September Part 1 – Underestimating the Dark Side


Over the weekend I had one more day to try to enjoy myself before I started treatment back up. We got an invite to a BBQ, so that was the plan. I was off to a rough start, but was determined to have a good time! That morning I had almost fallen in the shower but caught myself, pulling out my lower back. While I was at work, my Dad kept telling me he couldn’t understand what I was saying, and I completely walked into a wall. As soon as I got home from work I laid on the couch and relaxed so I could have the best time possible.

I did have a good time No one noticed the subtleness of myself going to sit somewhere. Standing in one place is still really hard for me. To be fair, I know with the past few days, I had been overdoing it a bit since I did have some moments of blue skies. That is probably the reason why I was the way I was that morning.

When you can’t do anything most of the time it is so hard to not overdo it. You just get so excited over these little things, whether it is going to the grocery store, or doing some cleaning. I want to do it all! We didn’t stay very late, and as soon as I got home I went straight to bed. I wanted to be in tip top shape for treatment the following day!

Monday. Treatment day one.  Here is the thing. Some of my protocol (I never will reveal my full protocols 😉 ) I only have to take at nighttime, so I have this mentality that if I take my protocol at bedtime, I will “sleep it off”.  Well Kimmiecakes, that sure is some wishful thinking. I completely underestimated this protocol.



I honestly don’t know why my mind went to Star Wars writing today. Maybe I subconsciously want to watch a marathon on TV. Or maybe Yoda and I have been speaking the same language lately. Either way.

The first day of treatment really wasn’t so bad. I have dealt with far worse. One of my antibiotics, Septra DS (Bactrim), makes me dry out like a raisin. Everything tastes disgusting, and I find myself continuously blinking because my eyes get so dry it makes me feel like I am looking through translucent glass. I was able to make a decent sized dinner for a few nights, and even used my bike for 20 minutes. Day one was about the best of it.

Tuesday everything really kicked in. There was no “sleeping off” my nighttime medication. I was so weak and lightheaded, hot, and was one of those days I found myself sitting on the toilet and puking in a trash can. Fortunately, which rarely happens, I actually did feel some relief after I got sick. Nausea is awful. Throwing up without any nausea relief is the worst.

I decided it was best I skip my biofilm regimen for the evening. Do I take some cheap stuff and risk barfing my expensive pills? Or do I just try to attempt to keep my expensive pills down. Sorry, I am a rule breaker. But sometimes you just have to make decisions.

That evening, I fell asleep right around my usual early evening nap time. Dave said he had tried to wake me for hours, he even went to massage therapy and back and I didn’t budge. He was already long in bed when I got up around 12:30 in the morning. I took all my pills, and transferred myself to bed.

I was up fairly early on Wednesday, maybe because I had slept nearly 15 hours. I was still nauseated, and felt like I was floating. My chest hurt. My mother-in-law was coming over after she got out of work, so you know what that meant. Clean. Don’t show her that your house is a dump. After about 5 minutes of work I wanted to curl up into a ball. The cleaning was needed anyway, as long as things look okay from afar. LOL She brought over dinner which was a big help. I actually made it until 6:00 before I fell asleep.

Oh my gosh it was a long night to say the least. I stayed up a little after my nap, watching some old reruns. I have been on a “Friends” binge lately. I was so tired, but  I couldn’t fall asleep even with my klonopins, I was tossing and turning, I felt like an inferno, completely on fire and trying not to puke.  I went to the couch because I didn’t want to wake Dave up.

Today is Flagyl day one. I avoided my gagging before even taking my metallic pill by not even going into the kitchen, and brushed my teeth right before I took it, to avoid its nasty flavor it leaves in your mouth. It was one of those mornings that I really should have washed my hair, it was drenched, as well as my pajama shirt, but I knew it wasn’t worth it. Even something like a good shower can take a lot out of you. I would rather make it count when I do.

I decided to to do my blood work this morning instead of tomorrow… the official “bomb day”. My thoughts were that if I feel so lousy now, how am I going to do if I have to take EVERYTHING. The sitting and waiting. The lighting. A day early probably won’t change anything. At least I had a familiar face draw my blood, no multiple stab wounds, and I didn’t have to wait long before I was called in. The hand raising began in the waiting room, and I am pretty sure I frightened the little old lady next to me.

I then headed to work. I did some crediting on the computer and had good intentions of a lot of other dub work I keep meaning to do, but gave up on that pretty quickly. I felt high, foggy, nauseated. My body ached like I have the flu.

I went and picked up a quick dinner on my way home and get a prescription refilled. I was rocking back and forth leaning on the wall for dear life at the pharmacy, and when she asked me what I needed, I exclaimed, “BAH AH BAH BAH BAH…… Omnicef”.  Haha. My brain is fried.

I went to the hospital on my way home since they are pretty quick about getting my blood work done as long as it isn’t a specialty test that needs to be sent to another laboratory. You would have laughed at my parking job. I am either Lyme brained or a woman driver. Oy. I was not only taking up one parking spot, nor two. Three.

I was pretty shocked to see my sodium levels were right at the low level, when I take my medication to raise them, and was told to eat a salty diet! What the heck? My kidneys seem to still be okay which is exciting. I was afraid that this regimen could potentially cause issues. My lymph % is low. This means that your body is low on infection resistance. But aha! One of the “fixes” is antibiotics. Well I’ll be damned! My Neut% is high. It can mean several things. Two being bacterial infections and medications. Yeah. So that would be my guess.

I finally got my hands on a thermometer, since I misplaced mine (I will just blame it on Dave, it is easier that way), and over the course of the day 101.5, 101.7. No wonder why I feel yucky! I wondered what my temperature was last night when I was completely miserable. Or the day before when it was 90 degrees out yet I was in full pajamas and cuddled under two comforters.  At least I know with a fever, my body is fighting, and it is killing bugs.

Dave’s Mom brought over Chinese food, which is a few days early for our Chinese food bomb day dinner, but I kept it going with a box of crab rangoons to add to our leftovers and I made a salad so I wouldn’t feel like such a piggy and at least eat something good for me. It didn’t help at all with the nausea. Boo.

My goal of the night was to make sure Dave woke me up after napping and to do 10 minutes on the bike. No matter how I felt. I can feel my feet and they are freezing, so I know the blood is pooling a bit again. My toes are a little on the bluish side. I ended up doing 15 minutes. A rockstar, I know.

There is only one more day of treatment this week. This is about the opposite of fun. But you have to do what you have to do. A bit of suffering now to get my life back is worth it. If only time flew by on weeks like this, instead of feel like it stands still. It will always be worth it.

1 thought on “September Part 1 – Underestimating the Dark Side

  1. Never thought it might have been the bactrim that caused periodic eye issues. Thanks for sgaring that. Definitely dry eye so lots of watering (will have to keep aware of that symp niw that I have stopped bactrim). The more aggravating was a film that would cover my eyes and impair vision, would take many blinks to clear, scary when driving

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