing my first and second years. You can read them. You should read them. Just saying. 🙂

This year, although I try to remain as optimistic as possible, has not been anything I had hoped for. If anything, I am worse than where I was a year ago.  Although I am still better than the day I wobbled into Dr J’s office, ticking, rocking, and in complete outer space, I have gone from walking five miles on the beach when I first finished my IV treatments, to having to be babysat a lot of the time. Dave wouldn’t even try to take me on a Walmart trip anymore. Hell, he has even had to put me on a pallet at Lowe’s to wheel me out.

I have dealt with cruel doctors, have unfortunately made little to no progress, and worst of all, my mind has played terrible games with me. I never thought my mind could go in such dark places, and it happened. I am sad that I have even had may issues, the little monsters in my head, telling me over and over that I am nothing, no one would miss me, just get it over with.

Thoughts of “how I would do it”. These monsters kept telling me these things over and over again.  The voices would never stop. The only thing that I could do was sleep to make them go away.

I have slept more than I could have imagined. I am so physically exhausted, I am mentally exhausted. This all probably sounds like a Debbie Downer to many of you readers , but I am still positive that I have so much more room for improvement. And I will get there. I just know it.

In the last month or two, I saw my electrophysiologist, and I have not had to press my heart button in nearly a month. That is one of the  biggest reasons why I think that this year will be a much better one. I think that this year I will progress a lot.

I have even had a few parts of the day having, as Dr J calls it, “moments of blue skies”. I have moments I have been a busy bee, cleaning, work, and Dave leaving half the grocery list up to me to get on my way home by myself. There was part of one afternoon, that I know made Dave happy. So happy. I use to be his partner in crime on his wheeling trips, and although not far, I went out with him for a ride.

I know that out of everything that has happened in the past three years, not being able to do these things with him has probably hurt him the most. It was never taking care of me, pushing me in my chair, bathing and helping me get my pajamas on for bed, bringing me to appointments, helping more around the house, or being my protector from mean people, or my advocate . It was losing me.

Dave asked me randomly last night, “Would you do it all again?. That is a powerful question. A loaded question. Once you start this journey with Lyme treatment, there really is no turning back. Even now, I don’t really know how I would answer that.

On September 12th, 2012, I walked into Dr S’s office with a bum left leg, and my “Fibromyalgia and CFS” had never truly went away, it was just much better controlled with diet and exercise, I had a much stronger immune system, and honestly I think I was just so busy that I didn’t have the chance to feel anything. I was a “go go go!” sort of person.

I guess the best way to answer that is yes and no. Some people are lucky, and their symptoms will come and go. I think somehow if I knew that things would have gotten better, my leg a little more useful, and still suffer from the same symptoms I had learned to deal with for years, I probably would have said, “no”. People even in remission have little flairs here and there. What if I was one of them? One of those people that was just having a flair? Maybe I could have been one of those people.

But.. what if things got even worse for me? That this path would be even more of a challenge? That I would be sitting here three years later, even sicker than I once was, which seems to be hard to even want to imagine, with all of these things attacking me for a few extra years.

Like I had mentioned earlier, it is a very loaded question. Knowing what you know now? Would you do it all again???

P.S. Kimmiecakes recently hit over 250,000 views! I hope that by sharing my story I am educating others, being the best advocate I can be, and most of all, helping those of you living in this nightmare feel a little less alone. I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU for all your love, kindness, and support!

7 thoughts on “September 7, 2012 – 3 Years

  1. Kim your story touches me profoundly. I have 3 daughters with Lyme and I’ve recently tested positive although I’m relatively unsymptomatic. I just wondered if you’ve heard about LDI for Lyme?
    One of my daughters has had very positive results 🙂 In case you don’t know of it it’s a new therapy developed by Dr. Ty Vincent in Alaska and many people are benefitting after years of trying other treatments. Just a thought as I read in your recent blogs you are not doing so well 😦
    Best wishes.

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